So, this gift guide was maybe a little too easy for me to write.  Include any of the keywords “small-batch”, “indie” or “handcrafted” in a product name and you’ve got my number. Bit food snobbish? Totally – but often leads to delicious outcomes and the warm fuzzies from supporting small companies that are passionate about good food.  It’s not hard to see why grassroots food movements like these are so popular when they taste like bourbon spiked chocolate sauce. Have anyone on your list that knows the best source for heritage grains or  is part of the raw milk underground? They’re going to be pretty ecstatic with any of these indulgent foodie gifts (and the fact that you support their fussy tendencies).  If you’re lucky, maybe they’ll share…gifts-for-food-snobs


1. Olympia Provisions Salami of the Month Club: Easily my husband’s favorite holiday gift last year. Every month a salami from Portland, OR (obvs) “crafted from local pork using an old-world technique” magically appears in your mailbox, with tasting notes included. It was the equivalent of a monthly Christmas for my 4 year old, who discovered a love of cured meats and weird cheese. Might have created a monster…

2. The Greatest Guest Gourmet Giftbox: Staying with friends or family over the holidays and need a stellar hostess gift? You’ll go down in history as the favorite guest of all time if you come bearing this bounty of American-made indie food gifts. Brooklyn-based (again, obvs) company Mouth sourced tasty snacks & drinks for the whole crowd – like bacon jam (yes), DIY cold brew coffee, sea salt & pepper pistachios and small batch tonic syrup.

3. ROK Manual Espresso Maker: Heads up, coffee lovers: this electricity-free espresso maker “extracts maximum oils”, making any ground coffee taste amazing. 5-star reviews for quality, consistency of great coffee produced, ease of use and because it’s pretty enough to keep on display every day. It’s portable too, so they’ll never have to drink bad coffee, even while camping. (On clearance!!)

4. Carry On Cocktail Kit: Your persnickety tippler doesn’t trust the flight attendants’ bartending skills? A gin & tonic travel cocktail kit including tonic syrup, jigger, bar spoon & linen coaster is just the thing – they’ll think of you fondly while mixing life-giving cocktails en-route to spend quality time with relatives. Maybe get two.

5. MarieBelle Hot and Ice Chocolate Gift Set: Does your chocolate fiend refer to hot cocoa as “drinking chocolate”? They’d flip over this fancypants hot chocolate mix set with four flavors – Aztec, Spicy, Milk & White, plus the phrase “single-origin” is thrown around a lot. Include a bottle of their favorite way to spike hot cocoa, and you’re set. I’m an iced tea girl no matter the weather (Dunkin Donuts 4 life) but I’m seriously considering changing my ways, especially since these would make delicious ice chocolates too.

6. Walnut Serving Board: A gorgeous wood serving board (with rubber-coated navy handle) is an amazing backdrop for instagramming fancy, obscure cheeses and rustic artisanal breads. I love gifts that elevate an everyday item, but that you probably wouldn’t think to buy for yourself. Hit the cheese section and bakery at Whole Foods for a sweet spread and wrap it all up with this amazing serving board for a thoughtful gift.

7. Craft Spirits Every Month: This exists. And it sounds beyond fabulous for new parents’ date nights at home, besties or your spouse (so you can partake of the awesomeness). Depending on how generous you’re feeling, subscriptions can be 3, 6, or 12 months. As Liz Lemon says, I want to go there.

8. kate spade Recipe Binder: I feel like I’m constantly pinning amazing recipes then forgetting about them. Meal planning? Whaaa…? Give her a pretty binder and inspire her to finally make some of the recipes she collects online – bonus points if you scope out her food board and jot down some recipes you know she’ll love.

9. Artisanal Salt Cellar: Spice up their life with hand-harvested, limited availability salts from around the world. French salt smoked in Chardonnay oak barrels, mountain spring salt from ponds 10,000 feet high in Peruvian mountains,  superfine Sel Gris that melts on your tongue like butter, silky black Hawaiian lava salt – the mind boggles. (If you’re into poetic descriptions of salt, check out the full flavor list.) They’re packed in little glass bottles (perfect for storing spices later) in a really cool bamboo case, so display worthy.

10. Whiskey Wedge: It’d be a shame to water down your small-batch bourbon with regular ice cubes. The stylish “wedge” of ice melts slower, plus looks so cool in the glass.

(Note: Much of this post is tongue in cheek; I realize those that can make food choices like these are privileged indeed. xo)

Wishing you a very tasty holiday,


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    • Ooh, so glad to hear that! I’m going to grab a curated box for my hubby who is notoriously hard to buy for – and then probably eat more than my fair share! 😉

  1. I have the ROX Espresso Maker and LOVE it! I would add that if you don’t have an electric kettle you may want one! It makes keeping the water the correct temperature to pull your espresso through a breeze! Also, I monthly espresso subscription service is a bonus 😉

  2. Y’all are KILLING IT with the gift guides this year. They are all so interesting and lovely and inspiring! And I seriously hate gift guides! lol Thanks for the great work, ladies. 🙂 🙂

  3. “Have anyone on your list that knows the best source for heritage grains or is part of the raw milk underground?” Ha! Because I can answer this yes and yes (though it’s not really underground here, since it’s legal).

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