Flannel Shirts & The Prettiest Travel Set: Winter Favorites From Frank & Eileen


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I’ve been a longtime fan of women-owned-and-operated brand Frank & Eileen. Their brand ethos is admirable – not only are they a certified B-Corp, but their impact score ranks behind only Patagonia. To support new parents, they built a special two-story, life-size dollhouse for employees’ littles to play in, and are a breast-feeding friendly work environment. Their textiles (think: button-up shirts) come from the Albani mill in Italy, who is noted for both quality and 100% responsible practices. In fact, every shirt produced in Italy for Frank & Eileen can be traced to the exact field of origin, and meets OKEO-TEX Standard 100 for the absence of harmful chemicals.

shirt (s) | joggers (xs)

Am I gushing? I’m gushing.

But if you’re more of a sweatpants-and-sweatshirts kind of girl rather than a button-up girl (I’m both), their entire triple fleece line – the line containing the travel sets the TME editors are all losing their minds over – is made in California, using LA-based artisans. This is important for a number of reasons, one being the creation of jobs locally…while demanding B-Corp certified practices. Talk about using your power for good.

hoodie (xs)

And there’s something just so inspiring about a women-owned & operated company eschewing all VC funding and retaining 100% ownership, too. It’s the ultimate flex.

Winter Favorites From Frank & Eileen: Triple Fleece Travel Sets & Flannel Shirts

That said, the designs themselves are where Frank & Eileen really shine. Their button-up shirts are basically cult classics at this point (it’s the button placement for me), but the triple fleece line – aka the most chic sweatpants you ever did see – are the current darling of TME. Let’s get into it.

Frank & Eileen Triple Fleece: The Chicest Matching Sweatpants & Sweatshirt

Venice travel set in ‘ice’ (xs)

At this point, I now own several Frank & Eileen Triple Fleece pieces: the wide-leg sweatpants, the shorts, the caplet aaaand now the hoodie & joggers. These pieces are some of my favorites ever purchased, and I can’t recommend them highly enough. While the darker colors are still my top pick for actual travel sets (it’s the coffee-on-the-plane scenario that gives me pause on the light stuff), this Venice set in ‘ice’ is something pretty darn special.

Venice travel set in ‘ice’ (xs)

It’s cozy, has fabulous drape, and is just…so…pretty. That swingy shape of the hoodie gets me every time.

Venice travel set in ‘ice’ (xs)

Most of the Frank & Eileen travel sets run a bit big. I’m typically a size small in most brands (27 or 28 in jeans), but I do prefer an XS in Frank & Eileen triple fleece sets. That said, the joggers are the one piece in the collection that fit allllmost true-to-size. So while I definitely recommended sizing down in the wide-leg sweatpants, only size down in the joggers if you want a bit of a slimmer fit.

Venice travel set in ‘ice’ (xs)

The Best Flannel Shirt I’ve Ever Worn

shirt in ‘blue & pink plaid’ (s) | joggers (xs)

Ok. Ok. Ok and how do I describe how freaking soft this shirt actually is??? And yet…it’s so bizarrely thin and drapey, but in a really luxurious kind of way.

shirt in ‘blue & pink plaid’ (s) | joggers (xs)

It’s made from (what must be) the world’s softest cotton & tencel blend, I cannot say enough good things about this shirt. The style is their “Eileen” style – my longtime favorite (I have one in linen, too). The cut of this shirt is a little more relaxed (it almost always has a slightly oversized, borrowed-from-the-boys look, even though it fits perfectly), and looks good both untucked or tucked.

shirt in ‘blue & pink plaid’ (s) | jeans (28)

Like all Frank & Eileen button-ups, the button placement is PERFECT.

shirt in ‘blue & pink plaid’ (s) | jeans (28)

You Want An Oversized Flannel? Here’s How It’s Done.

shirt in ‘pink’ (XXS) | jeans (28)

Also, don’t overlook Frank & Eileen’s Oversized Button-Up. It’s made from 100% polar cozy cotton flannel, and is…delicious. This flannel feels almost brushed, and while it’s thicker than the plaid shirt above, it’s still thin and luxurious and drapey, with the coziest feel against my skin.

shirt in ‘pink’ (XXS) | jeans (28)

Once again, Frank & Eileen gets the fit exactly freaking right. While the body is generous (oversized, duh), the sleeves actually fit.

shirt in ‘pink’ (XXS) | jeans (28)

That fact, coupled with their epic button placement, results in one of best designed oversized shirts I’ve ever tried.

And there it is – my winter favorites from Frank & Eileen. We’re becoming something of Frank & Eileen experts over here, so if you have any questions – at least about the triple fleece stuff – let me know. It’s kiiiinda my thing.

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A huge thank-you to Frank & Eileen for sponsoring this article. I’m a longtime fan, and especially love how these pieces have stood the test of time. Per usual, all thoughts, opinions, and product choices are my own. And readers, thank you for you continued support. It doesn’t go unnoticed, and is so very much appreciated!

photo credits: Savannah Brown Photography (SO nice working with you!!)

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