Finding Jeans In My Mid-40s: 3 Pairs I Don’t Hate


I’ve always been such a jeans fan, but when it comes to shopping for them in my mid-40s? The struggle is REAL. Entering this new era of not knowing what size I am, what fit is best, what rise is best, added to the fact that jean trends are changing and companies make all the styles quite confusing is, well, taking me on a journey, to say the least. 

Navigating the Jeans Maze in Midlife: Finding the Perfect Fit During Perimenopause

Here, I’m trying out three jean styles either in a different size than I’ve had before OR in cuts I’ve never tried. It seems like it would be a no-brainer to “just size up,” but IYKYK. Perimenopause is whack, and not only does it tend to bring on some weight gain, but it also brings on just a whole-body shift that I’m still trying to understand. 

In short, it’s no fun. But I’m determined to find jeans that fit me and make me feel great. I recently tried out Levi’s Middy Straight Leg, the AGOLDE Lana Midrise Straight and the rag & bone Sid Miramar Carpenter jeans (they’re actually knit! Here are similar since mine are selling fast.) to see if any of these will work for my shifting body as we move into cool fall days. (Update: I also recently fell in LOVE with these! TTS also)

I hope documenting my try-on will prove to be helpful to those of you dealing with similar issues or at the very least provide some solidarity. And update since I recorded this…try the Rag & Bone Featherweight jeans and you won’t be disappointed!! They are high waisted jeans I can actually wear all day! More details soon, but in the meantime…

—–Video Outfit Details—–

Levi’s Middy Straight in Don’t Tell Mom (30)

AGOLDE Lana Midrise Straight in Disorder (30)| non-distressed black | non-distressed blue

rag & bone Sid Miramar Carpenter Jeans (29 + 30):

at Nordstrom | at Saks | at Bloomingdale’s | at SSense

Similar Rag & Bone Knit Styles (my exact are selling out fast)

Wide Leg Version | Lighter Wash

Similar black top

Marc Fisher Jarli white boots (tts)

Free People Crystal Utility Denim Jacket

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If you’ve found super comfy on the waist pairs of jeans you love (especially fellow short-waisted folx) please do share with all of us! We’re in this together, friends.



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  1. Laura !! this was awesome!!!! love you opinions on the fir of jeans !! especially for those of us that have changing bodies!!!!!xoxoxox

  2. Menopause definitely through me through a loop (I recently came out on the other side, and am so relieved). The Menopausal Middle is real. I kept sizing up, and everything was still too tight and uncomfortable. Stiff denim, super high waists, those are out. Risen Jeans have been my lifesavers. They have enough stretch that the loosen up perfectly. For me, the look is still important, but comfort/fit takes absolute precedence.

  3. Just wanted to say how much I appreciate your keeping it real by addressing the “redistribution” phenomenon, Laura. It’s refreshing to see it discussed on the blog — I’m so here for it! As I’m in my mid-fifties, I’ve been navigating this for a spell and I’ve ditched pretty much every dang pair of jeans I owned over the last few years. I 100% agree that just going up a size doesn’t always solve it. It may then fit in the waist, but then have too much volume through the crotch, hips and leg areas. 😩 And it’s not just jeans. I’ve had a heck of a time find a good pair of black trouser pants, especially since most of them have (gasp) PLEATS. I’ve tried a mountain of them. The struggle IS definitely real. I had a ridiculously flat tummy in my youth, but those days are looong gone. These pieces seem like some great options to try. I’m willing to bet there are a lot of us out here in the same boat — who aren’t ready quite yet to give up on looking good in our jeans!

  4. I have been loving American Eagle flare jeans, believe it or not, in next level stretch. Paige Cindy jeans also work great on me- I have a couple pairs of each and they are basically the only jeans I wear these days.

  5. Thank you for addressing the reality of changing bodies as we age. Would love to see more content addressing aging with style, health, and body positivity.

  6. I feel you, Laura! Have always loved your take, and especially love your truthfulness and humor here. You’re a total badass; thank you for leading us through this!

  7. Same! I’m 58 and still struggling with the body changes…HRT, and just in general trying to navigate it all. I’m glad that more convo is happening around it presently ..although….it blows me away that again…women’s issues still have taken a back burner. There is WAY more to it than hot Hoping for it to turn a corner! 🙂 Thanks for saying it all out loud…I’m here for it too.

  8. I’m 44, and am just beginning to feel like none of my jeans fit “right” anymore. Thank you so much for doing this post – I needed to hear someone talking about this in such a body-neutral way. I’m excited to check out some of the options you mentioned, and I’d like to echo what Kirsten said above – can we get some help finding some black trouser pants that fit mid-life bodies?

  9. submitting a recommendation here for the Frame Le Garcon, especially for those out there with a slightly more…”boyish” (can i still say that?) build, who might feel like their hips/legs are staying straighter and slimmer yet the waist and tummy feel like they could use a little more comfort…they’re my fail-proof grab, make their way into every travel bag and go with literally any shoe and every blazer. Mostly non-distressed, which is this reader’s preference. Before anyone yells at me, they are a little pricey.

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