The Combo You’ve Gotta Try (Makes You Look Like a Bad Girl….But It’s Even Nursing Friendly)




I’ve double-checked six times:  it is a harness.  I was hoping it would be called something less…horsey, but nope, I am wearing a “harness vest”.  Giddyup.  But I’m loving what it does to a simple tee or basic sweater.









top: Bradamant The Coquette bodysuit c/o (wearing size S for reference)

jeans: Level 99 Petite Wide-Legs (sold out at Anthro)….but the new Level 99 Wide Legs in Chambray are fabulous.

harness: Free People Bravestar Harness Vest (“vest” snort) – check it out online – there are a ton of pictures showing it worn open, over something flowy, making it a seriously cool accessory for nursing/post-partum mamas

beanie: Ulla Johnson (sold out)…but if you’re just looking for a basic wool beanie, Everlane just restocked theirs.

watch: Mike’s old Tissot watch that I wear everyday

boots: My lug-soled Marc Jacobs booties but I just saw these badass moto clogs (no really) at Pixie Market and fell out of my chair.  Also, Free People has a whole clog section that’s pretty. darn. great.   But I’m supposed to be talking about lug soles (they are a perfect heel for the end of winter) so…yeah.  I like these lug-soled Steve Madden combat boots.

Can you tell I have shoes on the brain?  I’ve been updating The Mom Edit’s Footwear Shop and HOLY MOLY THE FLATS YOU GUYS.  I can’t flipping wait for Spring.





  1. Seriously? I used to love your blog but this is one of the reasons I dont anymore. Do you really think a “harness” is going to appeal to your demographic of moms? Stop trying to be edgy just for the sake it. You are really alienating your readers with posts like this. Stop trying to be a mom friendly blog when you are not. Really? A harness?

    • Interesting comment. I’m a mom of two and I’m 38, and I’m always wanting to make my wardrobe a little edgier. My “momiform” is a shortish form-fitting skirt, tights or pattern leggings, a cute top or a concert t-shirt, and an open tight-ish cardigan. Boots, converse, or sandals depending on the weather. I have below-the-boob length hair with chunky bangs, tattoos, and I wear red lipstick.

      Oh yeah, and I’m also an awesome mom, deeply involved at my kids’ school, and I’m graduate-educated and own my own business. I think maybe you should realize that not all moms fall into your preconceptions of what a mom should look like ;).

    • Wow is right. This post (and harness look) appealed to me, but I’m sure that Judgy-Mc-Initial-Poster, above, would have some harsh words about my style, too. Meh. Roll with it, Shana – love your style and your blog!

  2. Where are all the comments??!!! I love this harness. Huge. Fan. I have two. They are perfect for adding a little something to a look. I do have to admit the ones without the belt across the bottom are a bit easier to pull off. It took the hubby a little bit to get it, he kept thinking I had on a back pack but he eventually got it and when he did…whoa nelly. I often wear it with a high low tshirt dress and boots and it makes me feel like a card carrying bad… but this look, clean and polished with just a little edge is a little easier to digest and has far more mass appeal. I would’ve never thought to pair it with flares- im one statement at a time kinda gal but im trying it today. Super fun. Great pick. Giddy up.

  3. Wow. Just saw the above comment. Harsh. I love the harness and love the fact that you PRESENT new ways to wear things. I love the above outfit with the harness BUT I also took a look at the bodysuit you paired with flairs as a potential add-on to my wardrobe to be worn without the harness. Ditto to the lugsole boots. Its a take what you want kinda thing. I dont have any visble tattoos, no dyed hair or piercings besides the ears just a “regular mom” but this blog appeals to me (though I must admit the former name ….ain’t no mom jeans spoke to the style more clearly) because im actually seeking styling tips beyond what I might think of on my own. Not every post is for me but I look at the pieces presented and see how I would wear it to match MY style. This is the book of fashion must dos. Its an idea blog. U like it, do it. U dont, shake ur head say not for me. I wanted OTK boots forever but couldn’t figure out how to wear them sans pretty woman look S nailed it. I bought em and have worn them all winter. Thats the idea, ideas.

  4. I love the Harness!!! I think it’s super-sexy and as a 39 year old mother of six I’ll walk around town wearing a bridal with it if I want to!

