I spend a lot of time at home, guys. Once upon a time, this would have bothered me. I yearned for change and spontaneity, and pit-stopping at home between social engagements felt more like an obligation than a welcomed respite. Well…that was then. (And also pre-kid, I’m realizing as I type this, which afforded me feelings like boredom and restlessness that have since set sail in exchange for exhaustion and defeat.)

Now, I relish my time at home. Family dinners at home. Hosting guests at home. Entire unplanned weekends at home. Even working at home. Where once I was itchy with isolation, I now bask in the fiercely satisfying productivity of chasing down deadlines while a load of laundry thumps through the dryer in sleepy-scented defeat — huzzah!

In a move that I’m pushing real hard to become a tradition, we offered to host Thanksgiving for the second year in a row, so I’m anxious to make this home that I’m now so unashamedly obsessed with feel even more inviting. Last year was our first holiday season in this house, and while I did pick up a few pieces here and there to warm up the living and guest spaces, it kinda felt like the whole place needed to be truly lived in a little more before I committed to fully decking the halls in one way or another. But now, guys — I’m ready.

Zulily For Fun & Easy Shopping

So when Zulily reached out and asked us to put together some favorite Home finds for the fall and winter season, I couldn’t raise my hand fast enough. Um, hello, get paid to daydream about the well-styled space of my dreams? Mmmmk!

Zulily was founded in 2010 to offer people a different way to shop, but I first learned about Zulily when I was in the process of moving from Ohio to back to California. (In 2010, as a matter of fact — so I guess I was there from the beginning!) A friend who was doing some freelance product photography for Zulily told me about the site, and I was instantly so hooked. As a bargain shopper, I was first intrigued by the incredible prices, but I was also completely drawn in by the hunt, and that hasn’t changed one bit. Every day, they launch new sales featuring all the latest fashions, kids’ apparel, shoes, home décor, toys, unique gifts and so much more. I typically spend most of my time browsing accessories I never knew I needed or finds for the kiddo (we’ve had great luck picking up some of her favorite name brand shoes at a hefty discount), but when I went online this morning to pull all my favorite home decor items, I was blown away by the category. Guys, there is SO MUCH GOOD STUFF.

Stoneware serving pieces and Pendleton bedding (hurry hurry — both of those sales are ending soon!). Tartan duvets (I harbor no shame in my love for a holiday bed). And — weakness of all weaknesses — so many textiles.

So here we go!

Festive Vibes: Holiday Home Decor Ideas

For context, we’ve got a transitional style that leans slightly eclectic — think a mostly neutral color palette accented with rustic wood and leather and color brought in through textiles with lots of organic texture — but the pieces I chose here would complement a variety of design aesthetics, from farmhouse to modern minimalist. I kept everything in wintry neutrals — white, black, gray — simply because it’s easy to keep around throughout the remainder of the year, but it’s also the perfect backdrop for one or two more “holiday” hues that would really pop against these pieces. Add just a handful of accents in green, gold or red, and suddenly you’re in a full-blown wonderland.

QUICK NOTE: Because Zulily offers news items every day, many of these items are only available for a limited time, so pop on over there sooner rather than later for best selection!

Holiday hosting time. For the merriest home decor ideas, we're shopping Zulily. Think warm neutrals with rustic & festive vibes. Fun + easy = win.

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Fall & Winter Home Decor From Zulily

1 // Candle Holder — Forever a fan of centerpieces you can actually see over, and this fits the bill. It’s obviously designed for candles, but I’d top it with little stumpy mason jars of different sizes filled with greenery or flowers, too. Would also be an easy, pretty addition to an entryway console table.

2 // Oversized Floor Cushion — Hi me again, the one who needs a 12-step program for soft goods. This could either be used as an oversized throw pillow or a floor cushion, and the handmade, boho-but-not-too-boho vibe is right up my alley. These colors are subtly autumnal but are definitely neutral enough for everyday.

3 // Black Stripe Table Runner — I always prefer a table runner, especially over a bare table, because it feels elegant without trying too hard — and, let’s be honest, it’s less likely to get dripped on than a full tablecloth. This one is subtly farmhouse-y and with a little greenery could easily be dressed up for a holiday table, too.

