We got such an awesome response from our 50 Under $50 for Mother’s Day that we had to do it again for Father’s Day.  I don’t know about you, but I find guys so hard to shop for.  That’s why I enlisted the help of my husband, Zack, (and many of his friends) to help me find gifts that all men will like, including tools, accessories, clothing, and other men’s fashion items.  Whether the man in your life is into building, golfing, traveling, or just plain lounging, we’ve got you covered.  

1. Cedar Wood Flask with Funnel: Handmade in Minnesota, each flask includes a certificate with the location of the tree that your purchase helped plant.  So cool!

2. City Map Glass: Choose from one of 20+ cities to have etched on this rocks glass . . . such a great idea for your favorite city and a great conversation piece. (Bonus if you give them a bottle of their favorite booze!)

3. The Golden Age of American Football Book: “In 1958, journalist Neil Leifer took the picture that remains one of his most famous to this day. The day he got the shot-Alan Ameche’s game-winning “sudden death” touchdown-was Leifer’s 16th birthday. Starting then, on any given Sunday Leifer was most likely shooting a football game somewhere in America. This collection represents the best of his best, culled from over 10,000 rolls of film on the sport.”  (I know nothing about football, but I’m pretty sure even I would like to page through these pics!)

4. Polarized Sunglasses: Retro sunglasses with polarized lenses for “supreme clarity and color.”  Who wouldn’t like these?

5. Leatherman Sidekick: The guys I was asking about gifts were all about these pocket knives/tool things.  Especially the ones made by Leatherman.

6. Goodlife Hat: This one comes in the flat brim (shown) or curved brim depending on your preference.  Life is good, right?

7. HEX Focus iPhone 7 Case: In Plus or regular size, there’s a ton of patterns to choose from that are unique and understated.

8. ‘Expedition Scout’ by Timex Watch: This watch looks much more expensive than $44 and is a sweet color combo.

9. Delaware Slipper: All men need a comfy pair of slippers and these won’t break the bank but look and feel like quality slippers.

10. Upcycled Tire Toiletries Bag: These look cool, but the coolest thing about them is that they’re handmade in Seattle from reclaimed truck tire inner tubes.

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  1. That photo is great. 1. Not to objectify your man, but dad is hot, and 2. there a baby horns! Rock on little one, rock on! Also, thank you for the list. I’ll be picking up that football book for my hubby.

  2. Just wanted to say the email had picks from other contributors and Laura had a bocce set so…. that’s what this papa is getting! A bocce and croquet set to use in our new yard! Thank you!!

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