Favorites from Shopbop’s Sale



Shop bop currently has 25% extra off of their sale items! Today only with code: BONUS25

There are some good finds, guys. Many sizes are going quickly, but I tried to pick items that had a few sizes still available. There are a lot of great jeans, jackets and shoes. Here are some of my very favorites. Is it too late to add these to my wish list, Pinky???

Please excuse the amount of times I said something was perfect. I’ll go find a thesaurus for next time, k? Enjoy!


  1. I am super excited to have some Northwest influence on themomedit! Welcome Laura, I am excited to read your posts and check out your fashion inspiration. I am super excited to see another momma’s approval of the Swedish Hasbeen boots. I have been oogling over them for awhile now, but haven’t made the splurge yet. Sadly, my size is sold out on ShopBop, but I think a pair might be in the near future for me!

    • Thanks so much! Totally go for the Hasbeens. They are an amazing investment! Maybe there will be some other good after Christmas sales. I’ll keep my eyes out!

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