Reader Question: How To Do Mid-Century Fresh For A Shared Kids’ Bedroom


Reader questions are fun! Jaime had me at Hello (Craftsman Bungalow.) And then she went and won my whole heart with 3 boys and Mid-Century Modern Fresh.

Hi, I was hoping for some fresh ideas for re-doing a shared bedroom. My family lives in a 100+ year old craftsman bungalow with 3 bedrooms, and we have opted to have our three boys, 9 year old twins and 6 year old brother, share a bedroom. The smallest of the three bedrooms serves as a homework/play space, so all we need to fit in the bedroom is beds, clothing storage and a bookshelf (we also have a loveseat for reading and a fun tiki fish tank my youngest loves). To make it all fit we need serious under-bed storage, but can’t find anything solid enough to grow with them that jives with the fresh mid-century look that we want. Please help!

3 Kids, 1 Room: Shared Bedroom Layout 

Jaime: Layout first, right? It’s like the adulting of design: what fits where so that you can walk, get to everything, avoid blocked doors, and pull out storage? Consider the size of the room and the conditions (hardwood or carpeted floors, closets, windows, doors, ceiling height, lighting and HVAC vents, and the existing pieces you mentioned, etc.,) Hosting three beds is the tricky part, then adding a rug that works if there isn’t carpet and you’d like one, then accessorizing with all the fun stuff. Here are a few starter ideas to get your family going in a fresh direction + storage:

Home Decor Reader Question: 3 kids, 1 bedroom, mid-century modern furniture. We're on it. Bunk beds, twin beds, rugs, bookcases....Ideas on fleek, inside.


Hanging Mobile

Twin BedUnder Bed Storage Trundle | Throw Pillow | Floating Nightstand | Rug

Cozy Chair | Throw Pillow | Bookshelf+Storage | Clock

Twin over Full Bunk Bed | Nightstand | Dresser | Rug

Bunk Beds For A Shared Kids’ Room

Bunk beds are fantastic space savers, and many of them also have additional storage underneath, which is great! In order to do bunks, we need ceiling height. And we need kids that like the idea of climbing up to sleep and down to use the loo etc., The nice thing about twin over full is that we really can sleep three in each unit, or six total which is great for guests, friends and visiting family, if we ever need the extra sleep space. Ladders at the ends of beds are a good thing. Having the extra sleep space is also great for kids who are young and really like to bunk together in a bed, sometimes. And those who occasionally have a tired parent fall asleep reading to them at night, too. Here are a few of our favorite bunk beds in the modern and mid-century modern realm:


Twin Beds For A Shared Kids’ Room

Some kids just don’t prefer a bunk, and some rooms are large enough to fit three twins in a row. There are plenty Mid-century twin beds out there that are constructed well, and many of them also have under-bed storage option. For some, that’s a trundle, for others its a true drawer, and for a few it can be either, both or neither. The one in the collage is relatively new and by far my personal favorite. The catch here is this: you need to have the space to put them side by side, but also for the storage to pull out sideways. And if you do the under-bed storage pull out, well, you lose the space for nightstands, hence why we included wall-mounted ones in the collage. So there’s that challenge solved. Here are a few other twin options we also love:


Rugs In A Kids’ Bedroom

The bigger the better. A 9×12 can typically manage two full-size beds with a nightstand in between. By the time we get to three twins in a row, with nightstands between, and or storage that pulls out of the sides, it’s really more a 10×14 (at least) that we need. So choosing the beds and their location first, is the right move, and then determining the rug that will lay best underneath what you need it to comes next. Here are a few of our favorite clean rugs that balance well with Mid-century fresh and will hold up over time:


Nightstands In A Kids’ Bedroom

Easy way to add touches of fresh Mid-century modern, assuming there’s space. They can always be shared. And a larger piece between two larger bunks also works well. Don’t forget the wall-mounted option too if the pull-out storage comes into play. Otherwise, here are a few of our favorite more traditional stands:


Storage Dressers + Bookcases In A Kids’ Bedroom

Some of these pieces are just so beautiful. We especially LOVE the X bookcase! If you have existing closets, especially ones that can be efficiently outfitted, one of these pieces is probably enough to give you the extra in-room storage you need for well…fish and such things. And some of them work well as storage and bookshelves in one piece too!


Comfy Chairs In A Kids’ Bedroom

You mentioned that you have a loveseat, which is amazing if that fits in the layout too. If it doesn’t, maybe relocate somewhere else in your own home and downsize to a chair? Here are some great ones that will add a punch of fun and comfort to any room:


Throw Pillows For A Kids’ Bedroom

Throw pillows are an easy way to carry a theme with more fun, and fun to mix and match too! And they also help a bed look a bit more made and a room look a bit more pulled together. And hey, they work well for pillow fights too. Pile on the pillows!


Hanging Mobiles & Clocks

Two of my personal very, very, very favorite things are hanging mobiles (especially from this period) and clocks (especially from this period!!!) They are just fun ways to take up some vertical space and carry a theme without screaming it. Here are a few favorites:


Jaime — thanks so much for writing in! True story: all the years my kids shared a bedroom were amazing! It was just all love. It lent well to travel and hotel and tent adaptability, to transitioning between homes, and to our many, many moves. There was a practical efficiency in it too; It was way easier to clean, manage laundry, and change sheets. And more truth be told — bedtime stories and cuddles when all three sweet kids were in a room together was just my very, very, very favorite time together ever. You’ll make it work, they’ll make it work, it’ll be awesome! Enjoy every sweet minute of it. And…we hope these ideas get you off to a good start!  Feel free to write to us again as you go, and of course we’d love to see a photo of where you land one day!  xoxo,

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