Fun in the Sun: Outdoor Play Picks for the Design-minded



Picky design-mom back again with summertime picks that won’t upset your lovely backyard with ugly plastic red, blue and yellow. I don’t mind red, blue and yellow but does every kid’s toy have to be plastic and only in those colors? I think not.

Thank goodness other people think the same and have created some truly lovely pieces for play, dining and splashing that pass my cuteness test. For example, this rainbow sprinkler. I couldn’t love a sprinkler more. I mean. Follow along to see more summer adorableness for your kiddos that won’t make you cringe.




1. Merax Wooden Playhouse – This cute playhouse has an interior bench and environmentally friendly paint. And omg. How adorably Pippy Longstocking is it? I would proudly sport this in our backyard (and remember, I’m picky).

2. Big Mouth The Giant Donut Pool Float – So cute. Who doesn’t want to float in a giant donut?

3. Activity Sandbox with Canopy – Finally. A cute sandbox with a cute/smart canopy. Love this so much. You might want to include this precious  sand cupcake making set.

4. Cape Play Table – The color alone. I die. The matching bench and chairs are also available. I want this in adult size, please.

5. Wooden Lawn Dice – Because, why wouldn’t you want these? Play Yahtzee on the lawn!

6. Wood Designs Sand & Water table – Another super cute (no ugly bright plastic!) sand and water table in a great size for smaller areas.

7. Swimline Giant Swan Float – Obviously I want this, too.

8. A Teepee To Call Your Own – Super cute for indoor or outdoor play. Pop a comfy cushion in it for the perfect reading nook out of the sun.

9. Palm Springs Playhouse – Seriously. Dying. I love it. Fun to use in or outdoor for a on-trend play space.

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 Here’s hoping your summer is off to a great start! We’re getting a decent break in June-uary this year, but we still have many cool rainy days…guess I will wait to break out the rainbow fun until next month when our summer actually begins in the Northwest.

Happy Summertime!


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  1. I’ve been having popup pool anxiety. I love the galvanzied stock tank pools I’ve seen all over Pinterest but then I went to Target and saw the blue blowup pools that I despise for a fraction of the cost and 2 feet wider…. What to do? Is there a way to make the blue 10x2ft pools look awesome? And alllllll that plastic…. blerg

  2. This is a very sweet post, excellent selections! My kids might just be aging out of this site, and that’s okay. But I wonder if we could have a tween and older post too? For those of us who’ve followed you for years, our toddlers aren’t toddlers anymore:(

  3. The rainbow sprinkler is out of stock!! 🙁 My daughter would absolutely LOVE this! I hope they get more back in stock soon…

  4. I saw the sand and water table, and was like, perfect!! Clicked through and it’s $400!! What the heck, Land of Nod??

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