Gift Guide For The Bad & Boujee


What does it really mean to be bad and boujee? According to Urban Dictionary, it means a person who lives life in the fast lane, enjoys a fancy lifestyle, and likes designer clothes, holidays aaaand…brunch. Basically, me. I love an exquisite brunch with my girls, am always on the go, and have a closet that could compete with the Kardashians.

I am a label-loving, luxury-buying, indulgent kind of gal. I have always had the talent of walking into a store and falling in love with the most expensive thing there. I love feeling and looking like a badass babe in showstopper outfits, and if I had the dolla bills in my bank account, I would buy every. single. thing. from my wishlist myself. Let’s just say I have a great appreciation for the finer things in life, and I am sure that one day, someday, I will have quite a few of these items in my collection.

To be fair, I do actually own some of these items on my bad and boujee list already, and they bring me so much joy. My most recent addition was the David Yurman ring that I will talk about more below. This list (while mostly impractical to request for a holiday gift), does have a few great options that are reasonable and still exude the bad and the bouj.

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So Bougie: Gift Ideas For The Bad & Boujee

On it! Gifts for the label-loving, luxury-buying, bougie gals & guys on our holiday shopping list. A mix of fancy & reasonable options exuding bad & boujee.

1 // Leopard Faux Fur Coat – Leopard is a must. But leopard paired with faux fur is next level. I really love this jacket, and the leopard is a fun one to throw over an all black ensemble.

2 // Estelle Royal Faux Fur Jacket – Every bad and boujee babe needs a (faux) fur coat, and TBH, that’s the one thing I don’t own yet! In part this is because I’ve never found one I was truly in love with until this one came along. I really love the line detailing and the collar of this jacket, and most definitely have this on my Christmas list. P.S. It’s reasonably priced, too!

3 // Gucci Hair Barrette – I know, I know. This is one of the most impractical Gucci pieces you could buy, but I love how cute this barrette is! The thick statement barrettes are super on-trend right now, and add a little extra to sleek hairstyles. Picture a super low pony that is ultra slicked back with this beauty on display.

4 // Gucci Belt – This past summer, several of my favorite plus-size bloggers started posting photos of themselves wearing the infamous Gucci belts atop their blazers to cinch their waistlines. I absolutely fell in love with this look, and have been dying to add one to my collection. I think of all the things on my list, this one is near the very top. While I do wish Gucci would make their belts in plus size, I think this is a great idea to be able to rock the double Gs.

5 // Gucci Slides – I love a good pair of slides and typically buy a new pair every summer. They are perfect for running around and doing errands, and especially taking the pups for a quick walk around the block. What I love about these is that they are entirely black and feature a raised Gucci logo. Slides are essential for me, and I would love to have these on rotation.

6 // Cult Gaia Hoops – EVERY bad and boujee babe owns a great pair of hoops. I pretty much only wear hoops and when I saw this beautiful blue acrylic chunky pair, I instantly thought they would be a fun addition to my collection. And the icing on the cake is that these are on sale and are currently in my cart waiting to be purchased!

7 // Pave Stud Earrings – I am one of those girls who feels naked without a pair of earrings, and I even wear them to the gym. Even though I am more of a hoops girl, these are perfect for the times when you want a cute earring without the risk of wearing a big hoop, i.e. going to the gym or hangin’ out with toddlers. These come in classic gold and silver, but my personal favs are the ones with diamond detailing!

8 // David Yurman 18 Carrot Gold Chain Link Ring – The minute I tried on this ring, I fell in love. This makes the perfect statement, and isn’t the traditional style of a typical David Yurman. I love the mixed metals and the industrious feel of this ring. This is most definitely an investment piece, but it will last forever!

9 // Pinky Ring – Finding a good pinky ring is much harder than I imagined. When I bought my David Yurman ring, I knew I wanted to pair it with a pinky ring, but the one I initially purchased began scratching like crazy. I think this one is a much better price point than the first one I bought, and I love all the diamonds! This is definitely a bling-bling pinky ring, and I am here for it.

10 // Balenciaga Sunglasses – These sunnies are ultra futuristic and they remind me of a campaign that Kimmie K did a while back. I love the modern look and especially like the white frames. I think these would also be a perfect pair to wear on the slopes in an all white snowsuit ensemble.

11 // Balenciaga Belt Bag – When I saw the belt bag trend hit the runways a few years back, I really didn’t think that it would last long. Flash forward several years — it’s still here in full force. What’s so interesting to me about the belt bag trend, is that both men and women are rocking it. I personally love the charm details on this bag, but am torn between wanting something that’s trendy or choosing one of Balenciaga’s classic bags.

12 // Atelier Cologne – I personally have this perfume in my collection and I absolutely love Atelier! I even have all the little minis when I want to switch it up with different scents. This French perfume has a super-sleek bottle, and while not 100% clean, it is on the safer side when it comes to perfumes. The California clementine is my personal fav, but you can’t go wrong with any of the scents.

13 // Victor and Rolf Flower Bomb Perfume – I have quite a large perfume collection, and this is also one that I keep in rotation. The scent is super sensual. I love wearing it for date night. V&R also sells a men’s version of this that smells amazing.

Even if you aren’t a self-proclaimed bad and boujee gal like me, I am sure there are a few things on this list that would be perfect for that person in your life who is. I hope you all have a happy holiday filled with lots of love, laughter, and the perfect bad and boujee piece.

Happy holidays to you all!

xx – Kat


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