WEEKEND! A Few Fun Links and My Fav Spring Date-Night Outfit



Summer dress?  Check.

Gradual Self-tan lotion?  Check. (You should see the before on these legs.)

Freeze as soon as the sun goes down?  CheckCheckCheckCheckCheck

Sooooo….I added in a lightweight trench/anorak AND layered it over a cozy grandpa cardi.  The jacket alone isn't enough to keep me warm (especially in a little cotton summer dress), but the combo is perfect.



And leopard pumps since my pedicure is shameful.  (Am I the only one who can't seem to squeeze in a pedicure?  I sometimes wonder what I'm doing with my time.  It's not ironing, that's for sure.)



dress: Sunner dress bought on eBay…try  Lily Pulitzer's Seersucker Dress or J.Crew Factory's Polka-dot dress

grandpa cardi: Everlane

jacket: old…try ASOS' Drape-Front Parka

pumps: Aerosoles…try the Leopard Print Pumps by Report at 6pm

bag: Kate Spade Charles Street Audrey Bag

necklace: Lisa Leonard Gold Twig Necklace (from Grace MWAH!!)

bracelets:  old…try Gorjana's delicate cuff bracelet


Now that that's out of the way….fun links!!



I'm not typically a coloring book fan….but a wall-sized coloring page of Paris?  Um, yeah.  THAT I WILL DO.

Also, the Prismacolor Colored Pencils that we/Easter Bunny/whatever brought Raines have been a huge hit.  The quality of the pencils are amazeballs, and Raines is starting to experiment more with color in his art.  I will be posting obnoxious look-at-how-awesome-my-kid-is art pics soon on Instagram, I know you'll be holding your breath until then.  Anyway, these colored pencils are pricey, but Amazon currently has them at OVER 50% OFF GO DOG, GO. 


It's warm, so we've started making popsicles!  Our reigning fav is Weelicious' vegan chocolate pudding recipe frozen in these silicone popsicle molds.  Any others you care to share?



One of Girl's Gone Child's recent posts about Archer growing up made me ugly cry.  Damn her!  Love her!  Sigh.

Hip Mama magazine is back!!  And their first issue, released on Mother's Day, has already caused controversy.  Can you guess why?  I'll give you a hint:  It starts with "B" and rhymes with "estfeeding".  This scandalous cover (snort) is actually pretty hysterically funny.  (But then I have my own little Spiderman who is STILL obsessed with my one remaining nipple so my whole sense of humor might be skewed. #breastcancerhumor…haha…ha)



One of our readers, Jessica, just reminded me that J.Crew's glamour-girl bikini bottom is perfect through pregnancy and post-partum.  SHE IS RIGHT ON.  That's the exact style I also wore while all crazy-huge-pregnant with Pax, and then for years after.  It's has great coverage, yet manages to fit while your bum/stomach goes through major changes (without making a muffin-top situation worse).  As Jessica wrote,

"it's a great way to update my pre-baby (read: itsy-bitsy) suits to more baby/toddler friendly without buying entirely new sets. Also – a billion colors! Excellent coverage! Last year's colors on clearance! Ruching = stay-put while keeping a toddler from drowning! Seriously. What's not to love?!"

Yes exactly. 

SOOOOOO….I've been searching for the perfect light-wash summer jean FOR YEARS…and I think I may have found them: Current/Elliott's Cropped Stiletto in Cascade wash.  They are pajama-soft and don't have those annoying ankle zips that seem to plague so many cropped jeans.  

Or perhaps I should just go full-on pajama-jean with these chambray sweatpant/trousers?  They're seriously cute.  Oooo…Anthro has a similar pair called chambray joggers.  Be still my heart.  I sense this is a thing.  Pajamas jeans 4eva!

I've been obsessed with Gorjana jewelry lately.  They just came out with a new line, and I love these rose-gold stud earrings.  Normally "stud earrings" don't do anything for me, but these are oversized, rose-gold, and seriously cool.  A wear-them-all-summer kind of pair.  (Especially with chambray sweats which are starting to feel more like a need.  Don't you think?  A NEED?  Let's discuss.)

Happy Weekend!!




  1. Just have to say that I am completely in LOVE with you hair right now.
    You rock a short do like no other – seriously.

  2. Your layering skills are inspired! I do have to contend that ankle zips in this curvy Mama are fantastic. I keep them unzipped and they work wonders towards making my legs look good!

  3. I was just listening to one of your podcasts with Megan Francis yesterday (finally!)–the one with the high school reunion tips–and I was surprised to hear about the parka + dress combo and definitely wanted to see a pic to go with it. Ta da! You were right: it’s a great look.
    Love that necklace too (and the giver of it!)

  4. I have the anthro chambray joggers and I heart them very very much. Would love to see how you style them (so maybe you should buy them).

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