Found: Cute Mid-Height Wedges – Lucky Brand Bree


Lucky Brand Bree Pre-babes, as a 5'4" (and 5/8ths!) chicky, 3-1/2"+ heels were a near-daily part of my wardrobe.  I loved the colors, the patterns, the bows, the peep toes, the purposeful clickity clack of my gait and (of course) how they made my legs look, but most of all, they made me feel like I was the height I was actually born to be. . .  But as a heavily pregnant soon-to-be mom, somewhere in the middle of an ice lake/parking lot in January, it occurred to me that my heel habit might in truth be a borderline form of child abuse.  What if I slipped and fell on my cute round belly?  What if I tripped whilst baby wearing?  Or was unable to dash after my toddler due to a footwear malfunction?  Thus began my slow acquiescence to flats and (gasp! so much worse!), mid-height footwear.  

While my true tastes run more in this direction. . . 

Cynthia Vincent Luella 
MICHAEL Michael Kors Carly 
Gap Design Editions Lace-Up Denim Wedge
Cynthia Vincent Luella ($400)
MICHAEL by Michael Kors Carly ($130)
GAP Lace-Up Denim Wedge ($98)

I now know that to pull these 4" and 5" platforms off, exclusive of girls night out and date night, I would need to be accompanied either by my husband or a nanny for the duration of any outing.  Not practical, no . . . especially considering we don't have much of a budget for "help."

Alas, I've hit gold in the mid-height heel department.  The Lucky Brand Bree Wedge ($89) is my new summer casual, appointments and running errands with the kiddos, go-to shoe.  It's an incredibly flattering and comfortable mid-height heel with a padded footbed, supple, non-chaffing leather and a grippy rubber sole.  With studded details and woven leather, the look is all together current and doesn't totally scream sensible mom shoe.  On first glance, I wanted more woven leather, but when I tried them on, I realized the lower cut is really flattering at this heel height and works to elongate the leg as much as a heel an inch higher would.  I picked these puppies up on sale at Macy's on Saturday and already I've worn them with a short dress, cuffed denim and rolled slim cut utility pants.  Love.  Them. 

Cynthia Vincent, I'll see you in a few years, when I'm not wearing any humans on my body and my kids start listening to direction (that will happen, right!?!?).

– M.