The One Where Greenlea Schools Us In Makeup Application


Like a lot of kids, Greenlea has a bit of extra time on her hands these days. She’s always asking me if she can play with my makeup, and while the answer is usually a standard “no,” followed by “why not?” and then “because I said so,” over and over, (OMG I’m actually saying that) these days I’m saying “sure, why not?” more often than not.

I don’t just give her free rein over everything (that stuff’s expensive, man), but I help her pick out what she can use and then she’s not allowed to touch anything else. It’s a fun way to pass the time and for her to experiment with her favorite art form–like mother, like daughter, right? (By the way, a bright-colored palette like this is super-fun for her to play with because of all the bright colors, if any of you are interested!)

The other day I asked Greenlea if she wanted to do a makeup tutorial and OMG am I SO GLAD I did. Her eyes lit right up, she was SO excited, but the best part was watching her! She’s clearly seen a few tutorials, and watching her apply the makeup and talking to her “fans” was the best part of my week. So, for your viewing pleasure (and maybe some of your kids), here’s Greenlea’s makeup tutorial. (She’s now taking requests.)


Scotti (& Miss Greenlea)


  1. That was THE BEST!!! Thank you Greenlea! I am inspired! (And was I the only one crying – “who am I kidding? I’m going to use a lot”!!!!)

  2. So freakin adorable, and so much dexterity!! I love where the actual cat photobombs the shoot, unimpressed of course.

  3. LOL! But where is the art in “the link down below”? I must see it! This reminded me so much of being on a long flight and letting my daughter play with my phone while I dozed off and later I discovered she’d filled the entire memory creating videos of a variety show featuring her stuffed seal. I can pnly imagine what the person on the other side of her thought…

  4. Love it!!!! This makes my heart happy. So it’s decided, the kids of TME should take over the site…for a short period of time…let them do some tutorials on whatever.

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