Gap Dressing Room Selfies!




So Laura and Jess walk into the Gap……

Jess’s Take

A couple of things I learned from my first dressing room selfie experience yesterday at the Gap:

1. Dressing room selfies are no joke.

2. Retail associates, especially those assigned to the dressing room area, are hardworking, patient, Saint like individuals.

It’s been a while since I’ve actually set foot inside a Gap store as I’ve started doing more and more of my shopping (and returning) online. And this isn’t meant to be a diss, but if I am at the mall, or happen to be passing a Gap, I usually end up bypassing it all together. Because after shopping at the Gap for 20+ years I feel like I already know what’s on the racks without looking inside.

But my day-trip to Gap helped to reminded me that what Gap does, it does it well, and affordably. I’ve mentioned before that I’m trying to focus on buying only wardrobe essentials: items that are timeless, high quality and verstaile. And on a budget like mine, Gap and it’s sister companies Banana Republic, Old Navy and Athletica, are great places to look.

So, here are four complete looks I put together yesterday.

Outfit 1:
gap dressing room selfie final trench coat outfit

Outfit Details:

coat –  this classic trench, which also comes in an “oak” color, was one of my favorite items from yesterday. Great fit, good quality and 30% off at $96.95

sweater – this merino wool stripe boatneck sweater is one I would have bought if they had one size up. The color isn’t something I usually pick out but it ended up being the perfect contrast to the white jeans and the navy trench. It also comes in teal & black, white & black and white & red and is 30% off at $34.99.

jeans – I’ve been on a serious hunt for white jeans and these STRETCH 1969 True Skinny High Rise Jeans were so close to being perfect for me. The lightweight stretch fabric was a bit too thin for what I tend to go for and since they hug rather snuggly they ended up giving away a bit too much (you’ll see what I mean in the next picture). The thin, lightweight fabric would be perfect during spring and summer for anyone without my particular insecurities. Also- they got great reviews online for what’s worth.

shoes – I swear that I’m not going to say every item was a favorite, but….I LOVED these clogs.  They were so comfortable and felt quite sturdy plus the stacked heel was a manageable height. For some reason they don’t mention the height of the heel online but I’m guessing it’s around 2″ to 2.5″. They also come  in navy and olive and are $71.95 online.  

Outfit 2

gap dressing room selfie off the shoulder top_


 Outfit Details:

top – This Tencel© off-shoulder top first caught my eye while I was browsing Gap online. I really love the color and soft texture of the Tencel weave. The sleeves are quite boxy and the hem is fairly short (although it is longer than a lot of the off-shoulder tops I’ve tried on).

jeans – The same STRETCH 1969 True Skinny High Rise Jeans from outfit 1.

shoes – Zee clogs are also from outfit 1 (and every outfit).

 Outfit 3:

gap dressing room long cardigan final

 Outfit Details:

cardigan – * Note: the color of this long cardigan is actually deep black but I thought it was hard to see the length of the cardigan and the jeans underneath so I lightened the photo  so you can see it better* …. The length of this cardigan is perfect! Unlike a lot of cardigans this length, this one is form fitted. I was  picturing wearing it as a dress, with a slip underneath and a skinny belt. It also comes comes in charcoal and is $69.95. 

tee – This is one of those classics that Gap does so well. Their Vintage wash V-neck tee comes in eleven different colors, $19.95

jeans – If I didn’t already have two pair of jeans with similar color and fit,  I would have definitely purchased these STRETCH 1969 Distressed True Skinny Ankle Jeans. The fringe hems complimented the ankle length of the jeans perfectly.

shoes – Clogs, ftw!

 Outfit 4:

gap dressing room selfie final 1

Outfit Details:

cardigan –  One of the items I took home with me was this merino wrap cardigan. It’s long relaxed fit and soft merino wool fabric swayed me. But it was the price is what sealed the deal for me, 50% from $89.95 down to $35.99. It also comes in plum heather and true black.

tee – Vintage wash crewneck tee, also in eleven different colors and also only $19.95.

jeans – I thought I would switch it up from the skinny white jeans to another white denim option (I’ve got white denim on the mind). These are the AUTHENTIC 1969 best girlfriend jeans, $69.95.

shoes – CLOGS!

Bonus Find:

gap dressing room dress final_

This Linen-cotton fit & flare stripe dress  Firstly, it has pockets. I LOVE dresses with pockets! Plus it’s form flattering, AND it’s only $34.99. A win-win-win in my book.


Laura’s Take

Gap is definitely great for basics, denim & chambray, and the occasional good jean find. Plus, they always always have sale codes if you get their emails and especially if you have a Gap card. I too shop the Gap mostly online, but tend to make any returns to the store, so, when I was there the other day I decided to try on ALL THE DENIM, blue items and stripes, apparently! Yay for the nautical vibe for springtime, huh? I’ve been a leetle obsessed lately. But there are some good finds!

Outfit 1:



Outfit Details:

This was one of my favorites. Both pieces are so great. I’m kicking myself for not taking home the sweater and the jeans, but I was trying to practice self-restraint, darn it.

Cotton Stripe Essential V Neck Sweater: SO soft and lovely, this sweater is a great lightweight option for spring. I love love the split hem and the soft blue stripes are perfect for this time of year.

AUTHENTIC 1969 destructed best girlfriend jeans: Gap jeans are getting better, IMO. The girlfriend jean is my favorite style that Gap offers right now. These are lightly distressed and cropped just perfectly for my not-quite-5’4″ self. They fit like a very slim straight-leg jean. I think they balance out wider thighs quite well because they aren’t as skinny at the ankle as a skinny jean. They are good and well-worth a try. I own one pair and would like to add more.


