Interesting Cardigans, Fresh Air, and Brave Steps



cardigan (c/o Modcloth) | top (c/o) | gloves (c/o)

Coziness. That’s pretty much all I can focus on clothing-wise right now, especially with a trip to the coast. (Think: cold, windy, rainy). And I love how even a quick trip to the shore is so renewing and refreshing…there’s just something about fresh air and being near a body of water. I forget how much my soul needs these little day trips to the beach.

I recently had a dear friend visit for a week (you may have seen our adventures over on Instagram @elletrain).  She lives in Toronto and our time together is far too little. She left a few days ago and I’m feeling pretty bummed. It’s tough when good friends live far away, even with technology. And I think it gets harder as moms, wives, and business women to find time to foster friendships. The kind of friendships that reflect our best selves back to us. It’s too easy to lose ourselves in our families. And while it’s a very noble cause, I sometimes wake up and think “Wait, what happened to me? Where did I go?”






Nicole and I met at a creative conference last year, the first one I attended as a mom. I was feeling proud as a mama, but extremely lost in who I was outside of that. I was in a really tough spot. Cue new amazing friend who made me feel completely competent and exciting and cool about who I was and what I had to offer the world beyond motherhood. I began slowly putting some energy into finding myself as a creative woman again. Then, not long after, Shana invited me to contribute to The Mom Edit, a dream job I didn’t even know was a possibility, that allowed me to use my creativity and have something that was just mine again.


I wanted to share all of this simply to encourage anyone who might be feeling lost. To nudge you to do something that gets you out of your comfort zone, something that makes you feel badass, something that renews your spirit and reminds you of who you are as an individual, beyond your role as a mama.  It has not only made me feel like a better mama, but a better woman…contributing my unique gifts to humanity.


cardigan (c/o Modcloth) | scarf (c/o) | top (c/o) | boots (c/o) | gloves (c/o)

I think I need another soul-renewing trip out to the coast to lift my spirits after my dear friend leaving. And I need allll the cozy things to wrap up in again. Modcloth has the most interesting cardigans and jackets – I’m especially enamored with the one I’m wearing – it’s so soft and cozy that I’ve also been wearing it around the house as a robe.


Cardigan: Simply Snuggly Plaid Cardigan in Woodland – This cardigan has a fabulous weave that is perfectly between soft and structured. size small, for reference

Scarf: Central Park Cinema Scarf in Blueberry – So soft and huge! Great for keeping warm without wool and great for snuggling up in.

Top: Marketing My Words Tank Top in Ivory – Love this top for a little softness and lace peeking out. size small

Jacket: Old, but I’m adoring this olive green Delighted Discovery Jacket – yes all the way.

Jeans: old

Boots: Madrid It Again Suede Booties – Love these. So easy to slip on and off with the elastic at the side. The color goes with everything.

Gloves: Saturday At the Stables Convertible Glove in Oatmeal – Soft, warm and oh so cute. Converts to a mitten.

More Cozy Layers from Modcloth

I still haven’t figured out completely who I am inside and outside of motherhood, but where I am now compared to last year is a start. I hope if you’re someone who needs to take that first step that you’ll do it. With gusto, even. And you may even meet a soul sister best friend in the process…making the risk all worthwhile.

Get out there,

Lovely photos by Posy Quarterman Photography


A big thank-you to Modcloth for sponsoring this post.  There are some seriously cute and cozy options over there these days! As usual though, all opinions are mine and I do get to choose the items worn here (a few of you were asking). TME readers, thank you for your continued support of The Mom Edit.  It doesn’t go unnoticed and is very much appreciated by all of us.



  1. I love your picks and styling here, but I’d like to also see these pieces remixed with non-ModCloth pieces. I have to admit it’s a little off-putting when everything in an outfit is c/o from the same store. For example, I actually love your jeans here, it’d be great to have “similar” links that aren’t sold by ModCloth (I presume you didn’t find anything similar at ModCloth which is why it isn’t linked up at all).

  2. So inspiring!! I think anytime you try something new or face your fears you feel incredibly vulnerable. I feel like that is when your more open to amazing people. I know for me when i am in that state i tend to reach out more and find that i make better connections with people. Like starting a business, scary!! But reaching out i have found tons of support and a great community. I am also completely obsessed with cardigans, i basically wear one everyday because they are so easy and versatile!! Eyes that blue and white modcloth cardigan, so cute!

  3. Thank you for being real about this topic. I lost myself for several years in my ‘mommy’ world and had a lot of guilt when I started craving something beyond the roles of motherhood and housewife. Your thoughtful words encourage and are brave.

  4. I LOVE this post, not for the clothes (although they are nice), but for the thoughtful, beautifully articulated description of feeling lost and adrift post-kids. Some days I feel like I’m literally drowning in children and people will tell me “Oh you must be SO busy!” but at the end of the day, it’s just not enough. I still crave something for ME–something all my own (which I sometimes feel horribly guilty about, but I guess you feel how you feel, right??). You are so right–it’s easy to get caught up in taking care of our family that we lose track of ourselves and our own needs. Thank you for being so honest and admitting that you don’t have it all figured out.

  5. Okay, I love, love, love, that cardigan! I’m looking for something a little more Wisconsin Winter Warm (maybe part wool?) so I’ll be watching this space for more ideas.

    Like others, I can totally relate to the whole losing yourself in early motherhood thing. I worked quite a bit when my kids were really small and then scaled way back when they were 3 and 6. For a few years my primary focus was on my home and family, which was awesome. Now that the kids are 7 and 10 I’m ready to branch out more and I’ve been working on a pretty drastic midlife career change. My husband just lost his job after nearly 20 years with the same company so there are big changes all around at our house.

    And seriously, why do clothes seem to be such a big part of this kind of change? 😉 For years I focused on looking more put together than jeans and a sweatshirt but now I’ve upped my game to walking around looking like someone you’d want to hire. It can be disorienting at times!

    • Good luck to you, Beth. Clothes help give you that little boost sometimes to get out there. My husband dealt with some similar trials this year so all my best wishes to your family, as we know what that’s like! Thanks so much for commenting.

  6. I love me a cozy sweater 🙂 but mainly wanted to thank you for your inspirational words to those of us feeling a bit lost. I needed that nudge today, so thank you.

  7. Totally lost over here! I find myself incredibly resentful of my role as a mother and wife these days, and that is a horrible feeling. My youngest just turned 2, so she is still very much dependent on me, but after doing this stay at home mom thing for 7.5 years, I am feeling like I am ready for more. I need to find who I am now, not who I was all those years ago. Love this post! Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you so much for posting, Christa. It’s so tough to be needed by little ones 24/7 and still feel a sense of self at all. I truly hope you’ll find that thing that you were meant to do beyond motherhood, whatever that looks like or even as simple as it may be. Nothing but support for you!!

  8. Laura,
    Great post- left me in tears, in a good way, and the clothes are cute too! Question about the boots; I was on ModCloth website and a lot are faux leather, suede and I was wondering how they hold up. I noticed you were on the beach so clearly they got a little wet. Obviously not rain day boots but will they hold up to a bit of wear and tear? thank you!

    • Aw, thank you! I love the boots I got. They are definitely fine for everyday wear when you’re not planning to get too wet or muddy. They seem to be holding up well! I wear them all the time now.

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