  5. The post above is quite mean, but I do think we should be able to say if we don’t like something. This can be done without being nasty. I don’t think I will be wearing a harness anytime soon, and I will be surprised if it becomes a lasting trend, but I appreciate the effort. I think the harness would look pretty good if it were just turned into suspenders. The belt across the front makes it look like backpack support to me. I do like the way the back looks, but I guess I want it to connect to the pants and at least pretend to serve a function. Maybe on a dress or an untucked shirt this would all make more sense. I might belt a dress or a large shirt or sweater, but I never put a belt (other than through the belt loops) on a shirt that is tucked in. I think that is what isn’t working for me, the mid chest belt. Thanks for trying something new, though, and the “vest” seems perfectly mom friendly.

  6. This is the sort of thing you have to wear boldly and nonchalantly – unless you do, it won’t have longevity. A bit less “horse” in the back part, and more “NYPD” for me, please. Or brushed silver… yeah.

  7. the comments today (or lack thereof) speak to the evocative nature of this look! whether you like it or not, it evokes a feeling. cool! it’s a super basic look with an element of unexpected edge that is a nod to S&M. Gee….i wonder why 50 Shades is a bestselling book and blockbuster movie??! Shana, you don’t need me to defend you here in my comment because you do your own thang and that is why most of us are all here commenting on your blog and not writing our own.

  8. Shana, if this causes you to alienate some readers that don’t have a sense of adventure (or humor) about trying new things in fashion, then so be it. There are plenty of us left who are enjoying your forays into trying something just a little bit different. There are countless fashion blogs and sites that take themselves way too seriously and we forget that getting dressed can be about having fun. I have been loving some of your new ideas — even the ones I know wouldn’t work on me, or that I personally wouldn’t try — because for each no, there are several yeses!

    I won’t buy a harness belt but I sure as hell rock a shoulder rig sometimes at work for this exact reason — it looks damn bad ass!

  9. If someone is interested in this fashion accessory, then this is a good post. I thought the point of blogs was to expose readers ideas and different way of looking at things (be it food, beauty, parenting, fashion, etc). To this end, while it’s not my interest after reading this post, I found it interesting. No need to lump all moms/women into one category.

    The only thing I think looks ridiculous are ill fitting clothes and high heels when your kids are toddler or younger or you’re pregnant. (High heels fine when kids are older and no longer carrying them or chasing after then! My kids are finally past toddler stage…!) Anything and everything else is cool though! Experimentation is good 🙂

  10. Wow. Judge much? I am a 45-year-old mom of three and would rock the sh!t outta that harness. Do I love everything that is posted on any given blog? Hell no, but guess what? I just keep on scrolling if I don’t. I get that we don’t all appreciate the same things – how boring if that were the case – but there is no reason to be rude about it. Shana – do your thing girl – it’s all good.

  11. I am also not a fan of the harness but I still love that you put it out there for us! I have bought several things after seeing them on the blog and am sure there will be more posts that appeal to my style. Keep up the good work!

  12. I understand the sentiment of Wow’s comment. While Shana can be anything she wants to be and I’m not sure she’s “trying” to be anything since I’m not privy to her motivations, I haven’t been able to relate to The Mom Edit at all. I miss ANMJ. Maybe I’m at a different stage since my children are younger but I’m happy to find a clean pair of pants and I want more posts about fabrics that don’t get ruined by breast milk and patterns that hide stains and clothes that don’t cost 500-1200 dollars and have to be dry cleaned. I’m a professional, I work full time, I make enough money to buy clothes like those that have been featured here recently and I STILL won’t buy clothes that expensive, cost per wear be damned. You don’t get to cost of wear when there are sticky fingers and spit ups and leakage.

    It’s just not that relate-able anymore and I feel that the changes happened around the time of more monetizing. And good on her, that she can turn her passions into a business and be successful. but I can’t relate to the outfits, the recommendations etc. anymore and before you guys jump on me and tell me that I can feel free to not read this blog…that’s exactly what I’m going to do. Stop reading. Unsubscribe from the email list. I’m commenting because I think Shana deserves to know why she might be losing readers and it sort of feels like the end of a relationship (albeit not a real one). It’s been a good three + years.

