P5082294 My son much prefers going barefoot.  And my husband, a Born to Run fan, encourages it.  And who can blame either of them?  It's summertime and the livin' is easy.

However.  I'm not raising wolves here.  We live in a cultured society and I like well-mannered kids.  There's a time and a place – are you reading this, Mike?

I digress.

In truth, it is hard enforcing a shoe policy when most of R's kicks smell to high heaven.  And get crazy-sweaty in this East Coast heat and humidity – something we're not yet used to.  So while R's Keens served him well as a little toddler, this pre-schooler is growing up and getting smellier (so man-like, sob!).

I did find a solution. 

We brought home Ecco's Rogue sandals in desperation.  All of the others were either

a) uncomfortable

b) made Screen shot 2011-06-20 at 11.59.13 AM his feet sweat in the few seconds they were on, or

c) inexplicably tripped him while "testing" them out.  (Testing = running madly around the store, "these are FAST shoes, Mum!" 

Unfortunetely, the solution to this man-like problem comes with a man-like price tag.   And I was hesitant about the leather and the style.  But, like I said, desperate.  So home they came.  After an uncomfortable conversation with my husband ("They cost how much?  HOW much?  Shana, I don't own $70 sandals.  Are you telling me my three year old is wearing more expensive sandals than I am?  Did Molly put you up to this?")….we love them.  Even Mike.

1.  These sandals don't smell.  The footbed is made of a soft microfiber-covered EVA material.  Not only does it seem to whick the sweat away, but it also doesn't smell.  

2.  These sandals, unlike others, are adjustable across the toe, ankle, and back of the foot.  Which is helpful for that toddler-turning-preschooler phase when their feet are in the process of losing all of the baby fat.

3.  Raines can put them on by himself.  Put.Them.On.By.Himself.  I mean, mostly.  Not all of the time, but the majority of the time.  #WINNING

4. The leather can get wet, dry, and still look OK. 

Screen shot 2011-06-20 at 12.13.45 PM   Have a little girl?  These sandals also come in white, or a purple nightshade color.  But for something even girlier, try Ecco's Lito sandal (pictured).    It's not quite as adjustable, but does come with the microfiber-covered footbed. 

So this is my pick.  A $70 child sandal that is a solid 6 in the looks department. 


No, maybe a 7.  But…if I apply our favorite price-per-wear formula, this makes more sense.  Not to mention that I can bump up the length of wear by pairing them with socks this Fall. 

That was a joke. 

Hunh.  Was it?  Now I'm thinking maaaaybe…



(wearing, but you've seen this before:  on me -  Patterson J.Kincaid Patterned Maxi Dress, J.Crew Nylon Tote, Salt Optics sunnies, on R – Crewcuts slub pocket tee, Chinny Chin Chin porch shorts, Ecco sandal)



  1. Cute! We actually have the same issue around our house, but my solution was Crocs. Love them because you can wash them in the machine, clean them up with croc butter, and my toddler has been able to get them on and off all by himself since late last summer when we bought them in desperation after his old ones broke and stunk to high heaven! They fit his pork-chop toddler feet very well, and look great for every day and for church. And the price is nice. 🙂 My husband was resistant initially (hence the broken smelly sandals), but after realizing the potential of crocs, he is a convert (at least for our sons, not himself, although oddly he borrows my croc houseshoes all the time to run around in)

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