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What are you guys up to this weekend?  We’ll be going to R’s soccer game (the cute factor in under-6 soccer is unbelievably high)…and probably do a little outing of some sort.  My next chemo is Wednesday already, so this is my weekend to live it up.

Germantown Ave Parents put together a bucket list of 10 Ways to Get Kids Outside in Philly this Fall, and, of course, this Friday is Philly’s Annual Photo Day, which is the coolest idea ever.  Basically, anyone in Philly (visitors or residents) can take a photo tomorrow, and then upload it to the Philadelphia Photo Arts Center.  The goal is to “capture a panoramic snapshot of Philadelphia through thousands of lenses,” and they encourage us to submit a photo that represents our unique point of view.  The entire collection will go on display in November.

Here’s a little light weekend reading:

Refinery 29 shows four different ways to style a pixie. FINALLY.

Lucky Mag goes all kid-friendly (and oh-so-stylish) with their take on Fresh Fall Outfits For Any Outdoor Occasion (think apple or pumpkin picking, haunted hayride, etc).  Yup, overalls are included.

Who What Wear Daily shows 11 New Ways To Wear a White Tee.  Their featured outfits are, uh, limiting for the playground crowd, but some of their tips would translate nicely into something mom-friendly.

I’ve gotten the bug to chop off more denim.  Looks like I’m not the only one.  It’s kind of a thing now.

Mike did laundry my laundry again.  The collateral damage was a cashmere turtleneck sweater.  Gah!  I’m wondering if I can convert it into a swing-back sweater with this DIY?  It’s no-sew.  Hmmm…prob too weird with a turtleneck.  I’ll wait until he kills a crewneck.

Love, love, LOVE Tinkerlab’s idea to collaborate on artwork with your kiddo.  In fact, Tinkerlab’s entire blog is pure joy and inspiration.  She’s the one who originally created the whole #creativetable hashtag on Instagram, and her blog is chock-full of quick ideas for keeping the littles creatively entertained.  Tinkerlab makes me a better mom.

(Or maybe she just makes me want to be a better mom.  Same diff, right?)

On that note…I also really resonated with this article from Not Just Cute.  She talks about the (crucial) difference between compliance – when we force or manipulate our kids into doing something – versus helping them actually become a good person.  One of the major factors?  Respect.  “Children may DO nice things, but when respect is a part of who they ARE, many choices they are faced with become instantly clear.”

True for all of us, no?


Happy Weekend, Mamas.  Go team.






  1. We are heading to Hersheypark in the Dark this weekend! BTW, check out fall fun at Milkyway Farm in Chester County. Best. Ice cream. Ever. And free hay rides to the pumpkin patch! Sending positive energy your way for this weeks chemo. Enjoy the last Indian Summer weekend!

  2. Rock!! Is it crazy that I think about running into you in Philly but on the day of our meeting I am wearing a lame-o naturally, I can’t say Hi..:)…thinking of you!!
    p.s. R and his teammates are so adorable!!

  3. (the cute factor in under-6 soccer is unbelievably high).
    I think you’d be safe in taking out “in under 6” in this observation. Fabiola Cannavaro! Luca Toni! Beckham. And I don’t even watch soccer 🙂 just world cups.
    Tinkerlab is awesome! She has some really cool and all too organized studio spaces on her pinterest. Thanks for the introduction to her site! I think she’s great!

  4. I was out apple picking this weekend. The photos of me look super I think, and I realized that almost everything I was wearing I got from ANMJ. I would totally post them to some kind of pinterest page or something if people were sharing their ANMJ success stories. I like the selfies that are on Free People and they are quite helpful… sorry I know you have enough on your plate. Thanks again!!!

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