Friday Favs, Local Love, and Those Boots With Jeans (you know the ones)




A few of you wanted to see the Marc Jacobs ankle boots with jeans.  Trust me: you’ll have plenty of opportunity.  Consider this the first of many.








sweater: old Vince, pilling because I’ve been falling asleep in it…current season Vince double-v-neck sweater has an updated texture and gorg color

jeans: MiH Nouvelle High Rise Straight Leg (on sale at Anthro)

boots: Marc Jacobs ankle boot (many sizes are gone…Zappos has a few more)

bag: old Kate Spade Henry duffle….try the Kate Spade Charles St. Kenton bag (on sale!)

glasses:  Warby Parker Preston frames



Friday Favs

There’s a new podcast up on The Happiest Home!  In this one, Meagan and I yatter for an hour about pressing issues like boots, old-lady denim, and how often I’m washing my hair (technically, the topic is Fall Trends but you know how we go).  But the exciting part is that Meagan is hoping to turn these podcasts into a little style question-and-answer sesh.  So.  If you have a style conundrum, let us know!  Questions can always be emailed to Meagan, but it would be WAY more fun to record them.  Seriously.  I just tried it – it’s super easy.  Click the link and record.  (If you want to record a question via your phone, download the Speakpipe app, THEN click the link.)   I’d love to hear from you guys!

Refinery 29 turned me onto the Dilfs of Disneyland Instagram feed.  Hilarious.

Liz Stanley’s DIY Oversized Wall Photo is all kinds of genius, and something I’ll be replicating, stat.

Oh Happy Day’s DIY Moth Costume for kids is ah-mazing.

My friend Kim (the artist behind this gorgeous ABC Book) just came out with a beautifully illustrated board book, Hello, Sacred Life.  I just ordered it.

I’m excited to try this slow-cooker oatmeal with quinoa and hazelnuts.  YUM.

I know school has already started, but if you haven’t yet read Momastry’s article on being Brave and Kind it is, quite possibly, the most powerful piece on parenting school-age children that I’ve ever read.

We don’t send you to school to become the best at anything at all. We already love you as much as we possibly could. You do not have to earn our love or pride and you can’t lose it. That’s done.  We send you to school to practice being brave and kind.

Sing it, Sister.


Local Love

What are you guys up to this weekend?  I think we’re going to hit our new fav restaurant on the mainline:  Local, in Ardmore.  We finally found a place close to home that serves up creative, local fare.  And it doesn’t hurt that Stephan, the owner, is the kind of guy who’ll pour you a drink to get your opinion on the new port he just got in, or to see which beer is your favorite.  They’re unveiling a new menu on Friday, so we’re excited to see what Matt (the young and passionate chef) has in store.  (Matt comes to Local by way of Farm & Fisherman….so we’re in very capable hands.)  Even Connor – the bartender – knew the food inside and out; his excitement was contagious (and the food didn’t disappoint).   We can’t wait to go back.  (And so close!! YESSSS)




Well, I’m done.  I’ve been feeling crummy (flu season already??), and Pax was upset most of the day because “pirates took mine wed sword!!!  Oh, weahre could dey haf it???”   The trauma, as you can imagine

Enjoy your weekend!!



ps.  Tomorrow is the LAST DAY to enter the Mobile Office Giveaway for a chance to win a Macbook air and Lily Jade diaper bag!   (And a huge thank-you to those of you who have already entered.  I so appreciate you spreading the word about The Mom Edit.  Seriously.)


pps.  Anthro’s entire sale section is an additional 25% off with code SALEONSALE.  My top picks can be found here.





  1. Hey S- love them jeans. Use promo code SALEONSALE at anthro for an extra 25% off!- umjustboughtthemofcourse. Lookin real cute these days mama.

  2. That cuff! so fearing awesome? Can any body shape pull that off? (I am just a bit taller and curvier)..ok just bit the bullet…the boots are in their way! So yes please keep the outfits with them coming so I can justify the cpw…:)..have a great keeping my fingers crossed for the giveaway!!!!!

  3. This outfit looks amazing on you! I love the huge picture idea in a child’s room. I may have to do that….but Kinko’s and Fed-Ex are over an hour away…we’ll see! Enjoyed reading your faves! Have an awesome weekend!

    • NOT YET. But I’ll be on the lookout, for sure. What often happens is that the designers lead the way, and then the big box retailers catch up in a year or so. But….things have been turning around more quickly (thanks to places like H&M) so we’ll see…in any case, whether it’s a week from now or a year from now I’ll keep my eyes open.

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