Raines’ birthday was yesterday.  He turned NINE.  We’re snuggling in bed and he looks over at me. “Mom, I’m getting older, you know.”

I do know this.  All too well.

“Sure, buddy.” I tell him.  He smirks.

“Pretty soon, Mom, instead of toys, I’m going to want clothes….and that stuff that makes you smell good for my birthday.”

Dear god:  he’s talking about cologne.



Post-holiday sales are still going strong.  I’ll leave our holiday tab up for another week, so bookmark it now it if you want to be able to refer back for any reason.  (And Gwen and I will replace the holiday banners…SOON.)

Amanda, Laura and I have all updated our Editor’s Picks boutiques.  Here’s mine, and here’s Amanda’s.  We’re both crushing on this tee.  My other top pick is Madewell’s cashmere cable knit sweater – I’ll be featuring it on the blog next week.  It’s so good (and so drapey) that you can play fast and loose with sizing.  (I bought a large.) Laura’s picks are good, too – I especially like this unassuming little top ($20!).

This red, white and blue scarf sold out before I could snap it up at Nordstrom….but Sole Society still has it.

We’re going to be talking more about cropped jeans and socks….but spoiler alert:  these socks work the best.

Also, THIS

Urban Decay’s New Muse is an 88 year old badass.   (Thanks for the find, Jess!  This totally will be you someday.)

Yay, Athleta!  They’re featuring a 98 year old yoga instructor on their homepage.  Read (and watch) her story here.

The best-ever reason to declutter:  THREE HOURS of independent play (plus #sanity).  This mom’s story is verrry compelling.  (Thanks to Cam and Laura for the find.)

They actually made 2016 into a horror movie (it’s funny….and also not funny at the same time)

Gwen to the rescue with something uplifting:  “If you’ve yet to see this baby getting her hair washed…and loving every second of it…you’re welcome.”

Last seen on the TME Slack channel…..

From Laura:

What are you guys up to this weekend?  We’ll be up at Blue for ski team, and I’m hoping to finish the last book in The Atlantis Gene series.  It’s….crazy.

More next week on my trip to Breck, our three favorite outfits, cropped jeans and socks, and my latest workout gear obsession.  Stay warm!! (Even Dallas is getting snow, wha???)




  1. Just read the de-cluttering article, and I’m a total fan. We try to be team few-toys over here as much as possible, and can’t stand those 1-use toys that take up lots of space and get little use. But did anyone see the line about how she “took up homeschooling”? I had to lol a bit at that one. . .

  2. Hi!
    I live in Colorado and go in between denver and Breck all the time. It was fun to see your posts from my neck of the woods. I recently purchased the sorel wedges and love them! However, I am having difficulty styling my jeans, socks with them. Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks!

  3. I wanted to mention also that I am loving Athleta’s recent development of using models with diverse body shapes/types in their catalog! Sure, the majority still have absolutely “perfect” bodies, but they are actually now including women in their photo spreads who aren’t rain-thin. Women who look more “typical.” I love it! It makes me so happy. 🙂 It actually makes me want to order from Athleta more now.

    • I got their catalogue in the mail the other day and was shocked to see “regular” looking people in it. More companies should do that it really made me want to buy from them.

  4. Just read that Declutter article. Thank you! I hid a bunch of the boys toys before our Xmas party and they haven’t noticed…. except the horses that the 3yr old keeps trying to drag downstairs. But I am absolutely going to reassess the boys clothes and their toys!

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