I got a Pap smear yesterday.  Whoa, maybe I should say good morning first.  Hope you already had your coffee!  But I booked my appointment in honor of Megan’s recent health scare.  The Happiest Mom says go get it done, Mamas.  I did mine.  Now it’s your turn.

In semi-related news, I am a MILF.  (Love the folks at True & Co. for coming up with a funny tilt to that ridiculous acronym.)

Have you heard of Sakroots?  They make really cool products, all covered with…art.  I love this clutch for date night, am dying for this water bottle, and would love any of their iPhone cases.   They are currently holding a contest to find their next print, if any of you are art-inclined….

Are any of you on Chictopia?  I joined recently, just to see what the fuss was about.  I’m not totally convinced it’s worth my time….between Pinterest and Instagram and Facebook…there’s just so much.  Thoughts?

Also?  I’m loving my old overalls again and Sarah Jessica Parker demonstrates how cool shoes can make even a hoodie look good.

On Monday, I talked about my resolution to spend more time in nature just…sitting….and then I found this article from a local parent’s group.  They call it a “sit spot”.  Isn’t that clever?

I love when books lead to creative play…and Play at Hom Mom found a good one.

If any of you are interested in Reggio-Emelia…Play Outside has created THE BEST series on the Reggio-Emelia approach.  Their emphasis is primarily for pre-school classrooms, but I find a ton of inspiration to pull into the home.

I think we’re headed out to the Creative Clubhouse today (if any of you are local, it’s my hands-down fav place to take the kids)….and this weekend I hope to do a little star gazing.  Gosh, I love a good Science Festival.

Happy Friday!




  1. Re the Sakroots art contest: I despise these. When a for-profit company needs art, why don’t they just HIRE an artist? Why should a bunch of creatives work for free for the chance to win $1000?? For a design to be used on a ton of products? Insanely undervaluing creative work. This sort of thing is not unusual in the arts sphere and yet when you re-frame it to another profession, it sounds insane. Hilarious example:

  2. I’ve been dying for my overalls to come back!!! The ONE article of clothing I’ve held onto for years because I knew the day would come…thank you for making them look so good!
    Rise and Shine Mom

  3. OMG, Shana! R & J LOVE “An Awesome Book!” We read it tonight, in fact! Ryan looks for something new to talk about each time we read it together. 😉 It’s a great little book – the message is really nice. Plus the illustrator/author donates a book for every one purchased (like Tom’s).

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