Gap? Is That You?


Ummm…anyone else surprised by Gap's new line-up?  There's a fashiony element at play that frankly has been missing from Gap for, uh, ever.  I like this new attention to detail.

(Currently 30% off until 10/8 with code GAPMORE.)



1. Moto Coat, $168

Love the oversized shape, love the inky dark navy.  Wow.

2. Dot Flannel Puffer Vest, $79

This looks very similar to my old Anthro puffer vest from last year.  I love the upgraded fabric.  Of course, for the traditionalist, Gap has also reissued their fur-lined puffer vest.   I'm also intrigued by their fabulous-yet-elusive tweed.  (Will let you know when I find it online.) 

3. Baseball Knit Hoodie, $60

Well.  This might be the cutest fleece hoodie ever.

4. Wool Peacoat, $168

Such sophistication!  Holla!

5. Suede Zipped Boots, $99

Shockingly perfect ankle boots for under $100.  Would look cute with thick, schruncy socks.

6. Leather Bag, $98

Finally!  A leather tote with a cross-body strap!  And the color choices are staggering.  I love the lipstick red, but a neon one might be fab during a long, cold winter….

7. Fleece Pleated Dress, $65

Madewell's version of this dress is all sold out (and was twice as expensive)…Gap's might be fun to try.

8.  Metallic Sweatshirt, $45

Remember my obsession with shimmery tees?  This is the winter version.  

9. Deconstructed Polka Dot Skimmer Jeans, $69

There's a whole lot goin' on here, but somehow it all works?  I'd pair these with a cozy plaid flannel stat.

10. Cable Poncho, $69

As noted many times before, I'm kind of a sucker for a cozy, over-sized, pooch-hider.  If only Gap would do cashmere…

11. Animal Print Ballet Flats, $49

Love leopard print shoes of any kind.  I haven't tried this particular pair myself, but the reviewers claim comfort.  And for under $50?  Yowza.


What do you guys think?





  1. I live by a Gap Outlet and picked up those leopard flats for $14.99 last week! They had a ton of different styles and colors.

  2. I’m going to call my local GAP outlet in the morning to see if they have the leopard flats in my size. I’d love to get them at that price! Thanks for the tip!

  3. Was bummed about the madewell dress being sold out. So much so that I searched in google for a similar one. Was totally shocked when Gap had one. I ordered the dress, here’s hoping their sizing is ok. So so pumped that you picked it- that means I’m on the right track 😉

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