    • I think you’re right about the stage of life aspect. I recently discovered onelittlemomma and CampPatton and find them more relatable, but maybe that’s because I have an almost two-yr-old (and hopefully more on the way). That’s, of course, only natural and one reason I was really enjoying Scotti’s fashion posts. And while those blogs seem more “affordable” in their fashion (i.e. When was the last time I even stepped into a nordstroms…), this blog has started to feel more high-end and also more focused on up-to-the-moment fashion, always the newest thing, always featuring new purchases (or gifts), showcasing multiple versions of the same thing (rather than making the one version work–e.g. one pair of short black boots, not three or more). So while that makes sense, and is one reason why it’s interesting (no one would want to see a fashion blog by me and my once annual shopping trip to Old Navy and Ross!!), it also makes it less relevant and attainable for someone like me. For some reason the earlier ANMJ posts resonated a bit more with me. So maybe it’s stage of life, maybe it’s budget, maybe it felt less professional and fashionista, maybe it’s simply a matter of posting volume that makes it seem more than it was, or maybe it’s something else? But I still do appreciate most of the content even if it’s way out of my financial league (jeans under $200? $100? …how ’bout under $30, folks?! ;). And as mentioned, I was really enjoying Scotti’s new mama fashion considerations. More of those, please! 🙂

      • That, and we’re all probably just a little jealous of how often you mention date-night style… ;). Is anyone actually needing such regular and varied date-night style?!? ;). But again, life-stage…

    • Very well said! I agree.

      This used to be a great blog…until it became commercialized. Yes, sure, moms can rock trends and harnesses and $1500 leathers (just like anyone else). But this is now just a fashion blog not specific to moms.

      Sorry to see the end of an era.

    • I completely relate to this comment. So much of what I’ve seen here recently aren’t styles or price points I can relate to at all or come from retailers I’ve never heard of and only have access to online. It’s not like I shop exclusively at Target and Kohls (not that there’s anything wrong with that) but so many of the items posted here are WAY outside of my budget. I just did a quick browse of the last few posts and while there were a few items a little more in my price range ($56 Banana Republic shirt, boots under $150) there were quite a few things I can’t imagine anyone I know being able to afford. Things like $160 cashmere sweaters, $200 jeans, and $88 t-shirt, and even the $300 boots from last week. To me that stuff is ridiculously expensive both for my budget and my life. My kids are old enough to be in school the entire day but I still can’t imagine putting on a cashmere sweater to clean the bathroom and make dinner.

      I understand what you’re trying to do with this blog. I love and embrace the idea of challenging what typical “Mom” clothing should be. As well as the idea that dressing well DOES make a difference in a woman’s life. Even if I can’t imagine wearing some of the stuff you showcase for date nights I enjoy the eye candy of it. Your sense of style and playing with clothing, while not the same as mine, can be inspiring at times. But the items for every day wear just don’t do it for me any more because I feel like the blog is becoming more and more elitist. It makes me a little sad, honestly.

  13. First of all, thank you all SO MUCH for the kind words of support. Mean-spirited comments are always so tough to read, and since there’s something about blogging that is so…vulnerable, I appreciate you guys not letting me fall (regardless of your thoughts on the harness, LOL!).

    But ANDY. Chick, your comment broke my heart!! You’ve been reading for three+ years and can’t relate to anything I post anymore? What the heck? Just when I thought I was hitting my stride of badass momfriendliness. So help me understand – I looked back over the last two weeks of articles and it’s mostly jeans & tees with some sweatpants thrown in. I mean yeah – we try to fancy them up a bit, that’s kinda the point of this blog. And with the exception of a leather jacket (and my obsession with the over-the-knee Weitzman boots which I still haven’t actually purchased), we rarely post about items in the $500-$1000 range. Even the outfit I’m wearing in this post is completely machine washable with a price point of $100, soooo….??

    Andy, tell me you hate my style. Tell me that my writing bugs you – I’d be totally OK with either of those (we all like different things, right?). But tell me my clothes aren’t machine washable?? OH HELL NO. It’s ON.

    (I’m obviously joking.)

    But on a lighter note, I am playing around with a new series about what I wear to pick up my kids from school. I keep thinking “nobody cares, S”, and that may prove to be true, but it’s intended to be fun and light and easy, and show both the good and the ugly. Is this kind of thing more your speed?

