Gap’s Jeans Are ON FIRE! So I Tried 7 Pairs of Wide-Leg & Flares


Each spring, I’m irresistibly pulled toward Gap’s denim for 3 compelling reasons:

  1. Super budget friendly (especially compared to my usual MOTHER jean picks).
  2. A great selection of not-so-basic interesting jeans.
  3. The fit is GOOD (for us shorties and you tall gals as well).

** Two of my top denim picks are on SUPER WILD sale: My flares for $39 and my on-trend wide-legs for $44! **

Budget Friendly Jeans

denim (29S) | similar cardi

I’ve specifically been a fan of Gap’s flares for years. Last spring, I was charmed by the mixed denim flare (shown above), so this year it was natural I tried the updated wide-leg wide-leg version (shown below). Once again, Gap jeans are a budget-friendly denim win. My new wide-legs are soft, comfortable, with an on-trend relaxed vibe that I’ve happily been pairing with simple tees as well as more feminine detailed tops and sweaters.

Gap’s full selection has so many fun and playful interesting styles, in addition to the classics. As I said, Gap jeans really are on FIRE, so I quickly ordered more pairs to see if their other styles are as good in person as they look online. A Gap denim review.

Gap Spring Denim Haul: A Review Of 7 Pairs Of Wide-Leg & Flares

Budget Friendly Wide Leg Jeans

denim (29S) | bag | sneaks

The primary reason I’m drawn to Gap denim every spring? Gap’s jeans are far (let’s emphasize this again…FAR!) more affordable than most of the other denim I wear. 

Especially when I’m looking at more novel styles of jeans (patch-pocket, 70’s detailing, mixed denim washes, etc), I LOVE to find these styles in the under $100 (and sometimes under $50) category. I’m never sure year-to-year if I’ll continue wearing these types of stylized denim, so I prefer to buy them at a more budget-friendly price.

Additionally, I know from years of wearing other Gap jeans that they tend to be soft, stretch nicely to my curves, have no weird gapping at the back of my waist, and come in multiple lengths (for us shorties and you tall gals out there too).

Of the 7 pairs I tried this year, most worked…a few didn’t. More details below with my usual denim review format of pros, cons, sizing notes, and if I would actually wear them.

1. High Rise Stride Wide Leg Jeans: Mixed Denim Wash

Under $100 Wide Leg Jeans

 denim (29S) | top (s) | clogs | bag

Pros: Super budget-friendly which is important to me in a “novelty” jean; on-trend relaxed wide-leg fit; mixed denim wash makes a statement, but is SUPER easy to wear with anything; comfortable; great fit; interesting cool hem; multiple length options.

Cons: Some readers have shared that they don’t find them “flattering”. If you’re looking for a more leg-lengthening, show off your curves statement jean, I’d go with the similar mixed denim wash, but in the 70’s flare style with tall clogs or heels.

GAP Wide Leg Denim

 denim (29S) | tee (xs) | Birks | bag

Sizing Notes: I’m wearing a 29 short and am very happy with the fit. For reference, I’m 5’2, 140-ish lbs. I likely could wear the 28’s as well, but in this style I definitely like a more relaxed fit. The length works perfectly for me for sneakers. They are a smidge long with my Birks, but I’m still happy with the length and am happy I didn’t go shorter for how I will typically wear them. If I wanted to wear them frequently with clogs or heels I would definitely go with the regular length for my height.

Wide Leg Jeans

denim (29S) | tee (xs) | Birks

Would I Actually Wear Them: Absolutely! LOVE them already for casual out-and-about with hoodies, sweaters, tees, and tanks.

2. High Rise Stride Wide Leg Jeans: Black Wash

 Wide Leg Black Wash Jeans

denim (29S) | top (s) | clogs | bag

Pros: Amazing price for a great pair of wide-leg black denim; good fit; comfortable; multiple lengths; can easily dress up or down with the black wash.

Cons: I like these a lot, but I wish they had just a slightly lighter black wash like these Rag & Bone’s.

Black Wide Leg Jeans Budget Friendly

denim (29S) | tee (xs) | Birks | bag

Sizing Notes: I’m wearing a 29 short here and am happy with the fit (5’2, 140-ish lbs). As with the other wide-legs, I think I could wear a 28 if I wanted them more fitted, but I like the more relaxed feel and look with the wide-leg styles. I’m also happy with the short length when I’m wearing them with sandals or sneakers. They’re slightly too long with my Birkenstocks, but am happy I went with the short.

