Fourth of July Style


If there's ever a time to dress thematically, it's the Fourth of July, Mamas.  Christmas sweaters–and I know this from experience–can be a slippery slope: it starts out when you pick one up for an ironic ugly Christmas sweater party. 

As the season progresses, even when you don't have an ugly Christmas sweater party to attend, and overwhelmed with the spirit of the season, you may find yourself reaching for said ugly Christmas sweater.  Ironically.  Of course.  But when you venture out of your holiday bubble into the real world, you will notice people snickering at you–not quite behind your back. 

Not so for this Fourth of July wear.  With the Americana trend still pretty well in full swing, you'll be able to proudly, and patriotically, wear any of these pieces separately.


Fourth of July Style


Here's to fireworks, barbecues and the Fourth of July, Mamas–have a great holiday!

– M.


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