    • Shana, I love you as a person, which is why I keep reading, but I have to agree with Andy that the blog has become less relatable since it turned into The Mom Edit. I started reading about 2 years ago when I was struggling to dress my postpartum self after the birth of my second child. You helped me learn how to work with my less-than-ideal body shape and find things that I could feel good about myself in. The posts you have had over the past months haven’t had that same impact. I loved your posts on clothes for nursing, camouflaging the pooch, etc. I see less of that now and more of edgier and/or expensive clothes that I can’t really use. This harness is one thing that I would never ever wear. In my circle, I would feel totally ridiculous wearing it. You feature a lot of Free People stuff and while I love their look, it is all way out of my price range. I’d love to see a greater range of options at different price points and maybe some more “mainstream” style posts that are more likely to appeal to young moms like me. You and I have always had a different sense of style and I don’t expect you to give up on your own style. I just can’t relate to it though. I think the main distinction is that your blog used to be more about how we as moms could dress and it has since become more about how you personally like to dress. It’s a great showcase for your own style now but not necessarily something that we all can or would want to copy.

    • I’m a little late to comment here, which is a good indicator of how often I look at your blog anymore. Like the poster above, I have been reading for three years too. I loved ANMJ so much, could not wait to see your post every day, even though your style has always been a lot more hip and trendy than mine, and I am no where near as petite as you so couldn’t pull off many of your looks. But I always found little inspirations that made your blog such a pleasure to read, and stretched me just enough out of my comfort zone. Now, I only glance at your blog occasionally, and when I do, I really find little to nothing that I can relate to, much less like. I’m even way out of the diapers and spit up stage so I feel like I can invest more in nicer clothing but I don’t look to your suggestions for my inspiration anymore. I really miss the “shop your closet” feature, because I have nice clothes in my closet now along with my ‘play’ clothes, I just want a new perspective on things I already own with an occasional dash of something totally new. I also miss your Mom on the Street features–they may not have been models or high fashion/edgy styles but again, they stretched my own fashion by showing me how just a simple tweak to what I was already wearing could make my own look fresher. I also miss the modest and natural side of you…while you may still be the same person inside, it does seem that your image and goals have changed to a point where I no longer identify with you. I don’t mean that in a harsh way, of course I don’t know you personally so I have no idea if that is the reality, but it is my perception based on what I see. I am not a fan of all the “fashion pose” photography, there are way too many photos like that now and frankly, they turn me off from reading more often. I also despise all the promotional links and sponsored posts. Of course I don’t begrudge you a chance to make money off the blog, but as is the case with many bloggers who try to make a living blogging, your unique and special voice has been lost among all the promotions. I fear that I will stop reading entirely–I am close at this point already. And I say “fear” because I did love ANMJ so very much and miss it but this new blog content is just not a good fit for me. And it is hard to let go of things that you loved, but just like in a real life relationship, sometimes there really is just no other choice but to move on. I hope you don’t file my comments under “hater” because I feel like I’ve been a very long-time fan but as it seems you genuinely don’t see why some readers are disenchanted, I thought I might chime in with what is only my own sincere opinion. I wish you the best of luck regardless of whether I continue to follow your blog or not. You clearly have many gifts.

  14. Hi, I’m a new mom, and I found this blog when I was trying to find things to help me adjust to my new “mom” mindset and identity. I love the voice and enjoy the fashion on here. But I have to agree that it’s not really relatable to me either, but mostly because I’m fat. I was fat before I had my baby, and now I’m still fat. I’m an apple-shape with big boobs, and this harness would be laughable on me, as would most of the clothes you post. Sometimes you post flowy things and say they are good for hiding a pooch, but (a) you clearly have no pooch and (b) when you are actually fat (as opposed to skinny with a tiny postpartum pooch), especially if you are apple-shaped, flowy things just make you look fatter and/or pregnant. I mean, that’s Ok – not everything has to be for me, and I enjoy the blog anyway – but if your goal is to be relatable to all kinds of moms, this is something you might want to think about.

