Friday Fun (And Reader Finds!!)



WOOT WOOT Weekend, Mamas!  The last two weeks have been very, very long.  I have been inexplicably sick (with a cold!  It's just a cold!) for over two solid weeks.  This nasty virus has robbed me of motivation, sucked me of enthusiasm, and taken my patience out for a looong vacation.  Grrrrrrr.

Even my kids have been attempting to cheer me up.  "Mom, it's OK!" Raines said to me yesterday.  "You're the best mom EVER EVER…even if you're always grumpy!"

Awesome.  Let's put that on a mug for Mother's Day, shall we?  "World's Greatest Always-Grumpy Mom!"

(NOTE:  Mike, you had better freaking NOT.  Just so we're clear.)

So.  For this issue of Friday Fun, I have exactly ONE find.  Happily you, lovely Mamas, have been doing a little shopping while I've been sniffling, and have been emailing me all sorts of fun finds.  

Stephanie is pregnant and is wondering if this pair of silky, printed, elastic-waist pants from Anthropologie would be rad, or bad?  Call me crazy….but I kinda love them.  Add a white tee and flat, metallic sandals, and WOW.  Summer perfection.  Either color is gorgeous, but I'm leaning to…pink?   

Helen writes:

After moving to New Jersey from LA in January I was looking for a long sleeved dress that is relatively warm, nursing friendly and pretty enough for a date night.   I stumbled upon your post about affordable dresses on Zappos, and that's how I discovered the Patagonia brand dresses. I ended up buying two of them!

Helen ended up with Patagonia's Bay Laural Wrap Dress in black (currently on sale for $36!!), and the sleeveless Margot dress (also on sale for $36).  They are both nursing friendly, and Helen reports that they can also help disguise a small pooch, as well.

Belinda's been on the hunt for the perfect boyfriend jean, and thinks she found them.  I agree!

Heidi makes a pretty convincing CPW (cost-per-wear) argument for this gorgeous maxi dress:

I really, really loved your style resolutions for 2013 article a few months back, and thanks to you I have the beginnings of a decent wardrobe that's not full of things that sort-of-but-not-quite-fit for the first time in five years!

I love, love, loved the gray maxidress you featured two years ago, but couldn't find it anywhere when I started looking for something to wear this summer. I live in Jordan right now, and it's already 80 here most days so summer starts a bit earlier for me. A few years ago I would have bought a couple of dresses that I sort of liked from Old Navy and never have felt good about them…but I remembered your point about cost-per-wear and held out until I found something I loved. And I did! This maxi dress from Shopbop is exactly what I was looking for: beautiful drape, pooch-hiding blouson top, modest enough that I can get away with wearing it here in the Middle East, but still sexy thanks to the V-neck and the drape of the skirt.

Instead of a half dozen crappy dresses, I have one that I truly love and that makes me feel beautiful.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for encouraging women like me to find what makes us feel good about ourselves and giving us pointers as to how to get there!

Yay, Heidi!  Love this!

Jenny found a fleece moto jacket in taupe.  Yessssssss!  Only smalls are left, but they're on sale for $40!

Patricia has me dying for this scarf….so Lem-Lem-ish, yet roughly half the cost…

And lastly…my one lone contribution:

Photo (86)

I love this shirt.  Pooch-hiding, nursing-friendly perfection.  Sadly, I did not buy it.  Yup – too grumpy.


Here's to a weekend without tissues, red noses or phelgm!  

Wow.  And here's to never having to hear the word 'phelgm' on this blog ever, ever again.

Now I'm off to find my Kindle.  My sister got me hooked on Game of Thrones during my long two-week lie-in….and I'm totally hooked.  (Although, I may never sleep peacefully again.)

What are you doing this weekend?  Something fun, I hope?






  1. I’m so excited that my link made it into your Friday Fun post! Sorry about your cold, I think my youngest has had something similar as he’s had a horrible stuffy/runny nose for about a week and a half now. Here’s hoping you’re able to enjoy this weekend sans Kleenex!

  2. OMG! you put me in a post?! That must mean I am cool! awesome! LOVE this blog and I will let you know how the jeans are…:)
    Feel better soon:)

  3. Oh ps. Shana…I think you should get that striped henley…its looks great on you:) retail therapy always works at my house:)

  4. By the way, did you see this in the huffpost:
    You were so ahead of the game on the 3-barrel curling iron (deeper waver). I see waves everywhere since your post (including on my head…).
    I just got an amazing Nally & Millie white tunic T that is hi-lo, gorgeous drape, sheer in the back AND TOTALLY OPEN on the sides (aka perfect for nursing). It’s sexy and cas, looks great w/skinnies, but I can’t find it anywhere online…just so you know.

  5. There’s some kind of evil mutant cold going around this year. I had it and I turned into Gremlin Mom. It’s the worst. Feel better soon!

  6. I’d love to get in touch with Heidi from this post. I live in Jordan too, and it’d be fun to swap style notes! Shana, can you help? Heidi, are you there?

  7. Glad you’re feeling better. I feel like I’ve been sick off and on and six straight weeks. This winter has been a killer!

  8. I’m so excited right now 🙂 Great that you found my email useful.
    Hope someone made you lots of chicken soup. Feel better soon
    Love your blog

  9. I have those Joe’s Jeans (a distressed version) and I LIVE in them. Pair with a rolled cuff and black bootie (see old ANMJ post talking the BP Trolley Boot) and blazer and I good to go (almost anywhere!!) Cheers.

  10. I think we’ve been sharing the same bug… so fun.
    I LOVE that dress! Absolutely love it. I’m wondering if it would work with the pregnant belly… maybe not but after, well that’s a different story!

  11. After reading this article & looking back at the “style resolutions for 2013” I would absolutely love it if you could write up your suggestions for how to clean out the closet. My little girl will be one soon (so crazy!) and I’ve bought a lot of new things that I love, but I’m having some issue w/ letting the old stuff go. Help a girl out!

  12. Can i just say, I bought the anthropologie printed pants listed above and LOVE them. However, when I wore them the first time my 2 year old asks, “mommy, are those new PJs?”

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