Shana’s Copper Bowls.

Not unlike Shana’s Brass…pause…you know where I’m going with that.  Goodness gracious you better.

Heck yes.  Between friends, every single pun intended there in that orginal title that they ‘edited’.  Giggle.  Lord knows, Shana has those!!!  Check her out: Empowering Women.  #everydayallday  I mean, seriously, if that’s not the Shana, ‘well OBVIOUSLY we empower women and are empowered women’ face, I just don’t know what is.  Sing it sister!  I LOVE every empowered copper bowl-wishing minute of you!


Wishes on the Grams:

But what Shana would really like right now, is a set of copper bowls.  Like one hot second she’s empowered and empowering others to empower…next, she just wants copper bowls!  Oh, the Grams.

So let’s just do that.  Let’s get the empowered/ing woman some bowls!

Real texts between friends:  When I send S a link to a set of bowls (because Gwen has me on the (insta)Grams and Shana’s hard to miss there, so I’m aware she’s in need of new bowls) she responds:

Real Responses Between Empowered Friends:

Omg.  I love you S.  Of course they are tippy.  And the bigger, the tippier.  Two hands sister:  one on the bowl, one on the whisk.  Focus.  Coordinate.  Love the big round bottom! Tip to whisk.  Empower the fluff!

Mixing bowls:

Deep enough to contain splatters, wide enough for whisking, folding, mixing, and tossing.

Let’s not go to my puns list on that statement.

And yes, we can also find you ones with flat bottoms, S.  So less tippy.  But really, who on earth wants a flat bottom???

Happy Copper Bowls:

Happy, so pretty, not so tippy bowls, that she can work with.  That’s all the woman wants.  Alrighty then.

Shop our Favorite, Super Empowered, Copper Bowls:


Sets of 3:

1/ Old Dutch Solid Copper Beating Bowls  Seriously?  BUY THESE NOW.  You can’t beat the price!  Hurry!
2/ Solid Copper Beating Bowls
3/ Daffodil 3 Piece Beating Bowl Set

Sets of two tone, more affordable, easier to care for:

4/ 3-Pc. Copper-Plated Mixing Bowl Set
5/ Copper Mixing Bowls
6/ Copper Tone Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls

Singles, because maybe one is enough:

7/  Old Dutch 8¼ In. Diameter Solid Copper Beating Bowl, 2 Qt
8/ Old Dutch 10½ In. Diameter Solid Copper Beating Bowl, 4½ Qt.
9/ Old Dutch 12 Inch. Diameter Solid Copper Beating Bowl, 5 Quart
10/ Mauviel Copper 8-Inch Egg White Bowl with Ring
11/ Mauviel Copper 10-Inch Egg White Bowl with Ring
12/Mauviel Copper 12-Inch Egg White Bowl with Ring

A few more notes on copper bowls:

Hand wash, they need to be hand washed.  Dry before putting away, if they air dry, the copper reacts.

Why copper bowls?  Because the copper chemically reacts with eggs, so whisking them in copper makes them fluffier.  Also works for potatoes, meringues, whipped cream…the pros claim, but the proven reaction is the eggs.  So there’s your justification on their price:  more fluff, and beautiful.

xoxo A

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  1. You can whisk more perfectly in tippy bowls. In a bowl with a flat bottom, there’s an edge/corner that the whisk won’t fit in. If everything is round, nothing gets missed. I love the Mauviel bowls! So pretty and functional! And also, when I saw the title of this post, I thought, “oh my god! What a coincidence! Who was just looking for copper bowls? I have to share this with her!” Then I remembered it was Shana!!! ? I might have a slight stalker-ish tendency! #sorryshana

  2. Everything is better more tipsy. I mean tippy:) EF, as always nailed it below in her comment. She’s good like that. I’m going to appoint her Responder in Chief. xoxo

  3. Haha!! Thanks! I will admit to having a slight advantage on this one. At one point in my life, before having 5 kids and going to nursing school, I was a classically trained French chef. This stuff is kinda my jam. You should hear me wax poetic about copper cookware and butcher block vs. granite countertops! ? Thanks again! Especially for the excellent bowl recommendations!

  4. Part of what I love about this whole blog community is learning everyone’s little side stuff they’ve collected along the way in terms of experience! My house will be done by the end of summer. Consider this your invite for one night once it is. We’ll have a French cooking party. It may or may not end up on the blog. But we’re doing it for fun and love regardless. BUST out all the copper cookware, and all the mad skills. And you’ll deal with my marble. Water marks suck but are not unlike my laugh lines; I’ll take them. And red wine doesn’t actually stain. Just saying. xoxo A

  5. I’m in! And we’ll make our own puff pastry (to justify your marble counters) and perfect whipped cream in our tippy copper bowls!!

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