Found! A Comfortable High Heel Boot!


No really — it’s like the Holy Grail, I know.  But I found it.  Quite accidentally, actually.  My parents were visiting and one day we ended up at the mall.  When my Mom and I shop, we usually hit Starbucks for coffee, then do the JCrew/Banana/Gap/Ann Taylor circuit, then break for Godiva…but since my Dad was with us, we went to the Clarks store.  You know Clarks — they make comfy dress shoes for old men.  My Dad wore Clarks to work almost every day before he retired.   Imagine my surprise when we entered the store…and saw scores of cute shoes for women!  Shoes…for…women…that were actually CUTE.  At Clarks.  But the one pair that made my heart beat fast….was the Somers

They are booties, actually.  Which means that NOT ONLY will they look cute with any great pair of jeans, but they will especially shine when worn with skinny jeans, or skirts.  The heel is a reasonable 2.5” chunky heel, they have enough detail to stand out, and they come in my very favorite color for shoes: Stone.  Seriously.  This beige-y color goes equally well with brown or black tones and just looks so sophisticated.  However, if you want to wear these as part of the skirt-black tights-bootie combo that is so big right now AND you have short legs, stick to the black.  I’d skip the brown altogether.   And they look and feel like you paid much more than the $130 listed on the price tag.  Thank you, Dad.

xo, S

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