Nerd Ummmm…what the heck, Target?  Who knew that lurking among the racks would be such cool tees?  For so cheap? 

While these picks all came from the boy's section (I checked the girls' section also…waaaay too many licensed characters and "princess" themed stuff for my taste), I would dress a little girl in any of these tees in a heartbeat.  For example, just add a cool plaid or pleated skirt with leggings to the nerd shirt, $6.99, pictured above.

Or try a tutu and tights with any of the other picks.  Insanely cool.

And moms of boys?  There is not a brightly colored dinosaur or truck in sight.  And no Paul Frank, either.  In fact, had these shirts come in bigger sizes, I would've purchased some for my husband.  

I'm loving these World Cup inspired tees.  My favorites are Germany (on sale for $4.88) or England ($6.99), but Target also has super cool tees for Brasil and Mexico as well.  

In addition to the nerd tee, I'm also loving the doctor tee.  And yes – it's also $6.99. Target also has a line of rock-n-roll inspired tees…but done in a cool, simple way, not a cartoony way.  I like the boombox tee, $14.99 above, but there is a pretty sweet headphone tee (not pictured, also $6.99) available as well. 


While I couldn't get my little guy into a long-sleeved shirt if his life depended on it…if I could, I'd snap up these last two items in a heartbeat!  This henley reminds me of something Splendid would make (for only $9.99) and the sweatshirt?  While I normally REFUSE to dress R in anything sports-related (unless it is game day and we are actually watching the game)…I would probably make an exception for this vintage-looking sweatshirt,$8. Although, I think this sweatshirt would be even more adorable on a girl.  Add black leggings, boots and a bow in her hair.  And maybe this black tutu.  OMG.

You might want to consider ordering online, instead of trying to find these items at your local Target – inventory doesn't seem to be very consistent store-to-store.  If you spend over $50, ships for free. 





  1. LOL! Of course. We own three out 3 out 7 of these (Italia instead of Germany, tho) and I’m torn about the doctor tee–I waaaaant it, but would I be imposing my aspirations on the little men??? Sigh.

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