My Latest Obsession: Gap’s Runaround Cargo Joggers


The moment I pulled these joggers from the rack, I knew they were special.

I had already seen them a few weeks earlier, while shopping online at Gap, but when it comes to athletic/sporty pants outside of the realm of leggings, I can be very picky. They looked to have a great silhouette, but what the heck did they actually feel like?

Well, soft, lightweight, swooshy heaven, as it turns out.

A Surprising Spring Must-Have: Gap’s Runaround Joggers Styled 7 Ways

When I say lightweight, I mean these Runaround Cargo Joggers have an ultra airy, feathery type feel. This floaty type of material is a great balance to the rather exaggerated shape of the jogger, and helps keep them wearable, rather than overwhelming. 

GapFit High Rise Runaround Cargo Joggers (M, Regular)

The joggers are so comfortable. They have this way of making me feel like I can get a weeks worth (two weeks worth??) of tasks accomplished in ONE DAY. If pants could be an extra shot of espresso – it’s these.

The waistband is stretchy, with a snap and zipper closure that are well made and makes them easy to throw on in a rush. The ankles have a customizable elastic pull, with the strings being visible when you cinch them tighter, but I never seem to notice them while going about my day.

Overall, the joggers are loose and baggy. I was instantly in love with the way they felt on my body, but seeing as they are rather unique compared to any other pant in my closet, I was unsure how I would feel about them mixed within my own wardrobe. 

joggers (M) | crewneck (L) | flats

The REAL test for me is how does a new pair of pants work with my shoes. Not my tops, which is strange, I know, but I feel like a top can be twisted and tucked and styled in multiple ways with little magic tricks. Shoes? Shoes are…SHOES. You get what you see.

I pretty much only wear two kinds of shoes, at least 80% of the time: a minimal adidas sneaker and a simple ballet flat. When I’m adding a new pant into my wardrobe, it needs to work with one of those shoes – but preferably both. If the pant can also work with an athletic sneaker, flip flop, and occasional Birkenstock? Then I’m golden, baby. 

Putting these pants to the shoe test was the ultimate decision factor for me. Major spoiler alert: Everything, shockingly, works.

Summer Outfit Inspo: Joggers, A Striped Tee, & Flip Flops

joggers (M) | t-shirt (M) | sandals

One of the last things I tried on with these pants became arguably my most favorite – a simple flip flop

Since Spring has literally just sprung, my most summer-ready sandals are still tucked into the back of my shoe rack. Once dusting these off and flip-flopping my way around the living room, I realized this was the outfit I wasn’t going to take off for the remainder of the day (uhm, or maybe ever). 

Match Made In Heaven : Joggers & adidas Sambas

joggers (M) | tank (L) | hoodie (L) | sneakers

It’s easy, it’s comfortable, it’s a match made in heaven. Gap’s Runaround Cargo Joggers paired with adidas Samba’s was an immediate “duh” for me. I love how the flatline, minimal sneaker looks with the exaggerated pant shape. 

This is the outfit I will throw on for school drop off, keep on for morning work tasks, run all my errands in and circle back for school pickup. It’s the outfit I’m getting shit done in.

This Outfit Is Giving…Sporty Spice: Joggers + Sneakers

joggers (M) | sweatshirt (M) | sneakers

Right away I noticed that a looser, longer top over the pants wasn’t my favorite look. Since most of the pants fabric pools around the upper thighs, I found myself half tucking the majority of my tops to show off the waistband and elongate my legs as much as possible.

Since I’m normally doing a quick tuck, this was an easy concept that wasn’t any sort of deal breaker for me. The waistband is stretchy and comfortable enough for any front, side, or full tuck, but I also love tucking a top into my sports bra, too.

joggers (M) | sweatshirt (M) | sneakers

Athletic sneakers working with these pants was probably a given. I feel like Sporty Spice in this outfit, in the best of ways, and oddly enough I’m tempted to even try going on an actual run in these pants. Something I’ve never contemplated doing in a pant that isn’t skin tight…until now.

The Chessy Uniform: Joggers & Clogs

joggers (M) | tank (L) | jacket (M) | clogs

When I looked in the mirror with this tank top, denim jacket combo and green pants I immediately gasped with the thought “I’m CHESSY!” 

Image Credit: Disney

joggers (M) | tank (L) | jacket (M)

Chessy – also known as one of my favorite 90’s movie characters. Also known as Nick Parker’s Napa housekeeper in The Parent Trap. Also known as the woman to turn to for iconic laidback California outfit ideas. I’ve always loved Chessy’s style and had no other outfit in this try-on worked, I would have probably contemplated keeping the pants anyway for this look and this look alone.

Modern Balletcore: Joggers & Ballet Flats

joggers (M) | crewneck (L) | flats

Something about the sporty, elastic-showing joggers paired with a dance-inspired shoe had me feeling as though I was cosplaying a modern dance professional, maybe a backup dancer on The Eras Tour or an extra in the Step Up movie franchise. 

Ballet flats (even more colors here!) paired with these joggers turned out to be so much better than I would have ever imagined, and this entire updated Balletcore aesthetic ‘fit was immediately added to the “save to recreate later” folder in my brain.

An Exception To The Rule: Joggers + Long Button Down Top

joggers (M) | button-down (L) | flats

There’s always an exception to the rule, and even though I said these loose joggers look best with a shorter top, this long button-down actually changed my thoughts.

Whereas a long t-shirt or sweater felt like it was taking over the cargo’s and only creating a visual mess, a button front allowed for swingy, open space that was decidedly much easier to wear. If I wanted to, I could do a little tuck of one side, allowing for a permanent opening between the lower buttons, but even allowing both sides to hang down and swoosh and sway as they may felt a lot more appealing than any other longer top I had tried. 

Hot Summer Night Out: Joggers, A Silk Cami, and Heels

joggers (M) | tank (L) | similar boots

Out of curiosity, I reached for my go-to date night boot and pulled them on with a silk cami. This shoe isn’t on the daily rotation, but I wanted to know how versatile these cargo joggers really were.

This look had me wishing for a hot summers night where humidity has stolen my hairdo and my husband and I were sneaking out late for drinks. It would be such a gloriously easy, yet effective going out outfit when the weather warms up.

Ready for a little cherry on top? After highlighting these pants on my IG, a friend commented that she wore these joggers throughout her recent pregnancy. So..did we just find the modern stretchy pant that CAN DO IT ALL?


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