Fun, Quirky Home Decor for Kids at Heart


Those of us with kids know that no matter how much you try to keep the kids’ stuff contained, it eventually trickles back into every room of the house. And yes, a giant stuffed bunny propped up in your toddler’s highchair is endearing, the sharp legos underfoot are less so. But home decor that makes you smile every time you walk by is definitely a plus, so we went on the hunt for quirky, cute home accessories to lighten things up.

Quirky Home Accessories


Clockwise from top left (ps – you can hover over any of the images to get the link!)

Bear Keys & Glasses Holder: I’m in love with this helpful bear – I’m always looking for my keys and glasses, and he’s a compact and cute accessory to hang by the back door.

Brogamats Yoga Joes Set: These Yoga Joes are hilarious and fun to display when the kids are done playing with them.

Ice Cream Table Lamp: This little ice cream lamp is so sweet, literally. Also in pretty blue.

USA Cross Country Corkboard: It’s so cool that this corkboard is topographically correct.

Banana Throw Pillow: Such a fun throw pillow that shows you don’t take your ‘interior decorating’ too seriously. And would crack the kids up when you pretend to talk into it like a phone (like I do with real bananas to lighten up the witching hour when things are falling apart)!

Furry Googly Eyes Pouf: Looks like your standard plush gray pouf from the back, but turn it around and it’s a cute little guy!

Dino Might Wall Shelf: Fun shelf to make it look like the T-Rex is about to eat lego guys or action figures. On sale!

Llama Desk Duster: This desk & computer duster has me giggling. She’s not a one-trick llama though, she can bend to dust the tops of picture frames or bookshelves, then pretend it’s a really fun game for kids to dust baseboards. Win-win.

Peacock Jewelry Hanger: I would totally steal this jewelry hanger for my room.

Need even more cheering up? Who doesn’t! I found some more fun little mood boosters.

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