Free People Firecracker Flare Jeans (Would You Wear Them?)


Ohhhhh boy, gang. This post today is a treat. And a trip, honestly. When I posted just the idea of purchasing these We The Free Firecracker Flare Jeans on social media a few weeks ago, people had…opinions. To be fair, most of them were kind, or at least kindly optimistic. “If you like them, that’s all the matters!” “Worth a try!”

Free People Firecracker Flare Jeans, white tee, spring outfit

jeans (sized up one, 26) | tee (slightly longer length, wearing a S) | bag (new colors!)

But there were some skeptics, to be sure. And since nothing forces the “proceed to checkout” button quite like an impassioned skeptic, I am now the proud owner of a pair of jeans with contrasting denim stars boldly plastered on the ass.

I have, it seems, arrived.

But, um, here’s the thing.

jeans (sized up one, 26) | tee (slightly longer length, wearing a S) | bag (new colors!)

I genuinely…like…them.
Ahem. A lot.

Much to the chagrin of my husband — who was, it should be disclosed, the initial skeptic — I’ve already worn these jeans a handful of times since getting them a couple of weeks ago, and they’re far more wearable in the real world than you might think.

I bought them hoping they’d have subtly western 70’s vibes — but fully prepared for the possibility that they could just as well end up being more early 00’s pop star — and, thank heavens, they’re so much more the former.

Vintage cool, with a not-too-high rise and a saturated indigo wash that’s exactly as classic as I was hoping. I wore them to pick up lunch with my friend, Carolyn, right after we did this shoot, and two older ladies even confirmed that they “would have worn that whole outfit in the 70’s and would still wear it today.”

I mean, peak compliment.

jeans (sized up one, 26) | jacket (S) | very similar boots | bag (new colors!) | sunglasses

How I’m Wearing These We The Free Firecracker Flare Embellished Jeans

The key to styling these jeans — at least for me to pull them off with some sense of…effortlessness — is, first and foremost, getting the right fit. I sized up one to ensure these were plenty fitted but not skintight. I wanted a little looseness and slouch in the leg to keep the overall vibe nice n’ easy.

The second trick? Keep the rest of the outfit really simple. Classic, casual, neutral.

Or not. Ha. If the Firecracker Flares aren’t dopamine enough for you, you could put brighter colors, louder prints and graphics up top, too. I’d just opt to keep the shapes and proportions from veering too…snug. A not-too-fitted graphic tee. A boxy quilted jacket. A fun, sunny grandma cardigan.

(Something with pockets, preferably, since these jeans are good for absolutely nothing in that department.)

jeans (sized up one, 26) | tee (slightly longer length, wearing a S) | very similar boots |bag (new colors!)

And boots seem to be the unfussiest option where shoes are concerned. Something comfortable and slightly rugged, like these engineer boots I’ve had for 6 or 7 years now (these are extremely similar, or you can search for Frye Natalie Engineer, pre-owned). And somehow, high-top Converse always feel right.

A semi-tucked, belted situation seems ideal if you’re looking to show off the rear, but I have to point out that the elongating seams and the tiny welt pockets on the front are worthy of showcasing, too.

jeans (sized up one, 26) | tee (slightly longer length, wearing a S) | very similar boots |bag (new colors!) | sunglasses

Anyway, love ’em or hate ’em, this pair of jeans is one of the most joy inducing purchases I’ve made in a while, so thank you, skeptics. A little victory that I will absolutely take.

Now the real question: would you wear them? 😉


p.s. For what it’s worth, Chris is still not into the jeans but was stoked on my confidence wearing them. Bless him.

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Photos by Carolyn Stockman. Thanks, friend!


  1. I ABSO-FREAKING-LUTELY would wear these jeans! I’m obsessed with 70’s and 80’s western and these hit all the right notes for me! Love the way you styled them as well. Although, honestly, what could possibly look bad with a white v-neck tee, Frye boots, and that bracelet you always wear? You’ve inspired me!

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