Friday Thoughts….



Never have I seen so much rain, Mamas.  With inexplicably 80+ degree temps.  We're all…uh…steaming?  Is that the right cooking method?

Anyway, the best part about the Philly mainline is that the kiddos are free to play in the (relatively) clean street gutters.  Cause this would ne-eh-eh-ever happened downtown Denver:



I know you are wondering about the helmet.  (Or no one is, but I'll tell you anyway.)  P insists, basically.  If big brother is wearing a helmet (to bike, obvi), then P wears one.  Regardless of activity.


In any case, there are a few fun things I wanted to share….

Did you catch the article about the Dad who started wearing skirts as a show of solidarity to his son?  Nothing but awesome.  Made my whole day.  

This drool-worthy new maternity line has the most unexpected yet chic accessory:  beaded cuffs

Street Style photag Vanessa Jackman caught this little cutie in a big boy outfit, complete with striped socks and sandals.  Gotta love that.

I may actually buy a pair of Crocs for my guys.  Maybe.  This pair only.  (In black.)

Have you heard about that UnbabyMe app for Facebook?  The one that will delete all baby pictures from your Facebook feed?  It struck me as totally annoying and, well, mean.  Then I read MODG's response and laughed and laughed and laughed….love her.

Lastly, we've been busy blogging over at  M shows how to transition your summer dresses into Fall, I put together five Fall outfits that will do double-duty (work then playdate, for example) and highlighted 8 pieces that will help you hide a first trimester bump at the office

Enjoy your weekend!  Our last before Raines starts preschool. (sob!)



ps.  We have some giveaway winners to announce!  Congrats to Tamara of GlowingColor for winning the $50 J.Crew gift card!

And our Common Thread winner never materialized….so our new winner is  Alice McGuin!

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  1. Love you guys! But I have to admit that of UnBabyMe existed when I was trying I get pregnant for the second time, I probably would have used it! Two failed rounds of IVF and then a chemical pregnancy… The same week two of my teenage family friends decided to start posting new baby pics – it was a lot to deal with in the middle of heartbreak! I know the post wasn’t targeted at us with infertility, but I do see a use for the app for people in my situation. That is all!

  2. Mrs. Bookworm – YES.  Of course.  I stand (sheepishly) corrected.  There is a totally understandable use for UnBabyMe.  I'm so sorry to hear of your heartbreak….that just….seriously…sucks.  It sucks!  Sending good vibes your way.  Thanks for taking the time to comment. xx

  3. @Stacie – They ARE, actually. Which is surprising. The footbed isn’t padded, and they run a smige narrow….but the straps hold your foot in place so well that there isn’t that sliding around that happens in other sandals. And I found that the straps just get softer and stretch to perfectly fit your foot. I walked in them all over Philly last weekend and was FINE.

  4. Shana, you are the best 🙂
    I hate to be over sensitive, but all those hormone shots can make us crazy! Thanks for your nice comment back and for all your hard work on this blog to help make even us bloated, poochy mamas feel hot every day!

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