Mamas, I'm still reeling from Friday's horrific news. I literally spent the weekend snuggled in with my boys, sometimes reading about Friday's tragedy, and then turning it all off when I couldn't bear it any longer. The stories of the brave teachers (and students) are truly amazing, but they don't take away my…anger? Confusion? Choking, bewildered, pain? All of it, I guess. As a mom, this hits such a raw nerve – the weight of the despair literally brings me to my knees when I think of the reality that so many are now living…they were our babies! And, as Lane said here, those mothers affected are our sisters. Lane's words resonated hard with me. They didn't bring me peace, necessarily, other than the peace that comes with the understanding that we are not alone. Not alone in our thoughts, in our confusion, in our despair.

To those affected by Friday's events, to those all over the world who are dealing with the tragic loss of a child…my thoughts and prayers are with you.


  1. Yes, having children in elementary school, the murders in Sandy Hook hit so close to home. And, yes, I keep thinking about the mothers.

  2. Three years ago my daughter Marie passed away after extended illness. She was 2 1/2. With passage of time the pain has not lessened, but I have learned to cope with it better, and the waves of intense grief hit less frequently. If she were still here she would be in kindergarten. Friday ripped open old wounds. My heart breaks for those mother and fathers, and siblings left in a life forever changed. Praying for them the peace which surpasses all understanding.

  3. Oh Shannon.  Oh, no.  Words cannot express how sorry I am, how heavy my heart is right now.  You are right, I think – a mother never really recovers from the loss of a child.  Your words "praying for them the peace which surpasses all understanding" are both beautiful and heartbreaking.  But in the end, the only thing we can hope for, I suppose.  Thank you for sharing your story, your insight, your wise words.  I suspect there are many who, like me, are reading your comment with tears in their eyes, praying for peace.
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  4. I think every mama out there shares your sentiments. I read an article over the weekend by Mr. Roger’s that might be helpful for mamas who are struggling with how to explain this to their little ones. I intentionally have left the news off the TV around my 2- and 3-year-old, but I know they could sense something was wrong, maybe it was the million hugs and kisses they’ve been showered with… My heart aches for those families…

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