4 // Square Braided Pouf — I am a total sucker for poufs, pillows, and all textiles in the home — especially if they have an eclectic feel. I love the effortless character this would add to a living space or a guest room, plus it’s extra seating for Christmas morning or movie night.

5 // Eddie Bauer Arrowhead Stitch Quilt Set — I love a subtle nod to the holidays that can be kept around well through the remainder of winter, and this classic yet modern take would work with all sorts of decor. Thinking about picking up the Twin size for Lana’s room.

6 // Black + White Cotton Kilim Pillow — I had to throw in one more pillow for good measure, guys, and if you couldn’t tell by now, I’ve got a real soft spot for black + white neutrals, especially around the holidays. Add some fairy lights or a eucalyptus wreath to this color palate and suddenly it’s wintry chic. The texture, flatweave pattern and oversized shape of this pillow make it a great deal for the price.

7 // Woven Basket Set — Remember all those textiles I have a soft spot for? Here’s where I’d stash ’em. We keep an oversized basket at the foot of each guest bed as a catchall for throws and pillows that get tossed aside. Smaller baskets are perfect for collecting all the home catalogs and cooking magazines I can’t seem to part with.

8 // Gnome Duo — I had to add these little guys for Lana. She is always drawn to these popular little gnome decorations whenever she sees them in shops, and these two are charming but still subtle. The kind of thing you’d pop onto a mantle or guest bathroom counter for a little whimsy. Easy. Bonus points that I can pass them off as Dumbledore and she’ll play with them year-round.

9 // Terracotta Vase Duo — These guys are just asking for some of those bare-stem holly-ish berries — or those bizarre super mini pumpkin floral things that Trade Joe’s seems to sell around this time (have you seem them?!). The handmade appearance is both rustic and minimally modern. Beautiful host/ess gift filled with a seasonal arrangement, too.

10 // Stoneware Planter — We just re-potted a few of our smaller plants into mid-sized pots, and this was basically the exact footed planter I searched up and down the coast for but could not find. (Also, turns out most planters are super freaking expensive!) It’s got that B+W thing going for it again, but it’d be super at home among a more colorful design scheme, too, with the whimsical geometric motif.

11 // Eddie Bauer Gray Striped Sherpa Throw — This one is going fast, guys! Sherpa on one side, a neutral gray in a nubby textured stripe on the other. SO. STINKING. COZY. Just add popcorn and the entire Disney+ catalog.

12 // Joyeaux Noel Tote — We use our entryway almost like a second mudroom. There’s a coat rack, a bench and a basket for shoes, which means loads of other miscellaneous items that are coming and going also find a home here. My fave trick for hiding it all? A stylish tote bag hung on the coat rack. It’s the perfect catchall for discarded toys, misdelivered mail that needs to go to the neighbor’s, hats and gloves, beachcombing finds, you name it. Once a week or so I empty it out and deliver everything to its proper home (ahem, or the garbage), but in the meantime, the clutter is out of sight. This tastefully seasonal tote would be the perfect swap-in for the winter months.

Shop All Of My Favorite Zulily Home Decor Finds

Happy shopping!

Big thanks to Zulily and ShopStyle for sponsoring this post and allowing us to keep doing what we do here at TME. I’ve been a fan of Zulily from the very beginning (hi, always on the hunt for a great deal, especially clothes for a growing kiddo!) and it’s been so much fun browsing their Home category for this post — which is even more vast than I imagined.

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  1. I see the visual appeal of Zulily but I got burned soooo many times ordering from them…mostly by them cancelling items I ordered-sometimes after delaying the items for a long time. I’m 100% over them. Couldn’t pay me to order from them. I’d much rather find the unique items and steep discounts at Marshall’s and Home Goods.

    • Hi Paula, I totally get that — and I’m sorry that happened to you. And just to be transparent (as we strive to be in all posts, even partnerships), I think Zulily has listened to the feedback they’ve received and improved their customer experience recently. Many of their items ship within 2-3 days (whereas in early days a certain number of orders would have to be fulfilled) — and most of the pieces I linked to are guaranteed for Christmas delivery. Not trying to persuade you at all — just glad that, as a retailer, they’re responding to their customers. 🙂

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