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I have a serious problem with most nursing lingerie.  Particularly since I've been wearing it for about 4-1/2 years.  And, aside from the beautiful options S. has made it her quest to find, this stuff is ugly, and not all that functional in a non-puritan's wardrobe of drapey, bosom-baring and otherwise skimpy in some way, tops. 

I mean, why do most nursing bras cover you to your collar bones?  Is a little jiggle not okay once you're a mama?  Is showing cleavage, even if it is lactation-induced, a no-no?  (BOOOO! from the Hub's peanut gallery.)  And why is it so difficult to find a nursing bra that can be worn with (gasp!) tanks and racerbacks?  I mean, these are–ahem–assets, purchased not with cash, but (literally) with blood, sweat and tears, so I think we mamas have earned a right to work it for all it's worth while we've got it, which is why I was THRILLED when I gift card power-shopped the Motherhood Maternity section of a Babies-R-Us a few weeks ago and found this cheapy little gem, which, for some crazy reason, is not even advertised as a convertible nursing bra. 

Up until now, I've been pulling down (and ruining–with multiple pulls, the edges start to bulge and create a distinct line under t-shirts and tanks) non-nursing Target t-back and racerback bras.  But with a nice, not-too-bulky, smooth, molded lining; demi cup; supportive, three-hook band; slim straps, and the ability to convert the bra to a racer back by hooking one strap to the other with a hook and o-ring setup (it does not convert to a strapless, but I was at a loss to explain the mechanics of it), the Motherhood Maternity Demi Underwire Nursing Bra – $22, has become my go-to nursing/t-shirt and tank bra as the weather warms up.  If you don't believe me, look very closely at the model shot from the back–on the left-hand strap, you can see a hook on the left-hand o-ring, which you can clip to the right-hand o-ring, creating the best (and only, actually) racerback nursing bra I've found. 

Check it out in the pic above–not a sign of bra line, even in a super-generously cut C&C California racerback.  Whilst watching a storm roll in and nursing the babe to boot.  Snap it up mamas, but be sure to try it on in-store or order multiple sizes to return–the bra is truly fabulous for summer, but sizing is wicked-wonky and runs small.


– M.





  1. Whoa. Sadly, this post seems ground-breaking, lol! Nice find, Mol! Getting myself to a Motherhood tomorrow. This solves many tank top problems for me…

  2. The other option is to buy the bra you like and convert it to a nursing bra. Buy nursing bra clasps online, a bit of elastic and about 30 min or less of sewing and any bra can be a nursing bra. Since I’m large busted and any decent nursing bra will cost $50 or more, I’ve decided to make my own for a fraction of the cost.

  3. No no no! I’ve had two of these bras and the outer fabric over the cups ends up shrinking and pulling the edge of the cup down creating a ledge at the top of the bra. Also, the under wire will begin working its way out by the third wear. I hate this bra.

  4. Really?  I've washed this at least 10 times and worn it twice as much and haven't had a problem. Do you put your stuff in the dryer?
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  5. Does anyone else think it is ridiculous that most nursing bras have super thin cup lining? I mean, your n*pples are bigger than they have ever been and most of the time we have to wear some sort of nursing pad to prevent leaks. Who wants these things popping out and showing lines under their bras?

  6. I have to second making regular bras into nursing bras, for us busty moms, it’s life changing, literally! Your boobs are actually supported.

  7. I always line dry my bras, but even so, this one gets really warped. What about using one of those “as seen on t.v.” strap clips?

  8. Hunh, Jesse. I haven't had that problem. I wouldn't have written it up if I had. I really like the bra especially under tees and tanks, both as a regular and racerback. 
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  9. I am from Bella Materna, but obviously a mom myself! We have a couple of racer back options. Under wire Anytime and our wire free Mesh plunge! But you are so right, nursing bras need to be flexible for our lifestyles! Trying my best with Bella Materna! Thanks, Anne (founder and mom of 2)

  10. Wait, wait!! I found something better! It’s from a brand that I found on ANMJ, actually. Remember that beautiful Blueberry nursing bra by Cake Lingerie you featured here: ? And that whole post you had about Cake Lingerie here: ? They make a multiway t-shirt bra! It comes in black, white, and nude; but they call them different kinds of “toffee”. I’m currently awaiting the arrival of mine (plus the blueberry and velvet delight plunge) from a couple distributes here in the states (had to order from more than one place because nobody carries them all). I’ll let you know how it goes. 

  11. Does your hospital have a latiacton clinic in it? Many latiacton consultants can measure you for a perfect fit and even sell you the bras. The only tip I have for you is to go for comfort, not looks. Your baby doesn’t care if you have a pretty bra or not and your husband should understand.References :

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