Gap’s Denim Comeback: Perfect For Moms! (And $20 off until Thursday)


I am a jean snob.  A complete, utter jean snob.  I am all about my denim – it's the currency I think in.  For example, when considering a purchase, say, one of the new iphones….I always break it down into jeans.  "Hmmmm…that iphone is going to cost me the equivalent of 1.5 pairs of jeans! Oooo….tough choice."  I think that once you've gone designer denim (the fabrics! the washes! the way your ass looks!) you'll never go back.  

However, I have a problem.  Since my son started walking, about 6 months ago, I have worn out no less than 3 pairs of my beloved designer jeans.  We're talking serious holes in the knees (not even in a good way), or a major fit change due to frequent washings.  Flaws that I cannot fix.  So I've moved on to yet another $200 pair.  And there I go — running after little man, bending down, crawling on hands and knees, rolling downhill, using them as a dirt/snot/chewed up food wiper – activities that my pre-baby, martini sipping self never previously required of my denim.  So when Gap announced their new 1969 Premium denim line (and claimed that it could hold up to designer criteria), I was intrigued.  And, when I found out that their line starts at roughly $59 (and is $20 off until Thursday) I had to try it.

Gap Perfect Boot Gap Sexy Boot Jean

The fabrics are soft, the washes are fantastic (including a true-blue blue jean color that I love, above right), and the cut has been redesigned for a designer-jean-like fit.  Shown above left is the Perfect Boot Jean in Dark Wash, $69.50 and above right is the Sexy Boot Jean in light wash, $59.50.

The Perfect Boot Jean has a slightly higher rise and wide waistband reminiscent of Hudson Jeans.  This is a great jean to hide a muffin top.  The Sexy Boot Jean falls a little lower on the hip, but slouches very nicely.  

However, neither of these jeans fully achieved a true designer bum.  The fit of the bum isn't bad, and is much, much better than Gap's previous denim lines, but if you are used to designer denim, you will be disappointed.  The 1969 Premium pockets are plain – similar to JBrand – but unlike J Brand, these jeans stretch out quite a bit, leaving the bum a touch saggy. But just a touch.  Given the fact that the 1969 Premium jeans are at least $100 less than any designer jeans available…they just might be worth it for the running/jumping/crawling/spilling activities required of fun and engaged moms. 

And I really want to be a fun and engaged mom.

Sooooo….here's what I decided:

Current/Elliott Boyfriend Cropped Jean Gp656067-00qlv01 

Above left are the jeans I've been drooling over for months now:  The Current/Elliott Boyfriend Cropped Jean, at for $229.  They truly make my heart beat fast.  Above right is the pair that I will satisfy myself with for now: Gap's Destructed Cropped Jean, originally $69.50, but $20 off, plus another 25% off…which means I only paid $40.  

Jbran2007324482_prod_zoom_front_v1_m56577569831583528_254x500 Gap Always Skinny Jeans

Again, above left is another drool-worthy pair from  JBrand's 10" Skinny Ankle Jean in Sundance, $209.  Sigh.  For now, I'm going with the Gap Always Skinny Jeans in medium wash, $59.50, minus $20 off, another 25% off…so $30.  Seriously.  When put side-by-side, it's pretty clear that the JBrands have a level of fabulousness that the Gap's haven't achieved…but $30 vs $209?  A big difference.

And don't forget about the men.  Men don't have the same butt shaping/lifting requirements that we do, so the Premium 1969 men's line is pretty much flawless.  Cheap and sexy men's jeans.  What could be better?

Now, a word of caution.  Gap's jeans are SO much cheaper because they are mass produced in factories all over the world.  Which means that whether you are a size 27 or 32, not all size 27s or 32s will fit the same.  Bring many, many pairs of the same size into the dressing room.  

If you get to the Gap (or by this Thursday, Aug 27th, all of the 1969 Premium Jeans are $20 off.  If you use a Gap/Banana Republic/Old Navy card to make the purchase, your purchase will be another 25% off.  And for those of you without a Gap card, all purchases on are currently 20% off.

So yes – Gap's new 1969 Premium line is pretty good. They won't be my favorite pair of jeans, but at this price point and at this stage in my life, they will probably be my most-worn jeans.  In a few more years, when my leaping/crawling/rolling/spilling days are over, I'll go back to my $200 jeans.  But in the meantime, I'm going to leap and twirl and fall without fear.  These days with my little man are too short already.  

This jean snob is over it.  For now.



ps.  Except for date night / girl's night out / various p
arties.  Then I will continue to bust out my designer denim in all of it's ass shaping fabulousness.  And high heels.  High, high, high heels.  


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