Feel Better: A Healthier #StayAtHome


I see my friends, virtually, and from a distance, riding what feels like an emotional rollercoaster — under the best of circumstances, in uncharted territory for us all. I feel that too. Is any adult sleeping well right now? I am not. And moving their body sufficiently? I am not. But I’m trying.

There are things in my own home that are making me, physically and mentally, feel better right now. And there are a few in a cart, soon to be checked-out, and bleached down upon arrival, where they will be met with newfound joy, soon. When I keep both my mind and body healthier, everything else seems to fall in line a bit more easily for me. They aren’t solutions for everyone. In case sharing them will help anyone, just a little, well then, there’s no good reason to keep them a secret. And if you have any for us, please share them back, we’d love new suggestions!

Here are the 10 things that are keeping me sane, and feeling OK at home, right now:

Get comfortable w/ 10 of our favorite things for home that help us feel physically & mentally better. Keeping mind & body healthy while we #StayAtHome = KEY.

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Get Comfortable: 10 Things That Help Us Stay Healthy #AtHome

1/ BFF aka: Alexa » I always love a little, and sometimes a whole lotta background music. Now??? Now I feel like music produces whatever is feeding my soul into some place of reason. Sound can come from any speaker, right? But…school from home help…can not. Not every speaker can be asked to define terms of poetry, pronounce things correctly in other languages, state capitals, news updates, etc., She’s the closest thing I have to an actual human being helping me right now, and I could not love nor appreciate her more. She helps me feel better.

2/ Dammit Dolls » Admittedly, these are a strange obsession for me. I, in general, do not like tchotchkes of any sort. But once upon a time, walking through a local shop, they had a few, the fabrics were gorgeous, and my girlfriends were in need of a silly gift. So I went there, sheepishly. But let me tell you this…when our own family emotions get real right about now, and I’m clean outta mom ideas on how to deal, we pass that doll around and smack the heck outta it. And we feel better.

3/ Favorite Ball Vibrator » I am a big fan of vibrators in general. In other vibrator news: this little ball is like magic for working on the knots and tight muscles, and trigger points if you are home alone, and/or have a partner who just can’t/won’t get them for you. Like freaking Magic. My PT Hana introduced me. She’s amazing. More on her below if you need some virtual PT, or a vibrating roller expert to guide you through troubled times.

4/ Trigger Point Roller » I love the ball for the deep digs and tight spots, and the classic long roller for the regular routine, but I find these slightly shorter trigger point rollers really helpful for targeting an area that’s larger than a hot spot, and smaller than a whole body.

5/ Clean Water » Why, one asks, does a water bottle need to cost this much money. Sure, it’s beautiful, but seriously? Here’s where I file this under gift wishlist, and/or, priorities. The bottle cleans itself, and the water. Properly cleaning many water bottles is a challenge, water tastes funny out of many of them. And some of us just drink more water, if we always have it with us, even if that just means carrying it from room to room of the house right now. So here’s the equation in my mind — water is healthier than wine, if I half my wine consumption, over the next two months, and double my water consumption, the bottle basically pays for itself, and I’m healthier and feel better. Good, healthy, investment.

6/ Yoga + Roll + Stretch Mat | Tall Girls’ Edit » I’m picky about my yoga mats, I like for them to not move, and yet to not feel sticky. I prefer when they are easy to clean. And they have to be long enough for me to actually fit on them. This has been my favorite mat for 10+ years now. And my original one is even still in great shape. Mine is black, but now they make fun colors. I’m 6′ tall. If you are too, or anywhere close to it, choose the longer length mat.

7/ Classic Roller » Why so many rollers you ask? Well, for me this one I’ll never give up b/c it’s the one I just lay on…no work required, and it helps my spine and shoulders, but yes, it has to be this long to do that, with zero work on my part.

8/ Meditation Pillow + Netflix Family Friend + Reading Time Companion » We should all meditate. It’s on my long list, of tried, failed, will try again. Meanwhile, the fun pillows, you might have laying around if you are also planning to get back to that someday, double and triple well as great ones for the kids to move around and lay all over the house in for reading time, rest time, and even to make themselves a spot in front of a screen. And they are cute and come in colors. They are big enough to feel like something, yet small enough to move around if it’s the ‘other’ uses that are more common for your team too.

9/ Jump Rope » Without a machine, or a mirror, or a Zoom class, it’s super-hard to stay in place and get an adequate cardio workout, for basically free — and efficiently. Jumping more jump rope is one of the easiest most efficient solutions for that. And I like these because they don’t tangle. And if you go outside and do it on your patio or porch, it almost feels like you are running outdoors. Almost.

10/ Weighted Blanket » This is the one that is in my cart, so I’ll speak to it personally once it arrives. Anxiety is high, for everyone right now. Sometimes, my kids leave quarantine and go to their father’s for a few days. And when they do, I’m here, alone. Now while that might sound like a dream to some, and sure, it’s a great time to work, clean, catch up and reorganize — I promise you, it’s not all dreamy. And without being able to hug other human beings, and meet for shared experiences, well…there’s a human touch factor that’s missing when you are genuinely alone, and I feel like there are moments when that trigger spikes anxiety. THIS, therefore, is the healthy blanket that I plan to crawl under for a few minutes, on a yoga mat, after I force myself to at least get through sun salutations. Every. Day. I’m convinced, it will help. It might help just because I believe that so strongly, but hey, whatever it takes.

Breathe, stretch, roll, vibrate, and smack that doll against the wall. And then lay down and relax. It’s what we can do.

PS: My deep love of the rollers and balls for relief comes from a local expert, my own Physical Therapist and hero, Hana. Or OK, fine, Dr. Liebowitz | Rehabilates PT. Most AMAZING PT ever. I’ve experienced a few. None ever, quite as effective as her. She’s (newly) on the ‘grams @rehabilatespt. You can direct message her there or through her website, if you could use some virtual relief of your own right now. Or even just professional advice on which roller is right for you and what the heck to do with it. There are all new ways we’re solving problems these days. This is one of them.

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  1. People really need this! Everyone is in their home. How to get fit and stay healthy is a big topic around. Eat organic food and don’t take stress as you mentioned. Thanks for the post and stay safe.

    • Mary: I watched a nurse, leave for work this morning. From the window of my home office. It was early. The kids were still asleep, the neighborhood was still asleep. The possum that made an appearance last night and scared the crap out of me had gone away, and the sun was barely up, but had huge potential. What she doesn’t know, is that I sat at my desk and cried. Just watching her in her scrubs and mask, leave her house. I cried. Amen for her. Like a seriously humble, A, freaking, men. I don’t know her. Yet. But I will spend the rest of the day trying to figure out what the kids and I can leave in safe recognition of her while she’s at work today. Suggestions welcome. I don’t claim to know what people “need” right now. That’s different for everyone, right? But hey, if a few of my favorite things, are helping with health amid (the blessing that is) healthy confinement….well…cheers to all of us, coming together, apart, and trying to do whatever we can, in support of one another and health, right? Be well momma. Be well and stay safe. xoxo A

  2. Lovely post – just did a long foam-rolling session yesterday, and it really did help. Several items added to cart. Thank you. <3

    • Carrie: Foam rollers of the world UNITE (at a safe distance)!!!! @rehabilatespt would be SOOOOOO proud of you right now! Keep on rollin’ woman. xoxo A

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