Festive Holiday Styling for Lazy Mamas: Four Day-to-Night Outfit Ideas


Cookie swaps, champagne brunches, dinner parties, gift exchanges, kid's pageants and a myriad of other festive occasions.  Sound familiar?  The kind of occasions where you want to look festive and fun…but a cocktail dress would be overkill.  And your definition of "festive" doesn't include this:

Screen Shot 2011-12-06 at 11.24.05 PM


Although, to be honest, I would totally rock this one with teeny, tiny tuxedo shorts and lace tights:

Screen Shot 2011-12-06 at 11.25.15 PM


In an ironic way?  Funny, right?  HA HA…ha?


My point: There are a few styling tricks that I turn to all Holiday season long when I want to look "festive".  Really, I should've named this post, "Captain Obvious' Tips For Festivus Style"…cause there is nothing earth-shattering here.  But if you are busy (yes), tired (oh, yes) and prone to faking illness *cough* instead of venturing outside when the temperature dips (hi have we met?), then here are a few ideas for getting your holiday groove on.

Shoes and Bags Make a Difference

Well.  No sh*t.  (I warned you about Captain Obvious tonight…)  But in all seriousness, it's like I forget this silly little rule, and then I remember it again, and it's like I've discovered a new galaxy or something.  

In any case, you've seen this day outfit before here.  Still one of my go-tos.  So of course, adding sexy heels and a sparkly clutch has now made it my go-to for both day and night.


 (wearing: J brand mid-rise cords, J.Crew cashmere v-neck sweater, Frye boots, Salt sunnies…vintage clutch, Guess heels)


Wear Sexier Tights

Lace tights are sexy.  Fishnets are sexy.  But…I'm actually surprised at how much sexier even regular ol' sheer black stockings are compared to my opaque Plush standbys.  And sexy shoes help, of course.


(wearing: Cheap Monday sweater, J.Crew tissue turtleneck, Forever 21 faux-leather shorts, Plush tights, Mia boots, hand-knit mittens….vintage clutch, nine west booties, Hanes silk reflections with run-resistant technology c/o Hanes)


 ********GIVEAWAY**********Mamas, Hanes asked me if I wanted to test out their new run-resistant stockings.  Considering that my days usually involve some sort of crawling-on-the-floor, I figured I could test the heck outta them.  But Philly has been so warm lately, that I've pretty much only tested them at night.  Want to help?  I have two other pairs (both in black) in sizes A/B or C/D.  Leave a comment and let me know which size you'd like to test, and how you'd test 'em.


When in Doubt, Throw on Anything That Sparkles

Have a gorgeous statement necklace?  Surprisingly, me neither!  In this case, pile on all of your sparkly stuff and try not to over-think.  A plain tee (or turtleneck) is a great foil for this look.  Pull your hair up, slick on some lipstick.  Costume jewelry is actually all I'm talking about here…and if you don't have any, you can find some cheap pieces very easily.  It's a cheap and easy way to make your everyday stuff "festive".


(wearing: J.crew tissue turtleneck….with a boat-load of jewels)

Awww…that little baby?  It's baby Raines.  And my shirt is covered with spit-up.  And while I'm claiming that it's my "day" look…this pic was actually taken in the middle of the night.  Sigh.  Those were the days…


Lastly, A Little Skirt Goes a Long Way

One of my very favorite pairings is a cozy sweater and a glamorous skirt.  It's the perfect combination of glitzy and causal.  I picked up a short & tight little number from Forever 21 for $7(!).  It's Mike's new favorite for date night.

I'm really on the hunt for a skirt with more…festivus.  Something sequined, or lace or feathered or metallic.  But I haven't found it….so I'm sticking with my little $7 number for now.  But if you do have an all-out glitzy skirt, try throwing it on with a comfy, cozy sweater.  You may be surprised. 


(wearing: J.Crew heart sweater, scarf and plaid shirt, Joe's Jeans denim jacket, Plush tights, Forever 21 shorts, diba wedge boots, Canada mittens….vintage clutch, nine west booties)

BTW – the crowd pic?  We're at Macy's in downtown Philly waiting for their light show to begin.  That particular Macy's has been in the old downtown location for 100 years.  I LOVE old-school department stores – it reminds me of London.  Apparently, this light show is a Philadelphia holiday tradition.  We grossly underestimated how many people would be there…but then were *super-excited* to see that there was room in the front!  Score!

Or not.  Here was our view:


LOL!  Live and learn, Mamas.




  1. Cute ideas! I’ll test drive the tights/hose for you–probably the c/d size. I wear skirts a lot, so probably just running around after my three kids.
    Also, did you go to the comcast center’s holiday show? It is just as neat as the Macy’s one. Comcast Center is at 17th and JFK blvd, about 3 blocks west of the Macy’s. (You can get there from Suburban station). They also have a nice food court in the basement if you want a snack afterward. The shows run at the top of the hour, during regular business hours.

  2. If you’ve still got ’em, I’d love to test the C/D tights. Crawling around on the floor after my nine month old and braving Denver’s public transportation every day to and from work should put them to the test.
    Also I LOVE the shorts/tights,booties look and wish I had the chutzpah – and, okay, legs – to give it a shot.

  3. Happy to test out the A-B size in freezing N. Alberta, Canada with a super busy toddler and lots of fesitives. But wait, I’m also going to have a Yooper Christmas with 6 Aunts and Uncles, 4 children under 5, a dog and a cat climbing the Christmas tree.

  4. I’ll test out the A/Bs. The term “run-proof” sounds like a challenge for my 14 month old and any pair of boots I own with a zipper.
    I too am on the hunt for a sparkly skirt in the Old Navy/H&M price range. It’s out there somewhere.

  5. Super cute ideas! I’d test drive those babies (in the smaller size) while chasing my 3 yr and 9 month old kiddos into the car, then crawling around the church nursery with my 18 month old class on Sunday. Can they REALLY hold up to 7 pairs of small, clamoring hands clawing at your legs and asking for their (NOT YOU!) mamas? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. I would love a C/D to try out in Toronto Canada! I have a super long commute and 2 boys to chase so I will definitely get good use out of them.

  7. Love each and every idea!
    I could def test drive some “hoes” for ya (A/B’s please)…
    Oh, and I’m on board with the sparkly skirt action this season. Hoping to rock a sequin mini (thank you J Crew) in a different way for family X-mas photos ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Shana, my first thought when I saw that dog-butt ugly sweater at the beginning was, “are you freaking kidding me?!” Then to my relief I kept reading, you scared me. Shoulda known you had better taste than that!
    And Elana, I kinda thought the reindeer one was cool in a sort of ironic, “I’m too cool for your lame sweaters” kinda way.

  9. I’d be happy to test out those c/d tights! I am the WORST about snagging any kind of hose or tights. I have two little boys, so it goes without saying that I lead a very active life! I destroyed a brand new pair of really cute tights within one hour of putting them on last weekend (I’m still bummed about that), so I’m pretty sure I could put those babies to the test!

  10. I would love to test the A/B size. I would wear them to work (boring right?)- but that includes getting the peanut out the door and since he is 14 mo, that involves a lot of baby chasing.

  11. Gang – I had forgotten about this giveaway – yikes! But here we go: I used random.org to pick winners….
    Amber, you won the A/B size
    Juliana B – you won the C/D size
    Email me, girls, and let me know your addresses….

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