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Guess who is missing the beach right about now?  I mean…it's not like I don't like biting, 30 degree winds, it's just tha–  Right.  The drastic change from a freeing beach week to waaay too much "indoor family time" is driving the boys and I nuts.  NUTS!  And we're only half unpacked, so the house looks as if a bomb has dropped.  Luckily, our new nanny started this week.  I say "luckily" because I like to break 'em in early.  I just wish I had a picture of her face when she first stepped in the door.  There's a good chance she thought we were hoarders.  It's a fine line, though.  You want just enough crazy to keep expectations low, but not enough crazy to scare them off for good.  The just-got-home-from-a-trip level of disaster seems to toe that line pretty well.  We'll see.

Here are a few Fun Friday links that I've been storing up to share…

The Sartorialist wanted to know if anyone was thinking about turtlenecks.  Ahhhh Scott.  You sly dog you.  I'm always thinking about turtlenecks.  [bats eyelashes]

Hot mama Lena from Quality Rivets recently styled her plaid pajama bottoms and looked AWESOME.  For realz.  

Refinery 29 styled a windbreaker three surprisingly glamorous ways.  And OK:  I think they cheated by using an insanely gorgeous Stella McCartney for Adidas windbreaker (*cough $500 *cough)…but still.  I'm 95% sure you could use a regular windbreaker and it would still work, more or less.  I like this one.

We've been talking about ankle boots, and whether or not curvy, short Mamas can pull them off.  Have you seen this picture of Drew Barrymore in her ankle boots and skinnies?  The girl is all curves and gorgeousness, and she pulls them off OK.  However, the black bootie does shorten her leg a bit.  I'll bet that a slightly lighter ankle boot would look great (or a slightly darker jean).  Perhaps that's the key?

Reader Julie picked up this adorable wrap cardigan / cape at Nordstroms and swears by it for both pregnancy and nursing.  It's now on sale for $39!  Thanks, Julie!

According to The Budget Babe (who is now pregnant!  Congrats!!)…H&M is now accepting used clothing for recycling!  You can find out what happens to your donated clothing here

Lastly, how cute is Pax's little Superman tee?  It comes with an attached cape.  The cape just velcros on/off at the shoulders.  He has been wearing it EVERY DAY.  I now wish that I had stocked up (it's just a Target tee, folks).  Superman appears to be sold out online, but Target has a whole line of cape tees.  Bam Pow is my favorite.

Happy Friday!!!




  1. Thanks for the pic of Drew. That gives me hope for ankle boots, although I agree with you that either a lighter boot or darker jean would elongate the line. I hate to chop my short legs in segments below the knee; it’s why I never wear capris anymore.
    My daughter LOVES her Target Thor tee with attached cape. I’m a GIRL THOR, Mommy!

  2. Hello Weekend Reading! Thanks Shana! And my son had Batman Jammies that had the same velcro cape, he (I!) loved it (sadly, he has grown out of it) Needless to say, he was wearing “jammies” during the day too 🙂
    (Also, I cry *foul* with the wind breaker piece ha! Those looks are beautiful, just not the price tag ;)But I did love how it transformed the Windbreaker.

  3. Also, I am either hiding under the Fashion Rock or insanely with it, because I never knew Turtlenecks went “out”… Ummm have they? Did they? But they’re back? Because, well, I’ve been wearing them!

  4. Holy crap – I had no idea just how desperately I needed a black and white striped Adidas track jacket until this moment. Thanks for showing me the light.
    Happy Friday!

  5. Tried that poncho at Nordstrom – sad warning to nursing moms – it is dry clean only. EPIC FAIL in my book.
    Got to give a shout out to this amazing Gap Body zip up. Seriously, this thing fits and flatters like lulu. and Gap is 30% off right now (40% with Silver card). I scored it yesterday and didn’t take it off until bedtime.
    And this Batman hooded rash guard makes me wish I had a boy

  6. Love the pic. I’m itching to be outside (by the beach) too! Have to disagree with the Drew picture though. She looks awful, especially with that plain looking knee length bag she’s carrying. What is that? Anyway, have a great weekend and good luck with your new nanny.

  7. I am 5′ (sadly) and on the curvier side (tragic, I know) and I wear ankle boots all the time. The denim color does make a difference. Dark denim with black booties looks exponentially better than with a lighter denim and visa versa. All bets are off when it comes to colored denim though…

  8. Lena!  I've had my eye on these FOREVER.  My only concern is that the sleeves look short?  (I have goon arms.). And they really are waterproof? Thoughts?
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  9. LOVE anything by Bobeau… They often have their stuff at Nordstrom Rack as well. SO soft and even though it says dry clean, if you wash them and hang them dry, they stay soft AND are easier to wear. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

  10. I ordered that nordstom wrap a few months ago, and it went straight back. I think it would be awesome for a pregnant mom, but I am not pregnant and the amount of fabric in the front was NOT flattering. It did not drape at all like in the pic- it was just tons of fabric all in front.

  11. That pic of Drew Barrymore seals the deal…ankle boots are for a few people, and she’s not one of them. She’s a great looking girl but not every trend is for everyone.
    I’ll look for the cape tee but I had to buy several sizes of target’s boys tee with an excavator on the front. If he can see it he wants to wear it (and since I’m not so great about putting the laundry away he can usually see it)

  12. Poor Drew. She is curvy-gorgeous, but that outfit is not doing it for me. Borderline slovenly with destroyed denim and the tee shirt/flannel combo. Then again, I tend to go for a slightly more pulled together look (remains to be seen whether I actually accomplish said goal). Yeah, ankle boots for me need to elongate the leg, and I still feel that only with opaque black tights works on me. Even the skinny super-dark-rinse jeans from Gap still create the triangle issue. But here is another new concept on my radar: grey suede booties. Discuss?? Saw the ED of my NPO wear them to a staff meeting. She is short. She is curvy. She looked amazing. Sooo now I am thinking booties must be a certain color to not break up our leg line. And yeah…destroyed denim is a toughie. Trying to think of what context that might work in…

  13. Drew….sigh. Not making the case for us curvy girls, I agree. But very interested in a grey suede discussion. Tried brown suede on the cheap and they are. not. working. If not the ankle bootie what’s the non-tall boot answer for those of us without long lean legs?!?

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