  15. Shana, first of all kudos to you for turning a hobby into a real business venture- while beating cancer! I’ve been addicted to your site for many years now. Has it changed? Yes, but everything in life changes. It’s all good. You are so much edgier than I am and I could never pull off or afford your wardrobe, but it’s terrific inspiration! And I have to say what inspires me the most are your parenting posts. From books, to toys to philosophies… You’ve inspired me to be a more well-rounded parent and to expose my kids to the arts. Being in the Philly burbs myself I appreciate your insight on different museums and parks. Keep at it girlfriend. I mean seriously…. You tackled cancer…. A few critiques from readers is small beans. Xx

  16. OMG Shana! I never read blogs and I read THIS one because of your style and writing. I CAN’T stand the too common idea that “moms” have to shed all other identities and be only that ALL THE TIME FOREVER AND EVER. Yes, I am a mom always and forever, but sometimes I am also a colleague, wife, friend, just me… whatever. Moms can wear leather pants (I do), irreverent graphic tees (I do) or $200 jeans to school pickup (guilty). That doesn’t make me not a mom- it just means I happen to prioritize fashion and don’t feel that I have to dress differently because I am a mom (although OF COURSE I understand practicality… that’s wear fancy sweats come in:). I even objected to the post titled “mom sexy” because why can’t it just be “sexy”? Why does it have to be qualifed all the time? I LOVE what you do and am confident I am not the only one. Please don’t stop!!!

  17. Definitely not a fan of the harness. It really does look silly to me. Some of your outfit choices I really like, others leave me baffled. I think that’s true for anyone, really. The point is to use fashion creatively and with enthusiasm, which clearly you do. However, it’s interesting to read such polarized views about what is/isn’t mom friendly attire. I can think of quite a few items in my closet that leave people scratching their heads, but I just love! I’m really against the idea that becoming a mom means forgoing all experimentation and remaining strictly within the confines of the mom uniform (which is so personally defined by each person).

    On the topic of ANMJ vs. The Mom Edit, I agree that they are very different in tone. I think it’s great to keep experimenting and ignoring “rules” about what moms can/cannot wear. I have no problem with that. I do feel though that this new blog is trying to sell me something – all.the.time. Sometimes I just want ideas and instead I feel like I’m being bombarded with Nordstrom ads or whoever else is sponsoring. I’m trying to say this as politely as possible without sounding rude.

  18. Also a long time reader. I found ANMJ just after I had my son in2011. And have loved it ever since. Well, until it became the mom edit. “Edgy” isn’t my thing. Which doesn’t mean I don’t love fashion and working a look, I just don’t want to look like a rock chick all the time. And that seems to be the only look I am seeing on TME these days. Which is fine, it just doesn’t appeal. For me it’s that that is ALL the look we see. It showcasesShana’s look brilliantly (and Mike’s photog work is just beautiful) but if that’s not your thing then it doesn’t connect. As a pp said, it’s Shana’s blog and she can do whatever she likes, as a longtime reader I feel like I owe it to her to tell her why some readers may be disengaged. The price points are a bit excessive, only because it doesn’t feel like there is balance – the star item always seems to be the $$$$ one ( and if you can’t cough up the dough then I guess these sub par substitutes would do). Personally, I think the harness looks ridiculuous but to each their own. The frequency of ‘ well that looks @#&$’ is why I will prob pull the plug soon. Which saddens me.

  19. Well…so….after reading all these comments, I feel like I need to chime in. I found Aint No Mom Jeans years ago after googling “how to style a wool vest”. I immediately fell in love with the site and actually forced multiple friends to sit through me reading her blog posts out loud from my smart phone. My favorite quote? “Let your last pair of boot cut jeans, be your LAST pair of boot cut jeans”. I followed all her fashion tips, like buying more long layering tops and tall boots. I still love the website and will definitely continue following Shana on FB but I admit that I miss ANMJ. I’m not really an edgy gal so a lot of the outfits on The Mom Edit aren’t really relatable to me. The reason why I DO keep reading this website is that I love the advice on proportions. Even though I personally would never wear a leather biker jacket or over-the-knee boots, I can still take the lesson I’ve learned here and apply it to my own personal style. I do miss the old looks though. The were quite a bit more down to earth, like me.

  20. Oops something went wrong there let me try again….

    Please do not fret. We all still love you and your rocker chic style. We also appreciate the fashion forward (for some moms) take you share with us. We were devastated to hear about cancer, got teary eyed when you started loosing your hair, and also were cheering you on when you conquered it like the rock star that you are! You did it girl! Here you are… A real life rock star whose darling boys are sadly not babies anymore, and finding a little more time on your hands to focus on this blog and your deep love for fashion. So, of course the focus has changed!! I get it. Also, my husband thanks you on the regular for all of the local advice you’ve shared that we have appreciated… restaurants, Cape May hotels, ballet x, it’s all been amazing. Your writing and wit are hilarious and I love your humbleness as well.

