My Favorite Sunscreen: Supergoop


Have you guys tried Supergoop?  It is my hands-down favorite sunscreen.  Bold words, I know.  But here’s the thing:  I’m always stuck in that gray area of wanting a “natural” sunscreen….but also needing a sunscreen that works.  Both of my parents have a history of skin cancer, and there’s some literature out there linking breast cancer to an increased risk of – you guessed it – melanoma, so this is one area that this girl won’t mess around.

Mix my personal history with my innate Mama-bear tendency to Protect The Children and watch my patience with “natural” sunscreens – with their mixed effectiveness and goopy application – wane.

Supergoop hits that perfect mix of being *mostly* natural (paraben, oxybenzone, synthetic fragrance and cruelty free thankyouverymuch), with an effectiveness rating that regularly blows me away.  They balance chemical load with overall effectivity, which is why you won’t see sunscreens over an SPF 50.

Case in point?  Their Defense Refresh Setting Mist.  This is a product that in my mind, really shouldn’t work.  You just, ya know, mist the stuff on over your makeup to refresh your SPF.  I’m suspicious of “mists” in general, and to rely on one for SPF?  Never.  But here’s the thing:  it works.  Really, really well.  I ended up using this product all over Europe last summer and it prevented many a sunburn, especially since we were often out walking around all day.

In fact, Supergoop is so dedicated to making sunscreens that are really and truly effective (their products protect against UVA, UVB and IRA rays), that they publish their efficacy test results on all of their product pages.

That’s what sun-safe commitment looks like.  Well done, Supergoop.

Lastly – and this is a big one, too – Supergoop’s products are a joy to apply.  They feel good, they smell good, they are anything but goopy.  Their goop?  Is super, super stuff.

So when Supergoop reached out, asking me to take a look at their newest products, it was a no-brainer.  Keep reading to see a review of Supergoop’s latest: Super Power Mousse Sunscreen, SPF 50.  AND I’ll throw a list together at the end of my very favorite, tried-and-tested Supergoop products.

Whew!  Now let’s see how we goop ourselves super…..

The Mousse – Raines’ Take

Raines squirted Supergoop’s Super Power Mousse Sunscreen out for the first time and was all, WHA????  “MOM!  This is….REALLY cool sunscreen!”  He sounded surprised.  And then proceeded to apply it himself.  I did manage to catch him before he jumped in to apply to the parts he missed (basically his whole back, haha), but this was an easy win.


The Mousse – Pax’s Take

Pax had just woken up from a much-needed (and long overdue) nap, so it was pretty touch-and-go.  This kid is nothing like his easy-going brother, and typically hates sunscreen.  (Ironically he was the one born with red hair and a tendency to burn, unlike R who tans like crazy.) Anyway, this was Pax’s response:

Not. Sold.


Ok, maybe this is fun….


So…I accidentally poked this poor kid in the eye while applying sunscreen.

In related news, Supergoop’s mousse sunscreen doesn’t sting the eyes.


The Mousse – My Take

Normally, I tend to stick to Supergoop’s sunscreen oil because I like how it looks, feels, and moisturizes.  But Supergoop had mentioned that the mousse had been formulated with moisturizers, so I thought I’d give it a try.

Honestly?  I LOVE it.  It rubs in so easily, and feels completely different on the skin – barely like you are wearing sunscreen at all.


My Favorite Supergoop Products



Happy Supergooping this summer!



A huge thank you to Supergoop for sponsoring this post, and for your genuine and heartfelt commitment to sunscreens that work.  I couldn’t be more thrilled to partner with you.  And readers, thank you for your continued support!  It doesn’t go unnoticed, and is so very much appreciated.


  1. This is amazing!! I love the Supergoop mineral sunscreen for everyday on my face and got overwhelmed looking at all the other product choices when I went to reorder. This helps a ton!

  2. I’ve heard good things about Supergoop. We live in Arizona, so we go through sunscreen crazy fast out here! I like the idea of the giant jug with the pump, but not sure how long it would last us. I’m constantly weighing the cost value on sunscreen seeing as we blow through a tube a week.

  3. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Supergoop, Shana! I’ve always wanted to try them out as a natural sunscreen. I’m a little overwhelmed by all the choices they offer, though, and wondered which of the nine (!) you recommended would be your top choice for a all-in-one, everyday product. Maybe the everyday sunscreen? Thanks!

    • So. I’ve been thinking about this. If you wanted to go with only ONE product…..and I can’t tell if you are talking about your face, or traditional summer sunscreen, so I’ll give you two:
      1. Sunscreen – the mousse. It’s the most moisturizing, so you’ll love it on your body too, and it seriously sinks in so nicely, is so easy to apply, and smells amazing – so my kids love this one.
      2. For your face – the city sunscreen. Use this as a daily moisturizer. Amazing.

  4. That mist stuff looks really great- I’m going to try it. It’s always a dilemma in the summer when you’ve put your sunscreen on, then your make-up…and a few hours later you need to reapply….

  5. Ooh thanks for this! I think my boys (more on the Pax side of the “easy going or not” continuum) may be enticed by the whipped-cream-like texture of the mousse…but its definitely a bit pricey. Any idea how long a bottle would last, with daily full body use on 2 small humans?

    • I’ve been using one of the smaller bottles of mousse on my two guys, and so far it’s lasted through 3 all day pool excursions, for three of us. So that’s….at least 27 applications. It’s gotta be almost done by now….but I’ll keep you updated!

  6. I love Supergoop for myself — their face sunscreen/moisturizer feels LIKE NORMAL MOISTURIZER! And you’re right, the mist is awesome – perfect for when you’ve been out for an hour or two and really need to reapply. Now I’ll have to see if my avowed sunscreen hater of a 4-year old can come around to the mousse.

  7. Every time y’all bring up Supergoop I’m convinced that I need it. But then I remember how spendy it is! For a consistent ocean schedule with four boys (even in rashguards) I have to go with less expensive options. Lately we’ve been slathering on cream and stick of Babyganics and SunBum. I want to try Bare because there is a cream and stick but also a non nano particle mineral spray! When I’m out of my current zillion partially used bottles I’ll give that a go.

  8. I’ve been stalking the dress you are wearing by monrow, can you provide a size to help me figure out my size? Thanks!

  9. I love Supergoop also, but didn’t have great luck with the setting mist. I wanted to love it, but the sprayer was so horrible that I gave up on it. I may have to give it another try if the spray mechanism was updated…

  10. Thank you for the recommendations.

    As a clarification, when you say “I prefer the mist formula… for touch-ups”, are you referring to that product (the sunscreen mist) or the setting mist?

    • Oh geez – I wasn’t clear at all! That comment was on the SPF sunscreen mist, yes? What I was trying to say is that I tend to slather my boys (and my body) with spreadable sunscreen before we leave the house….and then once we’re actually at the pool or beach, I do their touch-ups with the spray. Simply because of the sand, and the fact that they’re so wiggly. But am curious to see how the mousse does at the beach. (But it’s hard to beat a spray in those conditions.)

  11. Just yesterday I slathered some of my tiny travel sized everyday supergoop on my boys when they took their shirts off at the park. It was the first time I had tried it on them and they were both so happy with it. They usually hate sunscreen and how thick and yucky it feels. No complaining…actual happy surprise. Ordering the giant pump bottle now.

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