Five Ways To Wear White Sneakers This Spring


samba sneakers white denim outfit

The white sneaker trend has been around for several years, and while most shoe trends would have fizzled out by now, stark white sneaks aren’t going anywhere soon.

I’ll admit it took me awhile to warm up to the trend, mainly because I am one of the messiest people on the planet. I seriously cannot keep anything clean- I usually need to change completely before I walk out the door, and I can’t help but feel that purchasing a pair of perfectly white and shiny sneakers is like purposefully tempting fate. 

But, the more I saw them styled, the more I wanted them. Plus, there are sooo many cool white sneakers out right now that anyone can find their perfect pair.

I ended up with the Adidas Classic Samba, which I’ve wanted so badly since I was 10 years old and owned the Payless version that has like 6 stripes instead of three. These worked best for me because 1. They aren’t completely all white and 2. They have an off white suede toe cap that keeps them from scuffing as much.   Lastly they are super comfortable, as they are actually made for indoor soccer players. 

Here are five ways I styled mine.

 #1: Lace Trim Slip Dress and Denim Jacket

addidas sneakers floral slip black denim jacket



Outfit Details:

jacketThis Levi’s Classic Denim Jacket in “black fog” made with stretchy denim fabric fits me better and is more comfortable than any other denim jacket I’ve owned. I’ve always felt sort of bulky in denim jackets, especially in the shoulders and waist. And heaven forbid I want to wear a sweater underneath, my arms end up looking like stuffed sausages. But this jacket’s stretchy fabric construction makes the jacket fit better. The fabric still feels like high quality denim fabric but it’s softer and all around more comfortable. AND bonus, less sausage. Available on Amazon in all the good denim colors  for $49.95.

slip dress – I bought this slip dress a few years ago on sale and can’t find it online. It’s always hard to find a good lace trimmed slip dress online but I’ve managed to compile a few similar to the one I’m wearing. The Kerri Lace Dress is the same brand and style of slip dress but in white and it’s 50% off at Tobi for $24.00. Express has a Lace Trim Slip Dress for $59.50 with more vivid blues and black colors.

shoes – The dream shoes of my 10 year old self: the Adidas’ Classic Samba, seriously do not disappoint. They are really comfortable and the suede toe cap acts as a dirt and scuff buffer and has definitely helped me keep these bad boys clean. This style only comes in men’s sizes so they suggest ordering a full size down.


#2: Black Overalls and Tied Waist Sweatshirt

addidas sneakers black overalls 2



Outfit Details:

tee – It’s hard to tell in the picture but this olive green fine knit top from H&M has a sheen to it. I also really appreciate it’s nice normal tee shirt length, not overly long or cropped at the boobs. 10 points to H&M.

overalls – the Distressed overalls are from Nordstroms and are currently 40% off at $40.80. In the past, I haven’t had much luck with finding a pair that fit my shape well and I was a little worried about the skinny fit of these STS Blue brand overalls. But they are the most comfortable and best fitting overalls I’ve owned. Made with 2% spandex, they have just enough stretch to allow you to move freely and still look great.

shoesthe Adidas’ Classic Samba

hoodieHooded Sweatshirt Cardigan is from H&M, $49.99. Usually, I wouldn’t pay $50 for a simple hoodie but I was seriously impressed with the quality, fit and style of a this sweatshirt. The diagonal front zip, extra large lined hood, raw hem edges and ribbed cuffs add a modern look to an other wise simple item.


#3: Light Grey Midi Skirt & Denim Jacket

addidas sneakers grey pencil skirt denim jacket



Outfit Details:

denim jacket – from the Kut from the Kloth brand at Nordstroms, this fitted Amelia denim jacket, $79.99, is another comfortable option. The bleached denim fabric adds to it’s vintage vibe.

teeMadewell’s ‘Whisper’ Cotton V-Neck Tee, $19.95, is super soft and the fabric is just thick enough that bra lines are less visible.  Eight different colors available at Nordstroms and eleven colors at Madewell. 

skirt – It’s embarrassing to admit I sometimes still shop at Forever21 (or as I call it, Forever31) but there stuff is soooo cheap and some if it, like their basics, last a surprisingly long time. Like this heathered pencil skirt, that I have had for a few years now and own in three different colors (It comes in seven colors). I actually end up wearing them a lot! They are $7.99 at Forever(31). 

shoesthe Adidas’ Classic Samba

#4: Casual Shades of Gray

addidas sneakers black denim and hoodie



Outfit Details:

hoodieH&M Hooded Sweatshirt Cardigan, $49.99

muscle tank – I love the deep side cut of this Yoga Clothing brand Muscle Tank top, $19.99 on Amazon.  I usually wear it to the gym but I like the casual, everyday look the top adds to the outfit.

jeans –  J Brand Photo Ready Cropped Mid Rise Skinny Jeans – You can find them at Amazon for as low as $216.04, depending on the size, and Shopbop has them them for $227.00.


#5: White Denim & Stripes

addidas sneakers white denim and stripes


Outfit Details:

top – There are two types of people in this world: too many stripes, or not enough stripes. I’m the latter. This oversized striped sweater is one of too many striped tops I’ve accumulated over the years and can’t find online. But, Nordstroms has a similar option in their rag&bone”Ash” stripe long sleeve tee for $125.00. A more affordable option is this  loose fit striped tunic top on Amazon for $21.99.
jeansDemocracy Women’s Cropped Jean that I distressed myself. I was thinking of doing an easy DIY denim destruction tutorial if that is something anyone would be interested in?


Shop My Fav White Sneaks

I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite white sneakers out there to get you started on the hunt:




  1. Jess, I’ve so loved your contributions to this site–you’ve got great style and it’s definitely by far the most similar to how I dress (but major respect to all the other fab ladies on TME!). I always look forward to your posts. You’re making me rethink my anti-white footwear stance! Thanks for putting this together.

  2. Yes please do a post on DIY denim distressing. (I like the Forever 21 pencil skirt look the best!). You are gorgeous. Thanks for showing a diversity of size on TME.

  3. I especially love the overall look with the tied sweatsuit around your waist! This look will be my Poshmark shopping inspo! Yes please do a DIY distressed denim tutorial!!!!

  4. I got similar black jeans at American Apparel for much less and they fit awesome. Plus, high waist.

    By the way, are you a model? You seriously need to be. You’re gorgeous!

  5. I love the overalls look, and I’ve had the same trepidation about overalls on my body but you’re making me reconsider!

  6. I’m reading reviews of the Adidas Samba (love the look) but they all say how squeaky the shoe is. Did you experience that?

  7. Hi, thank you for this post!! I came here because I had to ask the question “at almost 36 years of age, am I too old to rock the White reebok classics?” I love white sneakers and as a child of the 80s I had to get me some reebok classics in white when they came back in fashion. Also, I love that they add just a little bit of height for my short self. But when I googled for ideas on styling them for Autum/winter (here in New Zealand), all the pics and blogs were of women and men in their early 20s or younger! It made me feel too old to be wearing my sneakers and skinny jeans. So I guess I’m asking or looking for ressurance I’m not too old???

    • Hey Kim,

      I’m so glad you asked. We are never ever ever too old! (for white sneakers or any other trend that interests us) True style should be a unique and expression of who we are – I’m also a child of the 80’s- and just because we were around the last time something was in fashion doesn’t mean we’re too old for it. In fact, I think we have the upper hand, because with age comes style maturity and sophistication, we have a better idea of what works and what doesnt – and, as with a lot of the unfortunate style trends of the 80’s, we know how NOT to wear them this time around!

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