    Gushing aside, I think that many of your readers are working with a tiny to non existent shopping budget as well as STILL struggling to understand how to dress a post partum body that doesn’t seem to ever ever ever want to go back to what it once was. I love your cost per wear argument (and I have used it many many times) but I think that always offering a low end and a high end would be very helpful. Also maybe always offering more choices for different body shapes.

    I think that many of us would love more posts like what you mentioned… The Car Line Pick Up outfit (when nobody actually sees what you are wearing but you still DO care). Real outfits for the everyday nitty gritty of motherhood. Like, what the heck to wear to the preschool mothers tea, outfit inspiration for Surviving Gymboree (activewear?!?), The Parent Teacher Conference outfit, and The Kids Have The Stomach Flu But Damn I Still Want To Feel Cute outfit. So pretty please… continue to inspire us as well as cater to our limitations. You got this girl.

  21. I’m a die hard fan, and I’m not leaving anytime soon. I found your site when my second child was 4 months old, and it completely changed the way I dress. I am not an XS or a size 0, but I have learned how to wear clothes that fit my body correctly and look flattering. I’m on a budget (and I’m cheap as hell!) but I have found it pretty easy to take inspiration from this site and use it when shopping at less expensive stores. I just went back to work a few weeks ago after being a SAHM for 8 years. Rather than have to buy a whole new work wardrobe, I was able to completely shop my closet and use items in entirely new ways because of this site. Am I going to wear a long flowing skirt and leather jacket on my next date? Probably not, but it was still one of my favorite looks EVER because it shows that it’s possible and it can look flawless.
    You can walk around Philly only wearing a harness and I’m still not leaving. Your writing style (at the very least) and charming personality will keep me around.

  22. Always good to try new things, but I have to say– the harness is kind of absurd. It’s a hybrid of nonfunctional-but-decorative (e.g., brooches) and utilitarian (because it looks like it’s meant to be attached to a leash), but it fails on both counts because it’s not really attractive– the way it cuts up the torso at awkward points with flat black lines– and it’s not actually useful (or if you are attaching leashes to it, that should probably be kept private). Those of you who are sure you are “rocking the harness”… might want a second opinion, because some things just can’t be “rocked” by anyone (“attempted,” yes, but that’s not the same, however much DGAFness you bring to it), and I think the harness vest leads that pack.

  23. Hi Shana,
    I’ve been reading for a long time and really enjoy your voice! In my opinion, a good blogger is someone who makes us feel like we know you as a friend even though we’ve never met because we get a glimpse into your life and what makes you, you! You will never be all things to all people. You can’t be! And there are lots of places to find fashion advice in some form or another…but it is so impersonal. I keep coming back to your blog because I feel like the fashion advice is coming from a friend! Are there outfits I love? Yes! Are there some that aren’t my thing? Sure! But it’s still fun to read about. You are a talented blogger and I’ll be faithfully reading for a long time to come. Keep up the good work.

  24. Hey, Shana–catching up with the blog after a few days away. Read the comments here yesterday and have been chewing on them for the last day.

    I found you just a few months ago–as TME, post-everything. And I love you and I love this blog (not creepy, right?!).

    You can’t be faulted for growing and changing (and for your brand doing the same thing). And I follow you because that’s where I am, too. There are other professional and fashion blogs that I’ve followed but since stopped because I grew away from them for one reason or another. And that’s ok! We can’t be all things to all people–nor can this blog.

    Carrie has some great ideas for content, but please don’t change the essence of who you are or what this blog is. As Mr Rogers (one of the best!) would say, “It’s you I like.”

    • Ditto MA. I just found you Shana, and I am flabbergasted by all the comments. Man, I just want to be you. Seriously! And I’m older than all of you I think. I’m already in my 40s! My kids are tweening! Yikes! Call on me when it happens to you Moms! Also, I live overseas, so I can’t access any of all this goodness. BUT, I adore your style! That’s what it’s about. I love your rugged eyeliner. I love your toothy gorgeous smile. I love how petite you are. I wanna dress like you even though I’ll never be able to. But that’s why we (should) come here. For inspiration, for fun, for friendliness. Otherwise, go somewhere else. I can’t believe how people comment. Anyway…that’s just my two bits. I love you. Keep it up. And just, ya, keep it up, cuz you have one reader in Hong Kong who absolutely adores you!


