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Gang, I'm back!!  Sort of.  Sleep deprived, yes.  Living in a fog…um, yeah…that too.  But the happy mum of two adorable boys.  And if that weren't enough (although it is, really)…it's the holiday season!  After nine long months or pregnancy, and after too many sleepless nights, I'm in the mood to be pampered.  I'll bet many of you are too.  So forward this on to your gentlemen or partners to help point them in the right direction, gift-wise.

(ps.  This entire week we'll be posting gift ideas for moms…and our newest contributor, who I'll refer to only as "Big B", will help us mums out with a gift guide for men from the male perspective.  Thank goodness.)


Me & Em Knit Poncho (roughly $400) in gray

Each year, I fall in love with a $400 sweater.  Every year.  At Christmas. Without fail.  I've yet to receive a $400 sweater, but here's hoping.  And this one is pretty fabulous – thin and drapy and lux and gorgeous…and perfect for nursing or hiding a post-partum pooch.


Chan Luu Necklace ($105) in rose gold and silver

I'm a long-time fan of mixing metals, and have long been searching for a silver and rose gold mix for years.  I also love the fact that this necklace has a fairly serious chain in case of an accidental tug from a toddler.


J.Crew Wooltown Skirt ($88) in gray

Inspired by Raines' nanny Emily…who manages to wear skirts or dresses almost daily…my new year's resolution is to embrace the (mom-friendly) skirt.  Not only is this one gorgeous – I love the pleat detail – but the length is just right:  long enough to move around, short enough to not be dowdy. 


Echo Driver's Touch Gloves ($35) in turquoise

Being an iPhone addict, I do have "glittens"…but I hate exposing any part of my hands when it's cold.  Enter Echo's Driver Touch gloves.  These have little pads built into the fingers so you can work your touch-screen device while wearing.  Brilliant.


Bloom Jewelry Woven Chain Toggle Necklace ($187)

I'm a long-time fan of Bloom Jewelry (and local designer Lindsay is such a sweetheart)…and am currently loving her woven chain necklace.  It's a statement piece, but not overly glitzy – it would brighten up even the most casual  of ensembles.  It's a bit rugged also, and would stand up nicely to a bit of accidental toddler abuse.


J.Crew Glitterati Peep Toe Sandals ($245)

I've been wanting, no…aching for glittery shoes for two years now.  The fact that I still ache, after all of this time, tells me that I will wear these everyday.  Or….at least I'll wear these every day that calls for glittery high heels.  So…you know…date night.  All three of them a year. (ha ha.  That was a joke…I hope.)


Apple iPad ($499) and Abas' Croc-Embossed Leather iPad Case ($130) in blue

I want an iPad.  I want. I want. I want.  And a cool carrying case would be icing on the top.  Need more rationale?  Other than blogging (duh), think of how fast you could post pictures online for long-distance family and friends!  Entertain the kiddos while waiting!  Look up recipes! It's like an iPhone, but bigger and cooler.


Essie Nail Polish ($8) in luxedo and a Year's Worth of Pedicures

I really like the idea of always having pretty toes.  And I'm pretty religious about it in the summer.  The rest of the year, however…not so much.  Wouldn't it be nice to have a gift certificate for a little pedi once a month?  Yes.  Yes it would.


Salt Halston Sunglasses ($400)

Contributing author J schooled me on my cheap-sunglass ways a few years ago with this post.  Since then, I've upgraded to a pair of Salt sunglasses that I simply cannot. live. without.  I'll  never go back to non-polarized lenses again.  My next purchase?  The Halstons.  Oh, baby.  LOVE these things.


St. James Minquiers 10 Nautical Shirt ($75)

St. James, established in 1889, is a source of one of the original mariners t-shirts.  This shirt is unisex, but I'd love it a bit oversized, sleeves rolled.


Dolce Vita Josh Shearling Lined Buckle Ankle Boots ($240)

No, these aren't a very mom-friendly boot, but after three years of mom-friendly footwear purchases, my going out shoes need a little revitalization.  And these boots would sex up any skinny jean outfit in a really cool way. 

Happy Holidays!




  1. Ha-The first thing that caught my eye on this post was the skirt! Then the nautical shirt. Then the boots…
    Oh, and I am OBSESSED with owning an ipad as well. Yikes!
    I may just send this on to A 🙂

  2. Em – LOL! Girl, I heart you.
    Amy – Isn’t it amazing? But the price tag is SO annoying. As my friend Amber would say…I could buy TWO pairs of jeans for that price! LOL
    M – Yes. I…am…trying…to…practice…restraint. Any bets, LOL?

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