Under $100 Black Wide Leg Denim

denim (29S) | tee (xs) | Birks

Would I Actually Wear Them: For sure! Even though I’m hoping to find this style in a slightly lighter black wash, these are pretty great. The fit and price is spot on.

3. High Rise 70’s Flare: Patch Pocket

Under $100 Patch Pocket Flare Denim

denim (29P) | top (s) | clogs | bag

Pros: Budget-friendly (especially on sale and when compared to similar style MOTHER jeans); adorable front patch pockets; great comfy fit, I love the medium blue wash for this style; multiple lengths.

Cons: I’m definitely leaning toward wide-leg jeans on the daily, so this specific style isn’t getting AS much wear as years past. BUT…I still love having a good cute patch-pocket flare in the mix.

GAP Flares Patch Pocket

denim (29P) | tee (xs) | clogs | bag

Sizing Notes: Wearing a 29P here because my typical 29S was on backorder. Length with my Birkenstocks is good. For reference, I’m 5’2, 140-ish lbs.

Budget Friendly Patch Pocket Denim

denim (29P) | tee (xs) | Birks

Would I Actually Wear Them: Yep. These days I still like a good casual medium blue wash flare to wear casually with sneakers or sandals often on the weekends to the park or to sporting events with hoodies or just when I’m wanting a more form-fitting jean (compared to my relaxed fit wide-legs). These in particular though I’ve only been wearing for casual.

4. High Rise 70’s Flare Jeans: Button Pocket

Budget Friendly Flares

denim (29S) | top (s) | clogs | bag

Pros: The hubs’ favorite of the bunch; SUCH cute and playful pocket and button details; super stretchy and comfy; love the combo of the buttons and pocket flaps with this darker wash; multiple lengths.

Cons: Not as modern on-trend vibe as the wide-legs.

Under $100 Cute Jeans

denim (29S) | tee (xs) | Birks | bag

Sizing Notes: Wearing a 29 S (5’2, 140-ish lbs) and although I do like this length with sneakers, I kind of wish I would have ordered the regular length as well to try with heels/clogs. I think this style would be fun to dress up for date night, and I should have tried the longer length for that (but I already ripped off the tags and have been wearing this length for casual).

70's Flare Denim

denim (29S) | tee (xs) | Birks

Would I Actually Wear Them: Yep. Ripped the tags off immediately. Been wearing them for casual with sneakers, but wish I would have ordered the longer length for dressier/date-night.

6. High Rise Stride Wide Leg: Light Wash

Light Wash Wide Leg Jeans

denim (29S) | top (s) | clogs | bag

Pros: Interesting seam detailing; really cool lighter wash; multiple lengths; good price.

Cons: Stiffer denim than the other wide-legs I tried; not as comfortable; didn’t love the style of the front seam on me.

Budget-Friendly Light Wash Denim

denim (29S) | tee (xs) | Birks | bag

Sizing Notes: Wearing 29S and happy with the size and length for sneakers/flat shoes (5’2, 140-ish lbs).

Under $100 On Trend Jeans

denim (29S) | tee (xs) | Birks

Would I Actually Wear Them: Nope. Not for me. Not comfortable enough. I’ve found that if jeans aren’t wildy comfortable, I just don’t wear them.

7. High Rise Stride Wide-Leg: Ankle Khakis

Wide Leg Khakis

khakis (8P) | top (s) | clogs | bag

Pros: The color is called “perfect khaki brown”, and it’s JUST that. The khaki is perfect (not too light, not too dark), and it’s a cute fit and shape for summer.

Cons: I always buy these types of pants and never wear them b/c I’m SUCH a jeans gal and then switch over to gauze pants or dresses in the summer. I’d love to be the kind of person who DOES where these pants, though.

Wide Leg Khakis

khakis (8P) |  tee (xs) | Birks | bag

Sizing Notes: Wearing an 8P and happy with the fit and length (5’2, 140-ish lbs).

GAP Wide Leg Pants

 khakis (8P) | tee (xs) | Birks

Would I Actually Wear Them: In my head absolutely. In real-life…for some reason, I never wear these types of pants (and always choose denim or dresses as an alternative)…even they do feel super versatile.

Any other Gap jeans I missed that you guys are loving?? Or other budget-friendly denim finds? Wit & Wisdom is often a top pick of mine for budget-friendly jeans, and they have some fun super on-trend ones as well for under $100. Risen too, if you can find your size in stock. Who else are we liking in the under $100 comfortable and cute jean category? You know I LOVE hearing from you all.