Seriously Huge Sale on Frye!


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I remember when I first saw a pair of Frye boots years ago.  My fashionable big sister was wearing them (of course), and I remember thinking “Oooh . . . those are so cool.”  I immediately wanted a pair and asked her where to get them.  Then I saw the price tag . . . yikes.  Not quite in my college budget.  BUT.  She still has (and wears) those boots.  That exact same pair have withstood years of wear and tear and have outlasted countless pairs of my cheaper (and therefore cheaply made) boots.  Frye is one of those brands that are seriously worth the money.  Shana has two from the 70’s (literally – the 70’s!) and they still look amazing.  When I asked how she takes care of them to make them last so long?  She doesn’t.  They’re just such high quality that they last.  SO . . . here’s the best part: 6pm is having a seriously huge sale on Frye.  Shana & I have rounded up our favorites to share with you.  This pair caught both our eyes.

Scotti’s Picks:


Shana’s Picks:

More footwear picks in the footwear shop.  Most are mom-friendly, some are just plain hot.





  1. Those Marissa Slouch boots make my heart beat fast. You had me at “chic French Vogue editors”. Emmanuelle Alt is one of my style icons. She exudes simply chic with a little bit of edge. When you posted your style resolutions, mine was to try and capture more of her vibe in my wardrobe. I always shy away because I am a public speaker and a mom – not an editor of a couture fashion magazine…but I LOVE her looks and that vibe is one that I love wearing. So this is giving me my push. Now if they only had those dang boots in my size!!!

  2. Bless you for posting this. I’ve been coveting the Melissa harness tall boots but wouldnt buy them until they were on sale. Wouldnt you know they had my fave color and size?? I bought the “moto boots” in Shana’s picks (lynn strap shorties) a few months ago and love them.

  3. I just bought Fryes for Christmas, and I mainly credit Shana for getting the bug in my head for the last couple years. Beth, try Shopstyle or 6pm or Amazon, I had to stalk the internet for my size for a couple weeks but then I got ’em!

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