What’s The Deal With Frank & Eileen Travel Sets?


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I’ve never received a package like the one my Frank & Eileen travel sets came in. It included a lovely thank you letter for my purchase, two tea bags for brewing, and a small newspaper that went into detail about everything from how the company started (women-founded, women-led) to how they found the high-quality Italian fabrics used in their pieces (from a family-run mill in Northern Italy), to their commitment to slow fashion and sustainability.

frank & eileen travel set, triple fleece matching set

Who is Frank & Eileen?

“We believe in slow fashion – we start with the world’s finest raw materials found in nature – ethical, beautiful and sustainable since day one.” –Audrey McLoghlin, Frank & Eileen’s founder and CEO.

Frank & Eileen is a certified B Corps company–which means they meet high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. So when you invest in their pieces, your money is going much further than just the pieces you’re adding to your closet. It also goes to supporting fully-traceable, sustainable and ethical practices and female entrepreneurship. They’ve pledged to give $10 million over ten years to increase the number of young women entrepreneurs, and are a certified woman-owned company with a leadership team that is 100% female. (They’ve even built a life-size dollhouse in their headquarters for new mothers to breastfeed, pump, or spend time with their babies, to help support new mothers.)

frank & eileen travel set, triple fleece matching set

But that’s not to say the clothes themselves aren’t in and of themselves amazing.

What Is Frank & Eileen’s Triple Fleece?

All Frank & Eileen Travel Sets are made from their much-beloved Triple Fleece fabric, the “crown jewel” of Frank & Eileen’s knit collection. This stuff is basically sweatshirt material, but is incredibly high-end. The entire TME team agrees that there’s something really special about the stuff – it holds its shape (never bags or sags), washes & dries like a champ, and drapes really, really well. Yet it’s not super thin – it feels high-quality and very, very durable.

frank & eileen travel set, triple fleece matching set

No wonder – the fabric is locally made (in sunny California) from a lightly combed, three yarn knit. The result is a really practical & luxurious knit.

Are Frank & Eileen’s Triple Fleece Travel Sets Worth It?

The Mom Edit team has been raving about Frank & Eileen’s Travel Sets for awhile now, so I thought it was time to see what all the hype was about. This is one of the very few pieces of clothing that everyone who has tried it agrees: it’s the best. My sister has worn her travel sets on overnight flights for years now, Laura loves hers, and even picky Linzi now owns several(!!) Frank & Eileen travel sets.

I was initially overwhelmed by the sheer number of options to choose from (again, sooo many sets!) until I broke it all down and found out that I was making it waaaaay more complicated than I needed to.

Frank & Eileen Travel Sets: The Bottoms

There are two main bottoms in the travel sets (in addition to a pair of shorts) and Shana recently did a video on comparing the two if you want an in-detail comparison.

The Eamon Joggers are designed with a mid-rise, slightly slouchy fit with tapered cropped ankles. I was thrilled with the length as most joggers are too long for me…these were perfect. I also loved the patch pockets.

frank and eileen joggers

Eamon Joggers (s)

The Catherine Favorite Sweatpants are made from the same triple-fleece, 100% cotton material as the joggers, but in a wide-leg cropped version with a drawstring waistband. (They have no pockets, so if that’s a deal-breaker for you, stick to the joggers.) And, like the joggers, the cropped length was perfect for me without having to hem.

frank and eileen wide leg sweatpants

Catherine Favorite Sweatpant (s)

Frank & Eileen Travel Sets: The Tops

There are seven tops to choose from – and don’t let the word “capelet” throw you. It’s basically a sweatshirt that drapes really well and is a little swingy – decidedly not banded at the bottom. Not only are these tops really chic, but they’re also be nursing-friendly, as well. (That was actually one of the first things I thought about when I tried them on…they’d be perfect over a nursing tank, especially for travel.) One of the tops is actually a jacket, made in that same amazing triple-fleece fabric (so it’ll feel more like a cardigan-sweatshirt).

  1. Audrey Capelet (short sleeves with a small funnel neck)
  2. Olive Capelet (short sleeves with a wider neck)*
  3. Effie Capelet (long sleeves with a funnel neck)
  4. Anna Capelet (long sleeves and wider neck)*
  5. Kane Capelet Hoodie (long sleeves with hood)
  6. Patrick Henley (long sleeves with polo collar)
  7. Belfast English Peacoat (a sweatshirt-jacket, in a double-breasted style)

*my two favorites

Which Travel Set is My Fav?

I ordered four pieces: the Eamon Joggers, the Catherine Favorite Sweatpant, the Anna Capelet and the Olive Capelet, all in black (but there’s a lot of other colors to choose from). And while I did like every piece (these pieces are no-brainers, they’re seriously so good), my favorites were….

1. My Top Pick: The Sydney Set (Anna Capelet + Eamon Joggers)

Sydney Set (s) : Anna Capelet & Eamon Joggers

I like this set best because I’m often flying out of chilly Marquette, MI, so it fits my travel style best. In fact, I’m never not cold when I’m on a flight, so long sleeves just make the most sense for me. (I like the shape of the narrower sleeves on the end with the swinginess of the capelet.) The joggers and sweats were pretty close as far as which I liked best, but ultimately the pockets won out for me. (Shana says the joggers work amazing with snow boots, too…so they’re ideal for winter travel!)

2. Runner Up: Tokyo Set (Anna Capelet & Catherine Favorite Sweatpant)

Tokyo Set (s): Anna Capelet & Catherine Favorite Sweatpant

The exact same top with the wide leg sweatpants. The sweats are actually a little bit more versatile than the joggers in that they can be dressed up a little easier and look a little more put together. (Laura even paired hers with moto boots and they looked fantastic together.)

3. Best for Warm Weather Travel: Greece Set (Olive Capelet & Catherine Favorite Sweatpant)

Greece Set (s): Olive Capelet (os) & Catherine Favorite Sweatpant (s)

This is Shana’s favorite plane set. This is such a chic set that feels like pjs without looking like it. Add some fabulous shades and you’re good to go.

4. Best for Daily Wear: Montauk Set (Audrey Capelet & Eamon Joggers)

Montauk Set: Audrey Capelet (os) & Eamon Joggers (s)

If you need a set to run errands in, to transport the kids in, meet friends for lunch, etc., the Montauk set is ideal. This would be a great postpartum outfit as well…a nursing-friendly top with a comfy mid-rise (c-section-friendly) jogger that washes and dries without losing its shape!


I’d be remiss if I didn’t add this shirt into the mix. Emily had me at “best button up I’ve ever worn” and she wasn’t kidding. It’s such an effortless option that can be worn with everything from the triple fleece bottoms of the travel sets to denim shorts to jeans and trousers.

Barry small, famous denim

The collar and sleeves just kind of stay in place without any fuss and the famous denim fabric itself is soft but not too thin, substantial but not wrinkly. It just works SO well. (The one thing I had trouble with was buttoning from the opposite side I was used to!)

Barry (s) | Eamon Joggers (s)

I’m wearing a small here, by typical size…and I want to point out that the fabric, while soft, isn’t stretchy! If you have a larger lower half like me, don’t size down. I now want to get this exact same shirt in the distressed vintage wash but in a size up for a bit of an oversized fit–and it’s currently 40% off!

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