Weekend 6.1


Mike went on a guys’ trip a few weeks back, and I had a whole weekend to myself with just the kids and dog. Once upon a time this would’ve been…intense (to say the least), but I was struck by how much things have changed. All weekend, the boys were either helpful (taking out trash, walking the dog) or gone, hanging out with friends.

I was…kinda on my own. With the dog, of course, but honestly? I haven’t had that much mental space in years. And I found that…I didn’t hate it.

I’m not normally great on my own – I tend to like having a buddy with me – but I also had this realization that my life has not really been my own since the kids were born. This is not a bad thing – I love being a mom more than anything else in the world, it’s almost astounding how much I love it – but I can also acknowledge that the phase of my life where I raised young kids was deeply consuming. And that it’s been a little, well, fun to have some of that intensity dialed down.

On a unrelated note, can someone please explain how a 2-3 day absence of one easy-going husband results in exponentially less work? Someone should seriously study this phenomenon. It’s bizarre.

Oh, wow. This skirt. With a strappy black tank or a white graphic tee…I think I could even pair it with those Athleta tanks I love so much. Swooning pretty hard over this one.

Suuuper similar sandals. I tried on these seriously pretty Loeffler Randall heels last week, and while I ended up sending them back, I can’t stop thinking about them. So imagine my delight when I found these Anne Klein heels in almost the exact same style, but a fraction of the cost.

Summer stack. This necklace and these earrings – perfect with my two most-worn summer outfits: white tank + cut-offs and a little white dress.

Most supportive running shoes on the planet. I’ve been doing a bunch of running lately, and have been wearing these exact Brooks in blue. I bought them at the recommendation of the running store guy (seriously amazing support, will protect my knees, feet, etc). Great. HOWEVER: I have noticed that whenever I run past anyone over the age of 70, they are all wearing this exact same shoe. I’m taking it as a good sign, but wish I had seen the coconut/aqua/sunset color – it’s much cuter.

Chic at all sizes. I can’t stop thinking about this cotton poplin set at Good American. It looks incredible on all of the models, but it’s the details that really stand out: the extra-long sleeves with that serious cuff, the wider waistband on the shorts. Love, love, love. Also at Nordstrom (but almost sold out).

A sucker for strawberry. This sweet little top is calling my name, as is this fun graphic tee. I’m guess strawberry prints are a thing and I’m not complaining. (See also this dress or this dress.)

Theme: BOAT. We’re going to a party next week with the theme of “boat”. It could be anything vaguely nautical (pirate, navy, Gilligan’s island), but I think Mike and I are doing some sort of yacht vibe (aka just an excuse to wear something fabulous). I want to wear this Missoni jumpsuit (SWOON), but we are only pretend yacht people, not actual yacht people so $1200 is, um, more than I want to spend. So. I’ve started trying to find something else, but so far I’ve unhelpfully fallen in love with this mermaid-y, netted dress for $1700, this Retrofete dress and – gasp – this Retrofete dress. Somebody save me from myself.

100% yes. But this boat party does give me an excuse to pull the trigger on these ridiculously sexy (and comfortable) heels in gold.

Sick of hearing about barrel jeans? (I’m not.) However!! There’s a new denim style (Reformation Cary Jeans) that I find myself wearing almost as much – and, frankly, these are the jeans I’m reaching for on date night – they’re a little sexier. I have the belted version (sooo good) and the ones with a drawstring waist (I cut them off for flats) and they both have a really sexy shape. They’re sustainably made and have that *something interesting* that so many of my usual designer brands seem to be lacking lately. Nordstrom is also carrying my belted pair, as well as this seriously cuffed pair (I tried them on – best for tall gals), and a cool, new studded pair.

Technically a tankini. Normally I hate these things, but this one is…very, very cute. Honestly, I only really like it in the black, but could be convinced about the pink or ‘denim heather’ and absofreakinglutely hate the navy (haha there’s no shortage of strong opinions here).

Obviously not very summer-y…but I don’t care. They’re the coolest black sweatpants I’ve ever seen, ever.