Outfit 2:



I was originally on the hunt for a denim skirt when I went in. I loved this one and it was on sale and I took it home. And, now, of course, it’s out of stock. But it’s fairly basic in style and I listed a few I like even more below. I liked it with both tops above and it’d be super cute with a sweater half-tucked in front for cool days.

Nautical Stripe Bell Sleeve Sweater: Love the stripes and the bell sleeves. This is a medium though and I should’ve tried a small. Runs slightly big. The fabric is a nice heavy weight that is great for this time of year, though.

Railroad Stripe Chambray Boyfriend Shirt: This is maybe the perfect denim shirt. I mean, besides the other 3 I already have. Oops. It’s so soft, but is still a true denim/chambray fabric unlike some other ‘denim’ shirts around. The fading is amazing. Wearing a small.

Similar skirts: (The one above is gone) This one from Banana Republic is gorgeous. And this a great pencil style in a similar wash as mine from Old Navy. I adore this button front skirt from Madewell, too. I wish I had held out for a darker wash, honestly.



Outfit 3:



You guys may have noticed I’m not much of a dress gal these days, but I do surprise everyone by wearing more dresses in summer. (Great, now I hear Olaf). Anyway…loved this one. This t-shirt dress is super comfy-soft and has pockets! Win.

A-Line Tee Dress: So good. It’s flattering because the top is nice and fitted and then the bottom is quite full, a tent dress in a sense, but that description has never sounded very flattering to me. Sometimes t-shirt dresses are not my friend, but this one hit perfectly right above my knees and not a bit higher. It might be too short for taller mamas.

By the way, I’ve been wondering about my favorite mules and how they’d pair with skirts and dresses? PERFECTLY! Woo!


Outfit 4:



Distressed Muscle Tee: I love this t-shirt. Really cool texture and just very light distressing on the edges. It has a good drape in the front and is just a bit sheer. Comes in a variety of colors. (size small for reference)

Chambray Girlfriend Chinos: So, I haven’t worn or wanted to wear chinos in a while, but chambray…and this fit? Yes. These are really good. They are a nice slim fit and the proportions are spot on. I love them as an alternative to jeans or joggers. They’d be great with sneakers and graphic tee or sandals and a blouse. Very versatile and no stretch to them, but they seem to run true to size. The chambray for some reason seems like a slimmer fit than some of the other colors, though, so take that into account. (size 4 for reference)



The ‘Not-Quite’ Pieces



1969 Western Denim Dress: I really really want to find a flattering shirt dress, but this was not it. The hunt is still on. This was too small (xs for reference) and you can see how it gaps (haha) around my thighs. This is the shirt dress dilemma for me. I have a bit too much booty, so sizing up for the lower half always ends up in a too-loose upper half of the shirt dress. I also think there’s some issue going on with where the belt tie falls on me, but I’m not sure. Alas, if you are more of a straight or thin figure, this might be perfect for you. It’s so soft and also has pockets. (I’m becoming my daughter. You have never seen anyone so excited about pockets in a dress! We both agree with you, Jess!)

Modern Boatneck mini strip tee: Nope. Too fitted and not drapey enough to be forgiving on the mama belly. Love the red stripe though.

Patchwork jeans: I wanted to love these, but there’s just something not quite right. They aren’t horrible and the fit was pretty good, but I don’t love how they bunch a bit at the knee and the patchwork wasn’t the most comfy. Taller mamas may love them though. Maybe they’re a bit long? My face says exactly how I feel about them.



Jess & Laura


    • hey jenna! They were surprisingly comfortable and although I didn’t walk around a lot- I stood in them a lot and I allllmost bought them. I wish I had actually but I don’t think I’ve bought a pair of shoes from the Gap before so I hesitated.

  1. Great work, ladies! Laura – question on the girlfriend jeans: a reviewer said they aren’t so flattering if you don’t have a bum, thoughts? I really like the idea of looser thighs! 🙂

    • Good question! I’m not sure. This baby got a little back here so the Gap jeans seem to work ok. 😉 I have heard they previously weren’t butt-flattering but I think worth a try since they’ve updated some of their jean styles in the last couple of years. The slim girlfriend cut in the legs is so good that I think it makes them worth trying on 🙂

  2. Jess wears much of these clothes (especially the cardigans) WAY better than the models. I passed right by both those sweaters online because they looked like the models were being eaten by them! They look much better on Jess’ curves and I LOVE the dress. I saw one on Old Navy but it was weird…this one is so much cuter. Thanks!!

  3. Such great outfits, ladies! Laura – I tried so any pairs of Girlfriend Jeans last year and they just didn’t hit my 5’9″ self in the right spot. I wanted them to work so badly – they look so cute on you! Jess – I LOVE the raw hem ankle jeans on you and am going to have to give those a try!

  4. Wow, good stuff gals, thanks so much! Jess, outfit # 4 is gorgeous, that cardigan was made for you! Laura, your outfit # 4 too is amazing – so flattering on you. More dresses please Jess, you find the most flattering styles…

  5. I have to say that Laura’s posts have lead me back into my local Gap recently and while I like the fit I’m not impressed with the quality. Like, one wash and they are done. Wrinkles everywhere and oh the lint attraction. Ugh. I guess I’m back to Nordstom.

  6. Great post ladies! Jess, did you like the white girlfriend jeans better than the white skinny jeans? Was the material more forgiving or the same?

  7. LOVE these looks ladies! Thank you. Buying those long cardigans- and I think I am going to try the girlfriend jeans. Are the legs tapered? Right now my calves are swollen due to a medication for a medical issue. I’m looking for some boyfriend/girlfriend jeans that aren’t huge but that aren’t tapered- that look is no bueno for this mama. Thanks again! xo

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