      Ann of Kremb de la Kremb

  25. Yikes. I guess I’ll add my two sense. Fell in love with ANMJ and moved on with mom edit. I agree some of the price points are a little high especially if your not east coast city living. Enter Cam- her price points are significantly lower and give similar looks ie rag&bone distressed black jeans ($220) vs j crew ($89 plus 30% off). I needed these distressed black jeans shana styled perfectly!!!! Needed. Couldn’t justify the price tag but definitely got the look- got em at gap 69.50 plus 30% off coupon. Ditto on the $1500 leather jacket. I LOVE some of the style topics mentioned here PLEASE add one for PTA meetings- anything not boyfriend jeans and tom. I LOVED the make this outfit better- styling the short cardigan, season must haves… oooh maybe we can take a look back at the suggested must haves in our closets and style them different ways!!!! That way we really work the wardrobe we bought and can see how new pieces can jazz it up and keep it fresh. Thanks for this blog. Its just refreshing to know that I can do this, having kids doesn’t forever relegate me to boyfriend jeans and Toms or ill-fit bootcut denim with running shoes. I can’t. I wont.

  26. I’ve been reading your blog for over three years, and I have to say I relate to your actual style more now then I did in the beginning. I went from checking your blog every week or so to checking it every weekday. I like the way you write and I love that you take risks; like this harness. I bought one a few months ago and received much ridicule (good spirited) from my circle of friends. But you know what? I feel like a badass when I wear it and it def dresses up some of my more boring looks. Just rocking jeans, a white tee and booties? Hello harness – extra badassery in one simple “garment.” I appreciate you’re willingness to try new things and push us moms to dress in ways that express ourselves and to go beyond just making it through the grind of daily life.

    I do agree that the price points have been a little high lately (but you’ve always had high priced options sprinkled throughout), but I just use your links or suggestions to find similar looks in a budget I can feel comfortable with. For example, the leather jacket I bought last fall, got it at Nordies when it went on sale – 40% off. Put it right under $200. I repeat, under $200 at Nordies for real leather. And I found it and stocked it creepy style thanks to you. Seriously, thank you. I wear that thing all the darn time.

    I do love when you hit the dressing rooms, or the shoe section and break it all down. I find that to be fun, and informative. And you’ve hit really budget friendly price points with almost all of those field trips (hello Target, Gap, Nordies’s half yearly sale, etc…). I miss the mom street style posts, when you’d find real moms rocking fun stuff at the playground, grocery store, etc… And I like when you tackle a problem that’s plaguing all women regardless of style. Oh, and I like the style posts you’ve done for dudes (my hubby hates shopping but wants to look cool. That leaves me with a lot of man shopping to do).

    More than anything I like the variety that is here regardless of what you are calling your blog. I’m glad you are making money at it, you should. I love that you’ve brought on the contributors. The fact that you and Mike take so many date nights out is motivation for me to try and take more date nights with my hubby. I like that you share things about your family, philosophies, and love (that piece on what it means for your son to be a man brought tears to my eyes. I read it to my hubby. You articulated what I want for my two year old son perfectly. Thank you for that!). All in all, I love your blog more now than ever before. Keep up the good work!

    I do apologize that a harness had to be the thing to bring me out of the woodwork and onto the comments, but hey, I’m a lot weird like that.

  27. If I ran into you in Philly wearing this I’d think
    A. You were a cop just getting off duty
    B. You were wearing half of a straight jacket
    C. You were a mime

  28. Granted it looks cool in the pics, I think your definition of nursing friendly has gotten a little lax since your kids are older. Granted it won’t get in the way of a shirt you open from the top but it would be hard to lift your shirt from the bottom. You’d have to open it every time, way too fussy. Also works well with small boobs but nursing mama boobs? Doubt it. Highly.

    Also in general just way too fussy, bearly get a chance to put on make up. Maybe you could manage it with older kids. But nursing friendly is a total misnomer.

