Frankford Hall – Is This Philly’s Best Santa? (Hint: There’s beer)




Every weekend day in December from 12-3PM, Frankford Hall morphs from a Philly beer hall to rocking kid-friendly party, complete with Santa, free food for the kids, and live music.  Since any kid party that includes beer is one Mike is willing to attend, off we went.

Of course, Pax was terrified.





I don’t know why I even bother pushing the whole take-a-picture-with-Santa thing. Pax isn’t into it, and Raines is convinced that last week’s Santa was the REAL one so this Santa was just a helper and hardly worth talking to…..but hey.  So I was negotiating and cajoling and ended up here, which serves me right, I suppose.



You want me on his lap, Mum?  YOU DO IT.   Sigh.

But once we got the Santa stuff out of the way, it was time to eat and play.  Frankford Hall (even on non-Santa weekends) is one of our favorite places to go: ping pong, drinking-game Jenga (or as Pax simply calls it, “BWOCKS”), and outdoor firepits.  I mean seriously.















It’s socrazyfun.

When the weekend hits, I’m always looking for something beyond playground garb.  Cute flats are my go-to in the summer months, but the winter….??  Well.  I’m kinda loving flats with socks right now.  I know boot weather will hit soon enough, so I’m reeeeaaaally enjoying my flats.






cardigan: old….this shawl-collar cardigan by Frenchi is similar

flannel: Hurley flannel shirt (mine is last season’s version)

jeans: old Rag and Bone…but if I were looking for a new pair, I’d pick these.

hat: Sole Society Chunky Beanie with Pom c/0

flats: Sole Society Natalee flat c/o

socks: Free People

necklaces: Sole Society Delicate Geo Necklace c/o


Sole Society, one of my very favorite sources for trendy footwear is having a HUGE sale on both flats and hats – flats are currently 40% off, hats (& scarves) are 30% off.  Sole Society is always affordable, but with this cah-razy sale, we’re talking plaid flats for 30-something bucks.  SERIOUSLY.  In addition, Sole Society has a few of those gorgeously drapey oversized scarves that are such an outfit maker….for $24.  (And of course, in addition to the adorbs knit beanie I’m wearing, there’s a few….uh, fancy-girl hats that I may actually try since they’re on sale for $30.)  Ok!  ENOUGH TALKING, S.  Pictures….

(remember, you can’t trust the price on mouse-over….you’ll have to click through to see the sale price)






A huge thank-you to Sole Society for sponsoring this post.  As always, all product choices, opinions, and thoughts are my own (and frankly, right now I’m wondering why I didn’t choose plaid flats?  The navy are adorable but PLAID FLATS PEOPLE WHAT HAPPENED TO MY BRAIN)….and I so appreciate you supporting the retailers who help support The Mom Edit.

And to make up for my (bizarre) plaid-flat pass-over….here’s a little roundup:  (Ignore the pictures shown, all flats below really do come in plaid.)


I’m soooooo ready for vacation.  🙂


  1. Love the shoes and sale prices but everything is final sale… for shoes that I can’t try on? No way. I’d have to guess my size based on reviews, since their sizing isn’t super consistent between styles.

  2. Obviously you need to move to Seattle so you can tell me All the fun things I should do with my kids! I would happily buy you a beer (we’ve got plenty of that!).

  3. I need to stop reading your blog. Thanks to you I’ve purchased in the past 2 weeks: Glitter clutch, Gold Glitter boots, Glitter Mary Janes. And Now i am eyeing plaid flats. I thought I was the only one doing the flats & socks thing, its so much more comfy than boots! Also we are going to Frankford Hall this Sunday barring rain (more for beer and food, our Santa experiences are similar to yours), thanks for the review!

  4. The socks are a great ideat, they match the scarf too. As a guy I can appreciate, they work great in winter imho, with all kind of light and open shoes as long as they are close toed. Not only it makes no sense to go bare feet in the cold winter, I think, the socks can be a very creative piece to match, when you don’t want to wear boots or heavy shoes in cold months.

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