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I happened to see Alexa Chung at some snazzy party, one random night…when I was out way past my parent curfew. Ya know, just the usual celeb party-hopping for me. I tried to get her attention, so the we could be snapped together, but she was a bit busy at that particular moment. We go way back, though. I would even go so far as to say that we’re BFFs…? (she just isn’t aware of it yet).

Anyways, with all that said, I’ve been inspired to put together a gift guide, for anyone out there who also shares my adoration for Alexa. It may be you or it may be someone you know. Either way, the items you’ll find here are what I consider to be worthy comparisons to some of her most well-worn pieces, with the addition of a couple of her very own favorites.

This guide is all about the iconic Alexa Chung stuff. The things that, if gifted to a true fan, will make them giddy and instantaneously give them that British “it girl” look. It may even be hard for others to distinguish who the real Alexa Chung is, honestly. Now, I tried to include things that are rather luxurious. A bit pricey, yeh…but that’s because sometimes all an Alexa Chung Fangirl really wants is a proper helping of  chic…with a side of ‘I’m Too Cool To Give A F*^k’, of course.

If an Alexa Chung fangirl is on your gift list, you're in luck. Hook her up with these iconic "it girl" pieces & she'll be so giddy. Trust us...we got this.


1. Tom Ford ‘Flame’ matte lip color: that red lip. It’s a color she seems to wear often, and it totally works for her. It adds something very bold, yet still classic to her looks. This particular one is a bit more luxurious than your normal drugstore lip color, which is why it would make a perfect gift.

2. Ellie Vail Sunburst Pendant Necklace: when she wears jewelry, it’s always something understated, yet still unique, which gives her that POW, without looking like too much. The Ellie Vail line is seriously good. Wow. I see A wearing this one, too.

3. Rebecca Minkoff Chevron Quilted Crossbody Bag: Alexa carries a classic quilted Chanel handbag. I mean, of course. It’s obviously amazing. Now, some of us don’t have that type of budget for a handbag, so I included this Minkoff. Honestly, it has the same look and packs the same punch.

4. Alexa Chung’s Book, ‘IT’: I mean, yeh. If you or someone you know is a true Alexa Chung fan girl…gotta have her book. It’s a unique look at Chung’s personal writings, drawings, and photographs. It covers everything from her candid thoughts on life, love, and music, to her favorite ensembles and how to decide what to wear in the morning.

5. Swarovski Metal Cignet Ring: this unique and statement-making ring is actually from her very own brand. How cool to have an accessory that is literally Alexa Chung’s? The description reads, “This one is for when you’re feeling a tad audacious and you’re not afraid to let people know.” I’ll take one, please.

6. Milly Diamond Square Clutch: along with her classic Chanel, Alexa tends to throw a truly fun box bag into the mix here-and-there. Whether it be bold colors and patterns or studded and lavishly embellished, it makes her outfit EVERYTHING.

7. Smith & Cult Nail Polish, Kings & Thieves: a dark laquer is something she wears very well. Even if she’s simply wearing a tee and jeans, the moody nail colors make it all a bit more edgy and cool. Smith & Cult has a variety of different colors, by the by.

8. Le Labo LYS 41 eu de Perfume: definitely a more luxurious scent, but with A’s favorite perfume being something more masculine like this Le Labo perfume…this might be worth the $ for a true fan.

9. J.Crew Embellished Bow Barrette: as soon as I saw this I thought Alexa Chung. She effortlessly wears a bow like this in her hair or tied around the neck with a collared shirt. This one is for hair, specifically, but I am wondering if it could serve two purposes and be clipped at the neckline to a button down, as well…

10. Cire Trudon, Abd El Cader Scented Candle: as with her perfume, A has mentioned in interviews that she prefers more masculine, musky scents. This candle is that. Mmm. I can smell it now.

11. Alexachung 20mm Velvet Mary Jane Flats: you can’t do Alexa Chung style without a seriously pretty pair of flats. Not just any pretty flat, either. It is imperative that they be a classic style, but one with something seriously statement-making about them…such as the sparkly, studded straps on the shoes above. These are also from Alexa Chung’s line, so you know they are legit.


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Alexa, let me know when you want to hang again, babes. xx, Cams


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