Mamas!  Tamar is closing her shop in one week, and everything has been marked down one final time.  If there was something you wanted (previously featured herehere or here) now's the time to shop.  I also wanted to show you a few warm-weather pieces from TMRDNL that I've been WAITING to wear.  So happy that the sun is finally starting to show it's face….

A Perfectly Drapey, Pooch-Hiding Top


The London Bridge Top is another one of those throw-into-a-ball-it-never-wrinkles pieces that TMRDNL was so famous for (YUP – machine washable, too).  It's lightweight and sheer…but the sheer portion is only on the sides, so your pooch won't show.  You'll want to wear a cute bra underneath this one, or even a bikini top.  It's like a cross between a basic white tee and a silky top.  Best yet?  $25, baby.


Did I Mention There's A Dress?

Without a belt, this is a strange dress – especially on my short self.  But with a belt?  It's one heck of a pooch-hider.


Although…I'm tempted to hem it high.  Such a cool twist on a shift, with a mod mini dress vibe.  And still hides a small pooch (belted, it hides a good postpartum pooch no problem). 


Like the top, the London Bridge Dress is machine washable, won't wrinkle (this feature is WELL tested, Mamas), and is currently on sale for $45.


Another Modest Top

You know how I typically feel about modest tops. Snore.  But I know many of our readers are always scouting for some, and I actually kinda love this one with a tiny little skirt and stilettos.  Besides, taupe rocks.  Like the rest of the line, the Bunch Top ($35) has some cool ruching and well-placed, interesting seams.



No Quitters

I came out in this one and Mike was all, "Whoa!  That dress doesn't quit, Babe."



What happens to guys?  It's like they get withing spitting distance of 40 and suddenly start talking like old men.

But he's kinda right, on this one.  Check out the back:



Love the back zipper – both the high one and the low one (I'm showing the low one open).   This dress is really comfy, machine washable, and would be great for anyone with a middle to show off.  (I, however, was wearing Spanx and sucking in.) 


The Knot-Front Dress is currently on sale for $70.  And soon I'll be able to show you what Tamar's next project is…soooooon…..


That's it, Mamas!  Happy Weekend!




  1. I have the navy and coral London Bridge Top (after you first featured the line) and LOVE them! I am so happy it is finally warm enough and I can attest that they DONT and WONT wrinkle! Perfect for this Mama who hates (and doesn’t) iron 😉

  2. You look amazing in that tan and black dress! I just bought the same dress and the drapey dress. I am almost 9 months pregnant with my second baby and I know I will need clothes after baby is born. My taste in clothes changed drastically after first baby.

  3. i’d been eyeing one of the other dresses for a while so i went ahead and bought it- so excited to get something from a local designer.

  4. Thank you soooo much for this post and the earlier one – it certainly had me looking at Tamar’s site. I’m not normally fussed with designer clothing but I loved everything on her site. It’s a shame the line is finishing. I got think I got the last of what was left in the sale and it just arrived to my door in New Zealand today! Yay! Absolutely love the bow-back singlet, London bridge and who, me dresses. It was my first splurge in a really long time (yep, I haven’t bought anything new for two years) and really happy with the purchase. Even with the dark circles under my eyes from 10 months of new-momhood, I felt fresh and alive by just wearing the bow back singlet around today. Thanks so much for the inspiration 🙂

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