Forever Wearable: 3 Casual Pieces That Are Incredibly Well Made


This post is sponsored by Frank & Eileen.

Two quick things we have to discuss before I go into the details of my three casual wardrobe classics from Frank & Eileen.

First…if you’re already a Frank & Eileen fan, take a second to check out their new striped summer travel set (sizes already selling out!). It’s absolutely ADORABLE and Shana and I both kind of freaked out when we saw it (which means we will likely be twinning this summer). I already own this set in solid navy and it’s SUCH a super star.

Second…a little Mother’s Day PSA: If you’re feeling especially generous and want an indulgent gift for your mom…this set. Or even just the capelet.

Frank & Eileen Travel Set

set (royal navy – m) | capelet (os) | pants (m)

I gifted the set (in black) to my mom a while ago and she adores it, wearing it to all the things all the time. She often puts this lightweight cotton jersey shirt underneath with a tiny popped collar and the whole combination works SO well on her. I am quite pleased with myself (nice taste, me!) that I was the one to pick it out for her.

And now for my 3 forever wearable, high quality wardrobe picks…

Wardrobe Classics: 3 High Quality Finds From Frank & Eileen

Frank & Eileen Denim Button Up

shirt (classic blue tattered wash denim -s ) | sweatpants (m)

For those of you who are already Frank & Eileen fans (quite a few of us out there now), you guys know… many of their pieces EASILY make their way into the “forever closet” category (think: high quality pieces you’re happy to wear over and over, year after year).

And there are plenty of reasons for this.

I’ve shared this before, but it happens every single time. Seriously: Every. Time. I wear a super-simple Frank & Eileen top, or one of their matching sets, and invariably get compliments. Friends, family, random strangers on the street…clothing from Frank & Eileen is simple in design, but really, REALLY freaking good. Noticeably good!

Frank & Eileen’s fabric is made with high quality natural fibers, and this, combined with their attention to design details, creates a casual luxe vibe that is an absolute pleasure to wear (and also is usually what sparks all the compliments).

Throw in the fact that Frank & Eileen is a certified woman-owned, woman-led, B-corporation with a commitment to ethical business practices and sustainability, and there’s even more reason (besides their gorgeous clothes) to support their slow fashion mission and invite their collection into your forever closet.

For spring (going into summer), entering my forever closet will be Frank & Eileen’s super soft denim button up, their navy stripes, and the matching triple fleece set in royal navy.

1. A Super Soft Denim Shirt

I didn’t know I needed Frank & Eileen’s Eileen Denim Shirt in my wardrobe, but as soon as it arrived, it was like…why haven’t I owned this piece before?

Frank & Eileen Denim Button Up

shirt (classic blue tattered wash denim -s ) | sweatpants (m)

Super soft and just the right of relaxed-but-not-overwhelming fit, the day I received it, I wore it all day with these sweatpants and a silver tote (running around the city), Later, I easily switched the vibe by grabbing a cute clutch and wide leg jeans (darker wash) for a friend’s birthday happy hour.

Denim Button Up Frank & Eileen

shirt (classic blue tattered wash denim -s ) | sweatpants (m)

I have the Eileen button-up shirt in linen as well, and it’s made juuuuuuust right. Frank & Eileen’s button-ups are where the company first started in 2009, by reinventing button-ups for women. The button placement, the pocket size, the cut, the hand-distressed raw shirttail hem, the rounded lines, the drape of the fabric – they get every detail exactly right.

This shirt is made from 100% Italian cotton, woven in an Italian mill, and then washed and finished by artisans in California (this is the real deal high quality stuff here). Which means that it’s super soft to start with…yet still gets softer over time.

Frank & Eileen Denim Button Up

shirt (classic blue tattered wash denim -s ) | sweatpants (m)

I’m going to wear it as a regular button up shirt with jeans/pants, over swimsuits this summer with gauzey pants or shorts, over crop tanks with just a few strategic buttons closed, and I’m also going to play with it over dresses (instead of a denim jacket). Super versatile and feels SO good on. Again…not sure sure why I haven’t owned a shirt like this before!

2. An Effortless Stripe Top

Frank & Eileen’s “stripe shop” is worth checking out for SURE! I can’t stop thinking about the stripe summer matching set, but their simple vintage muscle tee also looks pretty great.

For spring, though, I gravitated toward the long sleeve stripe option. Made from Frank & Eileen’s really soft lightweight heritage jersey, it’s easy to throw on with light wash denim or comfy pants. I’m also picturing it as a go to this summer over distressed denim or shorts on morning beach walks, vacation coffee runs, or out and about on those overcast cooler days.

Frank & Eileen Stripes

“Stripe Shop” | shirt (jersey navy french stripe – m) | sweatpants (m)

This is the first time I’m trying Frank & Eileen’s heritage jersey (aka t-shirt material). Lightweight and drapey, the 100% cotton yarn is made in California, feels soft and comfy right out of the box, and the hand cut raw hem and edges add just a touch of interest to the classic relaxed shape.

Frank & Eileen Striped Patrick Top

“Stripe Shop” | shirt (jersey navy french stripe – m) | sweatpants (m)

This is the shirt style (and jersey fabric) that my mom wears UNDER her matching set (with the collar popped just a bit) and it looks SO good on her. The jersey is a really nice weight for layering.

3. A Compliments Guaranteed Matching Set

An oldie (for me), but a goodie. I’ve worn and loved the Malibu matching set for years now. I have the black set (you can see it dressed “up” a bit on me here), but the royal navy is absolutely gorgeous as well. This capelet (as well as this similar one with a more open neck) are the two pieces from Frank & Eileen I get the MOST compliments on when I’m wearing them.

Frank & Eileen Travel Set

set (royal navy – m) | capelet (os) | pants (m)

Frank & Eileen’s capelet and matching sets are just so unique. I’ve searched for something similar, but in terms of quality of fabric and design, it’s just not out there. This is definitely a special matching set, and absolutely perfect for travel, too.

Frank & Eileen Malibu Travel Set

set (royal navy – m) | capelet (os) | pants (m)

Made from high-quality, triple-fleece fabric, the set is made in California with 100% cotton, has hand-cut hems and edges, and the capelet has a swingy shape that drapes and folds in a really nice, effortlessly chic way when you move.

Frank & EIleen Triple Fleece Matching Set

set (royal navy – m) | capelet (os) | pants (m)

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Next on the list to try…that striped short set (gah…so cute!) and Frank & Eileen’s new linen matching set too…yay for Frank & Eileen branching out into linen wide-legs!!! Anyone tried them already??


Thank you so much to Frank & Eileen for sponsoring this post. I am truly thrilled to have the opportunity to share some of my longtime favorites from your collection as well as try some exciting new pieces as well. I so appreciate your commitment to creating high-quality products in timeless styles and fabrics, and it has been absolutely lovely to work in partnership with you. 

Photo credits: Redfield Photography