    • Shoot – maybe I didn’t explain it well, but if you click the harness link and go to the Free People website, the model is wearing a loose, baggy henley (standard free people – I had one just like it after Pax was born) with the harness unlatched. It looks almost like suspenders. That’s what I walk talking about, rather than the outfit I’m wearing.

  29. I just read a few previous posts and had no idea what folks had said until now. Geez Louis, there is some seriously unnecessary harshness going on. The negative dog piling is just… wow. Do we really need to treat Shana (or anyone) like that? It takes great big old ovaries to put yourself out there the way Shana and other bloggers so. It’s just an accessory for crying out loud. I think feedback about the direction of the blog, information and opinions that are *useful* are a good thing, but the nastiness? No, just NO. You guys do know that your ugliness is more a reflection of *you* not Shana right?

    Shana, take what has resonated with you in the comments here and leave the rest.

    P.S. I think the halter is super cool and can’t wait to see the other ways you style it. 🙂

  30. Wow. I’m coming late to this party. Go on a little vacation and look what happens. Figure I’ll weigh in with another piece of feedback from a long-term reader. I freaking love your style and want to live on your closet. TME is even easier because I just want to buy every damn thing you wear. I did go through a phase where I thought the price points were drifting too far upward, and I told you that then. Maybe a couple months ago? It was on the plaid pants post. Since then I’ve felt a bit more of a return to ANMJ days with the “fix this outfit” series. Felt quite a bit like the old shop your closets. Also, I freaking bit the bullet and paid the $100 for the Joes winter-white plaid pants. And realized I need to shut my hole. They are probably one of my absolute favorite things in my closet right now. And I’ve never received as many compliments on an item of clothing as I’ve gotten for those pants. So sometimes we just need to pony up and spend the good money for something that makes our heart beat fast. Lately, I have been LOVING my closet. And more importantly, loving my own style. And that’s all thanks to you (mostly because it’s basically your style just with less warmth and more cardigans cuz I get hot – so layering = sanity). And I’m loving the new contributors. Scotti’s got me LOVING my new face thanks to my new makeup and applications tips. All around this blog has done an excellent job making me feel like I’m looking great. Thanks a million.

  31. On another note: I’m in love with the boyfriend jeans + pointy toed sexy heels. But can’t nobody carry a squirming screaming 3-year-old in those. How do we translate the sexy pointy-ness to daily reality? Do I have to wait for warmer weather? Is that my problem? (Love my boyfriends with vans, but that’s a different vibe. How do I get that sexy/slouchy contrast going on while still being able to run/wrestle)?

    • Erica, my latest obsession is pointy-toe, ankle-wrap flats. Especially the kind with criss-crossing detail all the way up the foot. Our shoe shop has a bunch that I’m coveting. I think that’s going to be my answer to the boyfriend jean + pointy toe sexy heel.

      But that, uh, won’t do much for us right now. Boyfriend jeans and boots just don’t have the same sexy vibe, you know? But hmmmmm….thinking…..

  32. Hi Shana! Just wanted to chime in here. I found your blog in October and became obsessed. Just ask my husband how annoyed he was that I wouldn’t get off my phone for like 3 days as I read as much as I could. I fell in love with your writing style and your journey with breast cancer. I just had a hysterectomy in Dec because of cervical cancer. I shared your heartbreak about not having more children and am in awe of your strength and courage and sense of humor through it all.

    I used your tips and inspiration to get me out of my depression and rediscover my style. Can’t tell you how many people who know me commented about my “transformation”: i.e. I suddenly didn’t look like sh** everyday. Someone even used the word “hot” to describe me. What?!?! Lol. Everyone reads this blog for different reasons.

    I don’t understand what the mean comments are aiming to do. Honest feedback, great. Harnesses are the reason I don’t read you, what??? If you don’t like it, move along. I live in southern California and have no reason to buy fleece leggings (could not even understand what these are until I did some reasearch!) or parkas, but so what? Sometimes it’s fun to dream or fantasize or learn/experience something different. I’m wearing my $8 Target tshirt to Nordstrom this afternoon to try on that gaucho onesie (lol) just to see. Because it’s fun. And no I won’t be wearing a harness because I’m super busty and it won’t work for me. Although I could see my 1 and 2 year old loving it for when we play “ride the horsey”.

    Thanks for the hard work and for helping me get my groove back. If you’re ever in LA let’s grab coffee in our flip flops in February (don’t hate me!).

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