Gift Ideas For Men (From a Man’s Perspective) Part 1


Readers, I’m delighted to introduce a dear friend of mine, Big B.  He’s has impeccable taste (whether he’s talking about the hottest/sexiest boots for women or the most flattering pants for men), strong opinions on all things fashion-related, and he’s also a devoted husband (of 10 years!!) and the dad of two adorable kiddos.  He has a few things to say on the topic of gifts for men, and I’m thrilled that he’s willing to share.


Let’s begin this year with my number one rule when buying for men. We are simple creatures, we are not complicated, trying to buy us elaborate or complicated gifts rarely works. Trying to buy us clothing that is out of our personality range rarely works. Most of us enjoy tradition, simplicity, experience, and quality. A grandfather or father probably passed those values down to us so it’s usually somewhere inside, even if it’s buried beneath a love for video games or other materialistic bologna. This list is built around that concept. I didn’t include very many electronics or high tech gadgets because those are too easy. Everybody wants an iPad, PS3, LCD TV, GPS, blah, blah, blah. There is nothing wrong with these gifts (I really do want a PS3), but I tried to steer you towards more interesting items that are functional or experienced based and resonate with the four tenets above. Also keep in mind that I tried to keep it short but hopefully if you don’t see something that spurs your interest it will at least get the creative juices flowing. You know your man best so use the list accordingly. With that said…have fun and Happy Holidays!!!!


LL Bean Leather messenger bag ($199) or J.Crew Leather Messenger Bag ($299)

Yes, because most of us white collar guys need a man purse.

Marshall “The Major” Headphones ($99)

My one and only electronic item. If he’s an audiophile the legacy of Marshall amplifiers will mean something to him, oh yeah, and tell him to turn it up to 11!

Colonel Conk Black and Chrome Shaving Set ($60)

Just like his grandfather used.

Car or motorcycle detail package ($150 – $1000)

If your guy is into his car or motorcycle I guarantee he will love this, look for a local detailer (not the one at the regular carwash). Talk to the detailer about the packages they offer and based on the age/shape of your husband’s vehicle make the most appropriate choice, i.e. newer cars usually only need was/claybar/wax/polish, older cars can really benefit from paint correction but prices climb fast so watch out!

Persol Sunglasses ($180 – $400)

Steve McQueen wore them, enough said.

Cufflinks ($30 -$100)

Murano Glass are nice but pick ones that fit his style. [Note from S:  Mike wants Pi Cufflinks]

Eddie Bauer Down Ice Scraper Mitt ($10)

Seems silly but I love mine, keeps my (not so burly because I’m an office guy) hands nice and toasty when scraping my windshield.

Membership to Wine of the Month Club ($29 – $49 per month)

Acoustic Guitar ($200 and up)

We really all do want to play one – you may want to throw in some lessons too – $200 and up. Don’t go crazy if he doesn’t already play, go to your local musical instrument store and tell them you’re looking for a good beginner acoustic guitar. If he already plays and enjoys quality instruments start here with Martin Guitars.


Thanks, B!!