It’s official:  our Denver condo (which we’ve been holding onto since our move to Philly FOUR years ago)…is sold.  There will be someone else napping on those floors.  (Probably her dog, but whatever.)

It’s such a bittersweet thing, selling a beloved home.  I kind of hate that part.  I seriously need a stiff drink, some comforting mumurs from my husband, a few raging phone calls with my Denver girlfriends (“Bitch, you said you were coming back!”) and then I’ll be ready to move on.  Both literally and figuratively.

BOOO that’s my mood.  So obviously, retail therapy.  (It’s a hoodie, so adjust your expectations accordingly.  When I’m bummed I typically buy sweatpants, but I’m trying you guys, so….hoodie.)

On a happier note, Meagan and I have a new podcast out.  The Style Hour Episode 4 is partially about making all things racerback and strapless work for you.  I use the word “brami” and then want to shoot myself.

My review of J.Crew one-piece swimsuits has been updated with pics from a 4-week post-partum reader.  (Thank you, C!!)

The founder of Reward Style, Amber Venz, is pregnant!  Not only is she whip smart and really, truly, genuinely nice….she has amazing style.  If you’re looking for some seriously inspirational #bumpstyle, follow along on her instagram.

Oh!  That Equipment shirtdress from the Nordie’s sale WAS everything I was hoping it would be.  And it’s still 40% off.

I’m totally and completely obsessed with my spiralizer because of the Inspiralized blog.  And my kids now eat 500% more vegetables.  No joke.

Potential new schools are on our mind right now, so I’m re-reading How Children Succeed: Grit, Curiosity, and the Hidden Power of Character.  It is THE best book I’ve ever read on the topic, and the concept of ‘grit’ is something we talk about often with the boys.  This book is a game-changer.

What are you guys up to this weekend?  We’re going to head over to the World War Two Weekend on Saturday, but I was really hoping to get down to the Oval tonight for the Future Sensations exhibit.  It’s only going to four cities worldwide, and closes tomorrow.  Looks amazing.

Happy weekend!!!


ps.  Don’t forget to enter our Tuxe Bodywear giveaway!  Some of my most-worn pieces.

pps.  This video of 100 years of fashion (in 2 min!) is a really fun watch.





  1. Any chance you’d consider doing a post (or mini post?) on Denver? My family is considering moving there from a different part of the country and I’d sooo appreciate a mom’s guide to the city, neighborhoods, etc. You know, in all your spare time 😉

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