Four Ways To Wear Hiking Boots




One boot that has been steadily gaining momentum over the last few years as a major trend is…the hiking boot.  At first it was just a faux hiking boot.  A hiking-inspired boot, rather, often with a wedge heel – something a fashion-girl would wear to be more #authentic (haha), not something constructed for actual hiking.  But then…a funny thing happened – some of the really high end brands (think Prada, Dsquared2) started churning out boots that looked an awful lot like this one:  an old school leather hiking boot with contrast laces.

Um.  Heck YES.

So, when asked me to style up something from their (insanely large) inventory…I knew exactly what to do.  It’s, like, the universe, you guys, wanted me to style up hiking boots.  #liveauthentic #exploremore #adventure

Sidenote:  Did you hear that Socality Barbie shut down her Instagram account?  Such a bummer – talk about helping to keep things REAL.

All joking aside, hiking boots on the daily ROCK.  Especially in the winter.  They’re warm, waterproof, comfy….and frankly, with the modern tweaks to the styling that many companies are making….they’re surprisingly chic.



Here are a few ways I’m wearing hiking boots right now:

Obviously, Hiking

Story of my life lately:  Pax and I walking confidently in opposite directions.



Pax, my littlest, LOVES to hike.  Which is weird, since I can’t get him to walk more than a block in the city.  But out in The Wild?  He’s EVERYWHERE.

Our spot of wilderness was actually Blue Mountain Ski Resort.  As you can guess from the pics, the season hasn’t yet started.  But it was fun to follow Pax around as he, uh,  “navigated”.





hoodie | similar jacketleggingsboots c/o | sunglasses | similar bag


With Straight Leg Jeans, Cuffed

This is easily my favorite way to wear hiking boots:  Straight leg jeans, cuffed wide.  Add a cozy sweater and call it a day.






sweater (s) | jeans (size 26) | boots c/o


With Skinnies

This is a no-brainer, but I wanted to show that hiking boots can work with skinnies – the boots fit right over top.    Add a pair of coated denim, and you have a pretty spot-on uniform for rainy days.





shirt (1) | jeans (size 25) | boots c/o


With Tall Socks (SlopeSide Style)

I had high hopes that we’d be skiing by now….but, uh, San Frandelphia is NOT cooperating.  As I type this – ON DECEMBER 14 – it’s almost 70(!!) degrees.  We did head up to Blue Mountain for the opener of Raines’ ski team practice….but it was all equipment checks and hiking.  Still.  Someone is very excited.






And I’m loving these boots with comfy leggings and cozy, over-the-knee socks.


sweater |  leggings | socksboots c/o | sunglasses |

We hit up our fav, Blue Mountain’s Slopeside Pub & Grill.  Roaring fireplaces, gorgeous views, great beer and seriously good food.




I was hoping for some idyllic shots of my boys and I, sitting happily around the fire, sipping drinks.   A holiday tableau, if you will.  Instead, Pax turned into a wild animal and attacked his brother.  And since rolling around fighting is NOT what we call “restaurant behavior,” the only shot we got was this one:



#liveauthentic #adventure #GetTheEFFoffYourBROTHER

Yeah.  I swear it was easier when they were babies.



Shop Chic (Yet Practical) Hiking Boots

Here are a few of my favorite hiking (or hiking inspired) boots.  All are chic, yet wildly practical.



A huge thank-you to for sponsoring this post!  I love the sporty-yet-chic inventory, and I’m always thrilled by the opportunity to test out new (and practical) trends.  As always, all thoughts, opinions, product choices, and snickering at Socality Barbie is my own.  And readers, thank you for your support.  It doesn’t go un-noticed, and is so very appreciated.


  1. I LOVE the straight leg jean/cozy sweater combo with the boots. Looks so wintry and comfy.

    You know, I was JUST thinking to myself the other day how I used to believe things would get easier once the boys grew out of the baby stage, but nope. That hasn’t happened. Just more complicated. Ha!

  2. Love it. Living in the Rocky Mountain West means all of my style choices have an “outdoorsy” bent to them. This is right up my alley! which reminds me, what are your thoughts on Athleta? Personally I’m in love. I would love to see a collaboration.

  3. Bahahaha! Love that last bit about your boys wrestling! Makes me feel so much better to know that my two boys are normal. They’re 5 1/2 and 2 1/2 and there are times when I seriously feel more like a zookeeper than a mom…..WILD isn’t the half of it…..arghhh….. And I LOVE the over-the-knee comfy sock look! Have you ever gotten anything from Grace and Lace? They have some cute boot sock options as well and after seeing this post I might have to make a last-minute addition to my Christmas list. 😉

  4. This makes me homesick for places where outfits like this make sense! (Says the PNW girl living for 7 of the past 9 years in the Middle East!). Especially around the holidays. Been years since I went skiing last!!

  5. I echo the person above who said THESE are outfits I can see myself actually wearing. I love a lot of what’s on here, but it’s the super practical and yet stylish outfits that I really love to see. THANK YOU for this post!!!!

  6. These are great! What do you suggest for a petite person with gigantic feet? I love boots but they tend to accentuate how out of proportion my feet are to my body 🙂

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